Create Bulletproof Automated Tests with Industry’s First Innovative Technology

Create Bulletproof Automated Tests with Industry’s First Innovative Technology

With all that rich, interactive and business-critical applications out there, test automation can be a real struggle. The key for your automation strategy’s success is finding the right tool that fits your application requirements and team expertise level.

Telerik Test Studio is an all-in-one test automation solution that lets anyone on the team to join the test automation effort with minimal initial investment and maximum effectiveness – from the inexperienced Tester to the hardcore Developer.

We’ve enabled our customers to test their entire portfolio - web, mobile, desktop and APIs in a collaborative environment, leveraging their CI systems.

Join this session to see the latest advancements in Test Automation, brought to you in the easiest-to-use testing workshop for all levels of users in your organization. Telerik Test Studio brings your testing into the agile process with integrations into your current DevOps pipeline, so you can innovate quickly and continuously. Testing isn't just an afterthought anymore... Do you even test?

Here is what you will learn about:
- How to elevate your testing very quickly into an agile process that flows into your current rapid iterations
- How to reduce maintenance and make your tests more stable with the industry-first combination between attribute-based and image-based element identification
- Why Test Studio is the best and easy-tо-use tool for all involved in testing (from QAs to developers)


Andy Wieland, Iliyan Panchev, Petar Grigorov,

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