Telerik UI for Xamarin

Release History

UI for Xamarin R1 2018 (version 2018.1.117.240)

January 17, 2018

What's New

  • Button control - provides full control over its visual appearance with support for icon and background image.
  • Entry control - text input control, which accepts string input from the users and provides fine grain control for its look and feel.
  • Numeric control - customizable input control for numeric data. It allows the user to edit a number using the decrease and increase buttons or directly enter it in the input.
  • DataGrid is now official.
  • ToolBox experience for Visual Studio - brand new window that enables users to drag and drop Telerik UI for Xamarin controls directly to XAML surface.
  • Added .Net Standard support for nugets.


  • Activity item template crashes on load.


  • Added two new animations.


  • Added LoadOnDemand functionality.
  • Introduced Localization support.
  • Created LoadOnDemandCollection used for loading asynchronously items to the ItemSource of a control.
  • Added support for Grouping UI.
  • Added indicator for async data loading and grouping/filtering/sorting operations.
  • Added support for Filtering UI.
  • Enabled column sorting via UI.
  • The control can be moved left\right after scrolling.
  • There are two horizontal scroll bars.
  • BoolColumn editor is alligned to the right.
  • Item row height changes upon collapse and expand of a group.
  • Column header cannot be fully hidden.
  • Invoking the CellTap command results in selecting the wrong item.
  • Items removed from the ItemsSource are kept in the SelectedItems collection.
  • Removing items from the ItemsSource does not remove the item from the UI.
  • When column with null values is grouped InvalidCastException gets thrown.
  • [iOS] Cannot swipe to show the rest of the last column.
  • [iOS] GridLines disapear at the bottom after scroll.
  • LoadOnDemandMode enum is now in "Telerik.XamarinForms.Common" namespace.
  • ISupportLoadOnDemand has been changed - it has three events added to it and 2 more read-only properties.


  • [UWP] Reorder cannot be execute using mouse on PC.
  • [UWP] Exception is thrown when try to filter grouped ListView.
  • [UWP] Navigating between pages breaks data-binding.


  • Introduced support for multiple geometries in a single path element.


  • Introduced the following API for customising the indicators - IndicatorColor, SelectedIndicatorColor, IndicatorText,IndicatorFontSize,SelectedIndicatorFontSize, IndicatorFontFamily, SelectedIndicatorFontFamily.

Xamarin for iOS

  • AutoComplete: Visualizing the control in a second ViewController stops working.

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