Telerik UI for Xamarin

Release History

UI for Xamarin Q1 2016 (version 2016.1.0204.200)

February 3, 2016

Common for the whole suite

  • Xamarin.Forms
    • Updated to Xamarin Forms to
  • Xamarin.Forms
    • A dead-lock in WinRT which prevents hosting our components in the XF.MainPage.


  • Xamarin.Forms
    • SortOrder property group descriptor.
  • Xamarin.Forms
    • Can't select programmatically when when grouping is available.
    • A null reference in ListViewDatasource in programatic selection (iOS).
    • Group header content does not update its size when listview width is changed (on orientation changed).
    • An exception when no grouping is present and layout is changed dynamically.
    • ListView is not displayed properly when derived class is used along with the default renderer.


  • Xamarin.Forms
    • DrawerLength property is now in DIP.
    • Support for Windows Universal (8.1)

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