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Release History

UI for WinForms R3 2021 (version 2021.3.914)

September 15, 2021

New Controls

  • RadTaskBoard - a Kanban-like control that comes with many features, like columns, tasks, users, tags, drag and drop, selection, accent settings, touch support, etc.
  • RadFilterView - a user-friendly UI for building filter descriptors. It builds appropriate categories and editors and provides easy to use UI for filtering large amounts of data.
  • Hierarchy in the Navigation View - the Navigation View inside RadPageView can now build a hierarchy. This mode supports drag and drop, infinite nesting, and comes with various settings controlling the visual appearance.

Support and Compatibility

  • .NET 6.0 - We’ve built our controls against all the preview versions of .NET 6.0 and we can confirm that we are fully compatible.
  • Visual Studio 2022 support - the biggest gain is that the devenv.exe process is 64 bits, and the application should better handle large solutions.
  • WinForms Converter - converts the Microsoft controls to Telerik ones. Now the converter is compatible with the latest official Visual Studio.


  • Sometimes RadMenuComboItem hides before clicking on it.

Converter Tool

  • Form's designer file is missing in the converter wizard if the form's file name ends with "Settings"


  • InitialDirectory not working when DialogType is RadOpenFolderDialog.


  • System.OverflowException when setting CategoricalDataPoint value to decimal.MaxValue/decimal.MinValue.
  • The last symbol in title is cut off when exporting to image.


  • "Is in list" filter operator doesn't work correctly when the values contains intervals.


  • Control's Height doesn't refresh after change font unit at design-time.


  • Setting AutoScroll to true doesn't allow you to scroll the form's container at design time.


  • Add option to set EndEditOnLostFocus property of editors.
  • Exception when colapsing a row that has a RadTextBoxControlEditor open.
  • Layout does not load correctly the FilterDescriptor if filtered by blank.
  • Missing rows when filtering the grid on Infinity values.
  • NullReferenceException when call BestFitColumns method and rebind the grid with custom theme.
  • RadDropDownListEditor has incorrect style for its popup.


  • Add zooming functionality that considers the mouse position.


  • Unhandled exception on Items.Remove.


  • Elements should be hit tested with points lying on the path's outline (border/contour).
  • Hint over Pins in Maps doesn't show hint with accent properly.
  • Layers.HitTest method overloads should all consider whether the layer is visible or not.
  • MapPins are shifted at certain zoom levels when you change the pin's size.
  • Setting left padding to MapCallout is applied to right also.


  • Improve the EMailMaskTextBoxProvider to allow TLDs which are longer than 4 characters.


  • Incorrect popup's position when the AutoSizeDropDownToBestFit property is enabled.


  • Setting in the NavigationView allowing selection of the page view items when there is not enough space and the items container cannot fit the available space.
  • Add hierarchy to the NavigationView.
  • RadPageView: Changing the HeaderHeight property at runtime of the NavigationView does not update the Hamburger button height


  • High DPI Mode doesn't scale.


  • Appointment Mapping dialog is not visible with VS dark theme.
  • Displaying an appointment with a subject of empty html tags <> will crash the program.
  • Date label doesn't respect the DisplayedCellsCount in the active view.


  • Changing Sheet name at Runtime doesn't update name.
  • The document should be scrolled with the MouseWheel.
  • Alert message is showing twice when using Ctrl+V to paste on a protected sheet.
  • Control crashes when right-clicking "Copy" on an empty cell.
  • Double-Clicking the fx button in the formula bar allows modifications to protected worksheet.
  • Scroll bar is not working as expected.
  • Zoom Control skips over increments when clicking arrow(s) quickly.


  • ArgumentOutOfRangeException when running the application and the NumbersColor is set at design time via the Element Hierarchy Editor.


  • Wrong Embedded Label position in TextBox.


  • Incorrect Caret position after user's input when AutoComplete is enabled.
  • New character is not insert at the correct position.


  • After paste opening editor causes text set to 23:59.


  • Appium is unable to locate RadTreeNodes outside of the first parent node collection.


  • Incorrect text rendering when changing the Font.


  • Fixed ComboBox and DropDownList content controls should not change value when list is updated.
  • Introduced support for Non-Breaking Spaces.
  • Minor fixes for the content controls.
  • Performance issue in the latest version after changing the document multiple times.
  • Memory leak in ContentControlsPositionManager with surviving WeakEventHandler instances when loading a new document.
  • А memory leak with surviving SpanProperties instances when loading a new document.
  • Calling a ChangeAllFieldsDisplayMode(FieldDisplayMode.Result) on a document containing a multiline document variable leads to wrongly updated span box text.
  • Ribbon TableStylesGallery event handler memory leak.
  • The watermark position is not correct when using multiline text.
  • FloatingDrawing (shape or image) stays selected when right-clicking somewhere outside it.


  • Handle import of documents containing Simple fonts with names of entries in the Encoding`s Differences that are not part of the Adobe Glyph List.
  • Introduced support for handling documents containing invalid cross-reference table start index.
  • The default radio button state is not displayed correctly with specific documents.
  • Text cannot be selected in FitToPage mode.
  • Text is extracted with wrong characters when there is Simple Font without ToUnicode mapping.
  • NullReferenceException is thrown when annotation has appearance state but uses single state appearances.


  • Handle import of documents containing Simple fonts with names of entries in the Encoding`s Differences that are not part of the Adobe Glyph List.
  • Introduced support for handling documents containing invalid cross-reference table start index.
  • An ArgumentOutOfRangeException is thrown when importing a document containing a specific image stream.
  • Unable to import field with a name that is not specified as a literal string.
  • An exception is thrown when the NormalContentSource of a widget is null and one flattens the form fields.
  • An exception is thrown when importing a file with LabColor gradients.
  • Checkbox fields are exported with the wrong state.
  • Checkbox fields that have a value set to No are exported with the wrong state.
  • Importing a document containing Location with the only page in it causes ArgumentOutOfRangeException.
  • Scrolling a large document causes an OutOfMemoryException.
  • RadFixedPage`s MediaBox and CropBox are not copied when calling the RadFixedDocument.Clone() method.


  • Exporting sheet properties corrupts the file and it cannot be opened in Excel.
  • An exception is thrown when calling AccountingFormatStringBuilder.BuildFormatString.
  • The column cannot be auto-fitted when it contains cells merged across rows.


  • Introduced API for exporting the page setup. Now you can set page settings for printing like orientation, size, scale factor, and fit to contents.
  • Intruduced API for setting culture-independent number formats.
  • Some applications like Open Office cannot import dates exported with SpreadStreamProcessing.
  • Measuring cell content size leads to wrong results.


  • Introduced support for column width defined inside colgroup and col tags when importing HTML.
  • Introduced a way to replace text with other document elements.
  • An exception is thrown trying to import HTML that contains width with an empty value.
  • InvalidOperationException is thrown while importing DOC file with invalid tab stop leader value.
  • List indent is respected instead of locally set paragraph indent when exporting to PDF.
  • NullReference exception when importing document with fields and a table in the footer.
  • When the inline image has only the width set, the image size is wrongly calculated when converting to PDF.
  • Fixed image size set in style does not respect unit type.
  • Missing images after importing a DOC file.
  • A NotSupportedException is thrown while importing DOC file with tab stops that are aligned to lists.
  • Numeric formatting of merge field is not respected when the data is set as double or float.
  • Wrong numbering position when a paragraph contains numbering in the style and a page break.
  • HtmlFormatProvider: KeyNotFoundException is thrown while exporting list whose first level has RestartAfterLevel=0.
  • A NullReferenceException is thrown when importing DOCX document containing AltChunk element.
  • Missing content when exporting a document containing a Field that has no Separator set.

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