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Release History

UI for WinForms R3 2016 (version 2016.3.913)

September 14, 2016

New Control - RadMap

RadMap is data visualization control that can display tiles from a web service such as Bing Maps or OpenStreetMaps or ones stored on the local file system. In addition, the control can display shape files such as ESRI shape files and KLM files, or any SQL data stored in SQL Geospatial format.

Other interesting features of the control are:
  • Support for layers and variety of visual elements such as pins, callouts, routes, air routes, labels and more.
  • Navigation bar
  • Mini map
  • Search bar
  • Scale indicator
  • Legend

Converter Tool (BETA)


In this release, the Conveter Tool moves from CTP to beta, with added support for most of the standard controls out of the box. The newly added controls are: 

  • BindingNavigator
  • CheckedListBox
  • DataGridView
  • MonthlyCalendar
  • SplitContainer
  • StatusStrip
  • TabControl
  • TreeView
  • ToolStrip 


  • The Click event is fired twice when the ClickMode is set to Release and the button element is placed inside the title bar.


  • Adding series to a chart and then disposing the chart leads to a memory leak.
  • Exception when the track ball is enabled and the data source is changed with a timer.
  • Exception when one sets the MajorStep property of the DateTimeContinuousAxis at design time and the series does not have data points.
  • The second added donut series cannot be selected.
  • Chart legend is not visible at the bottom when scroll bars are visible.
  • Custom LegendItems do not have text.
  • Wrapped multiline title is not exported wrapped


  • ArgumentOutOfRangeException when the auto suggest is turned on and the data source is reset.


  • Exception (Bounds cannot be changed while locked.) is thrown when one is applying a custom theme.


  • FormatException when clearing the value for one of the RGB components.


  • The CommandBarDropDownButton ForeColor is black and the text cannot be seen in the HighContrastBlack theme.


  • Items are not copied when the context menu is copied.


  • Incorrectly mapped value for the first item when using RadDropDownList as an editor.


  • Pasted date value is replaced with a new one.
  • Close button is not localized in the time picker.
  • Checking the check box in the GUI is not reflected on the bound property.


  • StackOverflowException when binding RadDiagram and SelectionMode is set to None.


  • When resize is disabled the form can still be resized from the context menu resize option.
  • Setting the AllowTheming property renders the close/minimize/maximize buttons not usable in Windows 7.
  • The form is clipped when maximized on Windows 7 with a disabled Aero.


  • When bound to a custom object having the tasks and the links in a BindingList, with each operation of clearing and adding tasks and links refreshing the control and its data source becomes slower.
  • The graphical view is not refreshed when changing the parent of a task.


  • To change symbol used to separate summary items in SummaryRowGroupHeaders, the Thread.CurrentThread.CurrentCulture.TextInfo.ListSeparator will be used.
  • NullReferenceException when modifying the RadDropDownListEditorElement.AutoCompleteMode property in the TextChanged event.
  • RowValidating, CellValidating, SelectionChanged events are fired during export operation.
  • Exception when the BeginUpdate/EndUpdate is used in the CellEndEdit event handler.
  • NullReferenceException when adding a FilterDescriptor to the child template before populating with data.
  • When the grid is set in object-relational hierarchy and paging is enabled a NullReference exception is raised if one tries to open a template not on the first page and with a level greater than the first.
  • "Object does not match target type" when accessing Columns' Advanced tab in Property Builder.
  • "Column XXX does not belong to table YYY" error is raised when exporting hierarchical grid to xml with ExportToExcelML and AutoSizeRows and ExportVisualSettings properties are set to true.
  • RadGridView.TableElement.TableHeaderHeight is not respected when printing.
  • Exception when the data source is changed in CellValueChanged event and a header context menu is shown.
  • Exception when group descriptors are added at design time at PDSOE (Open Edge).
  • TargetException when updating a value in the child template bound to a collection of abstract classes.
  • Cut cell's content when printing a cell with text that exceeds the page's height.
  • InvalidCastException when closing the CompositeFilterForm in a custom GridViewCheckBoxColumn.
  • Column disappears from the ColumnGroupsViewDefinition when changing its Name property in the PropertyBuilder.
  • Incorrect excel-like filtering in GridViewDecimalColumn for values with many decimal places.
  • Parser exception when applying a filter to a column with ":" in its name.
  • Child rows values are displayed in the Excel-like filter popup if the columns of both templates have identical names.
  • GridPrintStyle.PrintHierarchy is reset when changing some of the settings in the PrintPreview dialog.
  • When excel like filtering is used the distinct filter values are taken from the child templates as well.


  • TextWrap and AutoEllipsis don't work simultaneously.


  • Labels with float values are not positioned properly along the gauge element.
  • The vertical orientation is not persisted if having multiple linear gauges located on different pages of RadPageView and you change the name a single gauge.


  • When the selected items are changed in the SelectedItemsChanged event the selection is broken or exception is thrown.


  • The custom filtering method is not used when there are groups in the control.


  • Unable to edit the percentage mask when current culture is set to Italian.
  • When MaskType is set to numeric and the Mask is set to "C2", a negative input would result in a positive value of the masked edit box.
  • The decimal key is not respected when the decimal separator is different then '.'.


  • The Cyrillic mnemonic keys are not executed.


  • When a RadMessageBox is shown calling the static Show method a second time results in an exception.


  • Support for simple binding the SelectedValue property.
  • AutoFilter not working in self reference mode.
  • When RadMultiColumnComboBoxElement is a child of a cell it throws exception and does not initialize its datasource.


  • The tabs layout is not refreshed correctly when the page view is in a form which is shown with the ShowDialog method.
  • Incorrect value of the Row property of RadPageViewItem when the tabstrip is set to multi-line.
  • Disabled pages shouldn't be selected when navigating with arrow keys.


  • Border is drawn multiple times when the panel is being scrolled.
  • If mnemonics are enabled in the controls added to the panel, they are not processed in backward order.


  • Introduced Clone() method in RadFixedDocument class.
  • Exporting document with encryption occasionally exports corrupted PDF documents.
  • InvalidCastException is thrown when importing destination with page number.
  • Merging two RadFixedDocument instances clears the content of the source document.
  • Performance issues exporting PDF documents containing text blocks.


  • Auto landscape/portrait functionality respecting the orientation of each page individually while printing.


  • Localization for screen tips.
  • Extended the Save/Load API to always serialize the FilterDescriptors, ColumnGroupDescriptions, RowGroupDescriptions, AggregateDescriptions, collections even if they are empty.
  • The SaveLoadLayout string overload does not use the RadPivotGrid`s XmlSerializationInfo instance.
  • Incorrect layout update when you have set the AutoExpandColumnHeaders or AutoExpandRowHeaders properties to false and you change the function type of an already added aggregate.


  • Filtering when the items are ordered alphabetically, grouped and the scrollbar is at the bottom causes exception.


  • In RibbonUI a dialog for fine tuning the section columns is added.
  • HTML format provider: Added support for importing lower-alpha and upper-alpha list style types.
  • Introduced RadWordsDictionary used to import MS Office custom dictionary files (*.dic) or files containing one word per row.
  • Introduced support for continuous section break for splitting a page to multiple sections.
  • Introduced RadDocumentMerger which provides the ability to append two or more documents into one or insert document into another document at a specific position.
  • Introduced Columns dialog which allows customization of columns in a document section.
  • The imported html document has wrong font size for its list numbers.
  • The default font is not respected for header, footer and end notes.
  • KeyNotFoundException when exporting to RTF pasted text from Outlook/Word which contains a hyperlink.
  • Copying a FloatingImageBlock results in ArgumentNullException.
  • Bold text is not exported correctly with the PdfFormatProvider.
  • Pragraph copies the background color from the previous one on import from RTF.
  • RichTextEditorRibbonUI - missing string in the RichTextBoxLocalizationProvider for a label in the InsertHyperlinkDialog.
  • RichTextEditorRibbonUI - the "Insert Table" string in the RadMenuInsertTableItem's drop down is missing in the localization strings.
  • PDF format provider: Document containing non-JPEG image or non-RGB JPEG image is not exported correctly when the compression mode is set to PdfImagesCompressionMode.Jpeg.
  • Deleting hyperlink with RadDocumentEditor leads to infinite loop if caret position is before hyperlink start.
  • HTML format provider: Style properties of list numberings are not imported and exported.
  • RTF format provider: Paragraph copies the background color from the previous paragraph on import.
  • HTML format provider: Line-height style property is imported from HTML as Exact instead of as AtLeast.
  • Inserting line break in the middle of a span doesn't persist the span style when typing.
  • RTF format provider: Exception is thrown when exporting document with hyperlink pasted from Outlook.
  • RTF format provider: Pasting text containing a field with style in its code fragment causes KeyNotFoundException when the document is bound through RtfDataProvider.
  • UI freezes when the last row of a table with merged cell and row with set height is split into the pages.
  • NullReferenceException is thrown when right clicking on an image in a repeated header table row.
  • Spellcheck does not work for text after repeated table header row.
  • When font family in imported document is with different case compared to the case of the registered font family, the font family is not preserved and falls back to the default one.
  • RTF Format Provider: the background from the previous paragraph is copied to the next one on import.
  • RTF format provider: SpacingBefore and SpacingAfter of a paragraph in a table cell is not exported.
  • RTF format provider: Table style cannot be changed after document export and import.
  • RTF format provider: When an empty table cell is exported, the font size of the applied style is wrong.
  • Font size of headings is not exported to RTF correctly.


  • The system buttons are not shown when the MDI child is minimized.
  • Keytips are shown on KeyUp without a previous KeyDown.


  • ObjectDisposedException when closing the form in the Load event.


  • Exception is thrown when you try to open the edit dialog and Arabic culture is set.
  • EditRecurrenceDialog is not shown when start editing a recurring appointment by double clicking.
  • The layout is loaded slowly when MutiDayView with 31 days is used.


  • The localization provider does not change the "Ignore All" and "Add To Dictionary" strings in the context menu.
  • ArgumentOutOfRangeException when incorrect word is deleted from RadTextBox and an item is selected from the context menu.


  • Cut/copy and paste RadSplitContainer from one form to another, it loses its child panels and controls.
  • The expand/collapse buttons are not working when one of the panels has absolute size.


  • Exporting document to XLSX with applied data validation rule over a large number of cells leads to performance issue.
  • PDF format provider: Cell clippings overlap the right border when exporting to PDF.
  • When a document with enabled sorting and filtering is exported and opened in MS Excel, Excel crashes if sorting is applied.
  • Document cannot be imported if formatting record refers to a missing style definition.
  • Getting the values of defined names referring cell range containing long cell values does not return the whole array string representation.


  • The Maximum cannot be set to a negative number or 0 at design time.


  • InvalidOperationException when accessing the CanEnableIme property on Windows Vista machine with pure .NET Framework 2.0 (2.0.50727.312).


  • Performance and memory consumption when changing the BackColor property while typing.


  • NullReferenceException when dragging and dropping a node while scrolling.
  • Property Builder closes automatically when you try to reorder nodes and reach to a disabled node.
  • NullReferenceException when data source is changed in ValueChanged event.
  • Nodes.Clear() throws NullReferenceException in self-reference tree.
  • DataSource is not updated correctly when using simple data-binding.


  • Scroll to row functionality by specifying the desired row index.
  • Scrolling with the Up/Down keys is not smooth when a lot of cells are visible.
  • The CellValueNeeded event is fired for all cells when one presses a navigation key (up/down).
  • Memory consumption is constantly increasing when adding rows and scrolling to the bottom.


  • AssociatedControl must work with container controls (e.g. RadPanel containing other controls) or a UserControl.


  • Error setting property "WelcomeImage" in WizardWelcomePage class.


  • DOCX format provider: Enabling import of images declared in shape elements.
  • DOCX format provider: Importing document containing bookmark start/end between paragraphs causes KeyNotFoundException.
  • ArgumentOutOfRangeException is thrown when trying to create a watermark from a text box.
  • DOCX format provider: Image defined in 'pict' element is not imported.HTML format provider:
  • NullReferenceException is thrown while importing paragraph preceded by a list, whose list items contain other Html tags.


  • NotSupportedException is changed to ArgumentException("Stream must support writing and seeking.") when using ZipArchiveMode.Create with a stream which does not support seeking.

Telerik Presentation Framework

  • GridLayout the padding is now taken under consideration when the rows size is measured.
  • RadPrintPreviewDialog buttons are not shown after ILMerge.
  • RadDiagramRibbonBar and RichTextEditorRibbonBar improved icons for dark themes.
  • StackOverflowException when RadTimePickerElement is serialized with ComponentXmlSerializer.
  • Html-like text incorrectly escapes the "<" character.

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