A Fast Track to Stable Deployments without Costly Test Maintenance: Test Studio R2 2021 Release

A Fast Track to Stable Deployments without Costly Test Maintenance: Test Studio R2 2021 Release

Automation can speed up testing by up to 75%. Yet, it is only effective when test cases can be sustainably maintained over time.

One of the biggest challenges of successful test automation is understanding why a test has failed and how to quickly fix it.

The Test Studio Step Failure Details feature is your window into what happened at a particular failed step: it provides comprehensive information about why it failed, whether it's a broken test or a bug in the UI and intelligent suggestions on how to fix the issue, ensuring the best course of action at the right time.

Join us for the live Test Studio R2 2021 release webinar on August 26 at 11 am ET | 5 pm CET and be among the first to get a preview of the fully revamped Step Failure Details features in Test Studio.

We will show how the new simplified test debugging experience will help you identify and fix test failures easier and faster, cutting time to deployment and ensuring an uninterrupted testing cycle as part of your delivery pipeline.

Highlights we’ll cover during the webinar:
  1. New interface of the Step Failure Details dialog including full guidance throughout the test debugging process
  2. Improved suggestions covering the most common test failure reasons
  3. Extended Iframe support based on improved frame identification logic and user experience
  4. .NET 5/.NET Core support for WPF applications ensuring full coverage of test recording & execution scenarios for modern WPF applications
Quality is a team effort and is defined by successfully integrating testing into the continuous delivery pipeline. Test Studio helps you beat the clock with ease.


Andy Wieland
Andy Wieland Solutions Engineer, Progress

Andy has worked in the software industry for 12+ years as a sales engineer and consultant, overseeing the implementation of optimization and automation software for thousands of customers. Andy is a certified Scrum Master, Agile Project Execution and Product Management coach.

Ramiro Milan
Ramiro Milan Director, Product Management Progress

Ramiro spent over a decade at Telerik and Progress in roles including Product Management, Sales Engineering, Testing Product Leadership, and as recently as 2017, leading Professional Services for DevTools and for Sitefinity.

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