Telerik UI for Xamarin

Release History

UI for Xamarin R3 2016 (version 2016.3.0914.231)

September 13, 2016

AutoCompleteTextView (New control) (Beta)

The AutoCompleteTextView comes helpful when the end-user has to fill-in one or multiple values in a single textbox field. The component can display a dropdown with suggestions based on what the end-user has already typed, and one a suggestion is accepted, it can appear as a selected token in the textbox area. (Xamarin.Android)

Gauges (New Control) (Beta)

The Radial Gauges will make reading and comprehending values a breeze. Suitable for process managing applications, or IoT applications, they will precisely indicate the current state of an object. The component comes with much flexible API that allows you to make the gauge fit the style and feel of your app. (Xamarin.Android)

Common for the whole suite

  • AppCompat library updated to 23.3.0


  • Added support for third party data as source for DataForm through inheriting from PropertyMetadataProvider
  • Added support for Stack and Grid Group Layouts through GroupLayoutDefinition and GroupLayoutDefinitionSelector
  • Added group header styling through GroupHeaderStyle
  • Added editor container styling through EditorStyle
  • Xamarin.Android
    • IsExpandedChanged listener for expanding groups
  • Fixed issue with incorrect appearance of Segmented editor in Android
    API 19
  • Fixed issue with not calling ValidationCompleted event with correct parameters
  • Fixed issue where iOS data form editors have incorrect order.
  • Fixed issue where DataForm metadata is updated too late on dynamic source change
  • Fixed issue with Exception thrown on iOS when data form source type is changed dynamically
  • Xamarin.Android
    • Issue with some editors when initial value was null
    • Issue with data form validation background
  • MetadataProvider is now of type PropertyMetadataProviderBase


  • Fixed calendar API 19 compatibility issues
  • Xamarin.Android
    • Issue with grey space below inline events
    • Issue that displayDateChanged listener
    • Issue with displayModeChanged listener
    • Issue with today cell’s border in overlap mode
    • Issue with the compact mode of year view


  • Fixed iOS Chart Pie position not being perfectly aligned.
  • Fixed issue where custom palette + trackball behavior throws an exception on Android.


  • LoadOnDemandBufferItemsCount property
  • UWP - Now listview updates its item content when changing property in binding context
  • UWP/Win8.1 - Fixed issue with invalidating the content or using images in Listviewitem
  • Fixed issue with iOS that does not update content of realized cells (e.g. expander in item template).

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