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Release History

UI for WinForms R3 2019 (version 2019.3.917)

September 18, 2019

What's New

  • RadWebCam - allows you to display the stream provided by a web camera device. You can easily start recording or take snapshots of the stream and save it to a file.
  • RadSparkline - mainly used to outline trends, also flexible in terms of data points generation and can contain from just a few points, to as many as thousands of data points, characterized with excellent performance.
  • RadBreadCrumb - significantly improved elements hierarchy and introduced a richer set of functionalities.
  • File Dialogs - integrated the new RadBreadCrumb. With its powerful data-binding mechanism, the control lets you display hierarchical structures, such as directories and relational data. With its auto-complete functionality and other advanced capabilities, RadBreadCrumb significantly improves the navigation and performance of your application.
  • File Dialogs - Custom Places can now be defined on the left side of the Explorer Control’s main pane. It is also possible to add multiple custom places like favorites and libraries nodes.
  • File Dialogs - introduced Environment Variables, providing out of the box support for the most common system environment variables that refer to well-known directories in the Windows file system, as well as to any user defined variables.
  • RadRichTextEditor - similar to MS Word, RadRichTextEditor now introduces different options for pasting: keep formatting, merge formatting, use destination styles. When you paste text into the document, a Paste Options menu will pop up allowing you to decide whether to preserve the look of the original text or change the formatting.


  • FilterIndex does not work.
  • Duplicated nodes in MainNavigationTreeView when InitialDirectory is set to a network path.


  • New RadFontPopupEditorElement method: UpdateRecentlyUsedFonts. Allows you to manually update the recently used fonts list and to clears the current list prior adding the new fonts.


  • New RadTreeView property: LineWidth (gets or sets the line width).
  • App freezes after cancelling a filter on an all-expanded structure.


  • Cannot display full path when selected node has too many parent levels.

Drop-down and split buttons

  • Popup location is not changed when right-to-left is enabled.


  • SelectionChanged event has wrong SelectionStart argument when control is multiline and selected item is not on the first row.


  • The QRCode symbology does not center the element if it has a higher version.


  • ElementRender doesn't process the CalendarCellElements for the row/column headers.


  • Expose a new property to set the line widths of the Cartesian grid: BorderWidth.
  • The chart is not exported correctly to an image on a system with 125% scaling.
  • Exception when adding PieDataPoint with 0 value.


  • Fixed the ScrollToItem method call on the Scroller so that the end user can scroll to a particular message.
  • The scroll in the SuggestedActionsElement cannot be made visible. Introduced new property: ShowScrollBar to ChatCarouselMessage and ChatSuggestedActionsMessage.
  • Missing message after scrolling to the bottom of the chat messages view.


  • Popup is not closed when using RadDropDownStyle.DropDownList and another command bar element is clicked.


  • DataFilter.Expression property ignores negative numbers.


  • MDI child form is not maximized correctly on DPI scale higher than 100%.


  • RowNotInTableException when deleting a record directly from the source collection.
  • Missing items when the parent records are added after the child records.
  • Setting the GraphicalViewElement.TimelineStart property doesn't refresh the graphical view.
  • Exception when adding an item to a BindingList that is used in a RadGridView and a RadGanttView.
  • A newly inserted record to the DataTable is always appended at the bottom of task items.


  • Invalid filter value when saving the layout with specific culture.
  • When Deferred search is enabled, pressing the clear button in the search box doesn't clear the search results.
  • Export to Excel momentarily loses column sort.
  • ViewCellFormatting event is fired for each cell when just the text of a group is updated.
  • CompositeFilterDescriptor fails on RadGridView.FilterDescriptors.Add().


  • Draw a line with arrow head (Draw Shape).


  • Setting an AssociatedControl does not work.

RadLinearGauge and RadBulletGraph

  • System.ArgumentException when creating a LinearGradientBrush with height 0.


  • Pins have wrong location when ZoomLevel is 1 and the map is resized vertically.


  • Exception when NumberGroupSeparator is set to empty string.


  • Add Culture support for QueryableDataProvider.
  • Implement more DateTimeSteps for QueryableDataProvider.


  • Collapsed groups are not refreshed properly after resizing the form.
  • Inconsistent padding when the form is Maximized and its AllowAero property is set to true.
  • Exception when changing the LayoutMode.
  • When the form is maximized and BackstageView is open part of the form is drawn outside of the screen.
  • BackstageView bounds are not correct when the form is restored from maximized state.
  • Double blue border in Office2013Light and Office2013Dark themes.


  • Application hangs when best-fitting a column on higher than 100% DPI scaling.


  • ProgressBar does not collapse inside StatusStrip.


  • TabRemoving event fires twice when a tab is dragged out of the collection.
  • HelpButton doesn't have the same hover style as the other system buttons in FluentDark, Office2010Silver, TelerikMetroBlue, Breeze and Desert themes.


  • Ignores landscape setting in document.
  • The control is not focused after the font is changed.
  • Copy-paste TIFF or GIF image does not properly preserve the image.
  • DateFields are not updated when importing document.
  • InvalidOperationException is thrown when loading a document that contains styles with duplicate names that are based on one another when RTF document is imported.
  • StreamFromUriResolving event is not fired for INCLUDEPICTURE fields in headers and footers.


  • The state is change when only MouseUp is received.

PDF Viewer

  • NotSupportedFeatureException exception is now thrown for CCITTFaxDecode missing filters.
  • Scaling drop down's popup placement is incorrect.
  • BookmarkItemStyle enum is renamed to BookmarkItemStyles.


  • ArgumentException is thrown when exporting document with specifically nested tables.
  • ArgumentException is thrown when importing HTML document containing pseudo-element.
  • ArgumentException is thrown when importing HTML containing attributes with empty string values.
  • Export to PDF freezes when DefaultTabStopWidth is zero.
  • FormatException is thrown when importing HTML with img tag containing non-numeric "width" or "height" values
  • HtmlImportSettings.LoadFromUri event is not raised for stylesheet links without specified CSS type.
  • Hyperlinks are not properly exported to PDFs when their content is placed in a separate paragraph.
  • KeyNotFoundException is thrown when importing a document with an image defined as a resource but not found.
  • KeyNotFoundException is thrown when importing a document with an image with invalid or not supported extension.
  • The size of the image is wrongly calculated when width or height is not specified and the source is a URI or base64 string.


  • NullReferenceException is thrown when importing documents containing an element with attribute with a nondefault namespace prefix.
  • Text that is overflowing the used cell range is wrongly clipped when printing or exporting to PDF.
  • Row heights with missing CustomHeight attributes in the document are ignored.


  • Implemented support for document outline (bookmarks).
  • Implemented import and export of ToUnicode CMap.
  • Added support for Named Destinations.
  • ArgumentException is thrown when exporting text with negative font size using TextFormatProvider.
  • Embedding CIDFont with missing CIDToGIDMap property causes PDF/A warning in Adobe Preflight.
  • First level bullets are not visible.
  • Handled NotImplementedException when importing color with Lab colorspace.
  • Fixed issue with wrong text in TextBoxFields content after importing and exporting fields with custom encoding in VariableContentWidget's font.
  • InvalidCastException is thrown when importing a document with Named Destinations.
  • NullReferenceException is thrown in .NET Standard when importing a document with non-standard TrueType font.

Breaking Changes

  • RadBreadCrumb - completely refactored and extended. The RadBreadCrumbElement now inherits LightVisualElement. The element hierarchy has been also changed which may cause errors if children are accessed by index. The old public API is preserved.
  • FileDialogs ExplorerControl - changed namespace from Telerik.WinControls.FileDialogs to Telerik.WinControls.UI

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