Test Studio R2 2020 Release Webinar

Test Studio R2 2020 Release Webinar

Responsive web design is crucial to the success of your applications today. But testing each release for device compatibility can be a tedious task for your entire team. You can now future-proof your application’s responsive web design for the modern mobile world with the brand new Responsive Testing, available in Test Studio Ultimate.

Join us for a live Test Studio R2 2020 release webinar on August 26 at 11 am ET, where our product specialists will demonstrate the Responsive Testing along with how you can seamlessly automate even the most challenging scenarios with the new Optical Character Recognition features.

In the webinar, we’ll cover:

  • Responsive Web UI Testing—learn how to easily cover the Responsive Testing compatibility scenarios with your test automation.
  • Optical Character Recognition (OCR)—find out how to end the never-ending struggle with automating complex, multiobject elements. Extract and validate content from images, logos, charts and more elements and use it in action and verification steps.
  • Test Optimization—tips and tricks about how to make test automation more stable and reliable.

Learn more about how to improve test automation efficiency for you and your projects, dive into the new features and get all your questions answered! Make sure to reserve your seat.


Andy Wieland, Petar Grigorov

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