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Release History

UI for WinForms R2 2016 (version 2016.2.503)

May 4, 2016


  • Cannot apply a shape at design-time,

New Tool - Converter Tool (CTP)

The new Conversion Tool which aids the process of converting applications using standard Windows Forms controls to their Telerik UI for WinForms counterparts. The tool is based on the Roselyn compiler platform and greatly reduces the time needed to switch application using the standard controls to their Telerik UI for WinForms counterparts.

New Control - RadCardView

RadCardView is a data layout control which displays its fields in a card layout. Editing data filelds, fine-grain card template customization and data operations such as filtering, sorting and grouping are supported out of the box.

New Document Processing Library - SpreadStreamProcessing

This new library is delivered as new assembly (Telerik.Documents.SpreadsheetStreaming.dll) and its purpose is allowing creation of big spreadsheet documents and export them to the most common file formats (XLSX and CSV) with a great performance and minimal resources. To achieve its outstanding performance and low memory footprint, the library directly writes the necessary content in a stream without creating an object model for the whole document.


  • Seven new modern waiting style indicators including Windows 8 like circular waiting style
  • Design-time gallery to choose waiting style and adjust its settings
  • Functionality to associated RadWaitingBar with any Control with a single property setting (see AssociatedControl property)
  • Missing styles for the Dash waiting style in the Windows 8 theme.
  • WaitingIndicatorsWidth property is removed. Use WaitingIndicatorSize instead.
  • The Indicators collection is obsolete and will be removed in a future release. Use WaitingIndicators instead.

RadVirtualGrid now Official

  • Last column/row is clipped/missing when specifying column/row width with greater number of rows/columns.
  • Multiple selection is cleared when opening the context menu.
  • The SelectAll method does not work as expected.
  • Reducing RowCount/ColumnCount while there are resized row/columns, results in invalid scroll area size.


  • Incorrect vertical scroll bar and selected row when scrolling quickly and the AutoSizeRows property is set to true.
  • Find next/previous buttons do not navigate the results in the displayed order when grouping is applied and paging is enabled.
  • Exception when a row is deleted in the CellValueChanged event.
  • When the cell editor of MCCB column is initialized for the first time in the new row, it is populated with value, while it should be empty.
  • Vertical scrollbar in the group panel is not visible when shrinking the grid.
  • Hiding columns from the MasterTemplate by using the PropertyBuilder does not affect the grid at design time.
  • The new row is not added when the grid loses the focus and the current cell is read only.
  • BestFitColumns does not measure cells with bold font correctly.
  • Header check-box is not updated when the data bound item is updated.
  • Exception when free form date time parsing functionality is used and the cell is changed with the right key.
  • Incorrect grid navigation when pressing Tab key in the new row placed at the bottom of the grid and the last visible column is read-only.
  • All cells are measured when the grid is filtered and there is no data rows visible.
  • Summary rows are not affected when the InvalidateRow method is called.
  • Crash in Property Builder while deleting and adding a column in ColumnGroupsViewDefinition.
  • NullReferenceException when one is adding new row and the data object does not have a parameterless public constructor.
  • Application hangs when grouping via UI and a ColumnGroupsViewDefinition is applied.
  • CompositeFilterDescriptor does not work when using an enumeration.
  • DataException is thrown when resetting the DataSource and a ConditionalFormattingObject is available.
  • NullReferenceException on a Windows 10 machine when reordering columns and the TableElement.RowDragHint property is set to null.
  • After pinning a group row, the whole group disappears when using ColumnGroupsViewDefinition.
  • The hidden columns are not considered when ColumnGroupViewDefinition is exported.
  • Excel-like filtering doesn't work when using a TypeConverter.
  • Excel-Like filtering does not work with enumeration.
  • Invalid layout when the columns are reordered with drag drop.
  • Visual Studio crashes when there is a column with expression and data type set to nullable int.
  • ArgumentException in Excel-like filtering with null and empty (blanks) values.
  • NullReferenceException when reordering columns.
  • SelectNextRow method does not work.
  • Exception when the grid is bound to an array of different objects.
  • InvalidCastException when using a GridSpinEditor and a custom TypeConverter.
  • Missing rows in PrintPreview.
  • Pasting from clipboard on an empty grid or cutting from an empty grid results in a NullReferenceException.
  • TargetInvocationException when scrolling to the bottom in a grid with GridViewImageColumn.
  • The GridCheckBoxHeaderCellElement is not updated when a cell value is changed programmatically.


  • The shape is reset when it is set at design time with the shape editor.


  • Shows incorrect state when set to Indeterminate and Disabled in design time

Telerik Presentation Framework

  • HTML-like text with image source is not displayed.
  • Can't create a custom shape at VS design time.


  • The check boxes are squeezed when the expanded state of the child nodes is changed in the NodeCheckedChanged event.
  • ArgumentException when binding to Object-relational data and specifying the CheckedMember.
  • SelectedNodeChanged event is not fired in multiple selection when unselecting the current node.
  • Incorrect nodes order when DataSource is refreshed while a filter is applied.
  • Adding nodes is not possible when the control is bound to object relational data.
  • Vertical scroll bar is displayed when expanding a node and there is enough space to display all nodes.


  • The initial loading performance can be improved if we work around the empty string measurement.


  • Drag operation is not always started under Windows Server 2008, when the operation is performed fast.
  • All day appointment is not displayed consistent in DayView.
  • Incorrect day is displayed in MonthView with "fa-IR" culture and PersianCalendar.
  • Pixellated icon in EditRecurrenceDialog.
  • Day text is cut off in the EditRecurrenceDialog.
  • Appointment.EndDate is reset when adding a recurrence rule.
  • ArgumentException when using EnableExactTimeRendering.


  • Exception when no font is selected.


  • Added "thermometer", "parameter" and "analyses" words to the default en-US dictionary.
  • Introduced support for laying out section content to several columns.
  • Introduced column break which inserts break in the current column and transfers the text to the next column in a section.
  • InvalidCastException when adding read-only range in a paragraph.


  • ArgumentOutOfRangeException when inserting command tabs in the Form.Load event.


  • Add support for highlighting the accessibilty objects when they are selected in the MS inspect tool.
  • There is no indication that the property is modified when the DateTime value is cleared.


  • IgnoreNullValues functionality for the aggregate descriptions of LocalDataSourceProvider and QueryableDataProvider.
  • Missing data rows when loading an already saved layout after exporting data using the PivotExportToExcelML class.
  • Rows are missing if the form is minimized right after the pivot is exported to excel file.


  • Introduced FormatProviderSettings.ReadAllAtOnce property. When applied, the document stream is copied into a memory stream used by PdfViewer, so the document stream could be closed.
  • Tiling patterns are rendered wrong when some transformation is applied.
  • When the document is in FixedDocumentViewerMode.Pan mode the caret still blinks.
  • LZWDecode renders images with displaced pixels.
  • Text clipping is not positioned correctly when some transformation is applied.
  • Erroneous font accent translation is applied to glyphs which causes text clipping or displacement.
  • PDFViewer does not display all text in a document when referencing glyph id with non-defined glyph name in WinAnsiEncoding.
  • A blank page might be displayed instead of successfully rendering document page due to concurrency issues when using two or more RadPdfViewers in one user control.


  • The Items collection of the control should not accept TileGroupElements.


  • RadMenuItem.HintText property is now localizable.


  • When there is separator character in the mask the caret position is not moved properly.
  • The control has incorrect value if you set values with different length.
  • Exception isthrown when accessing the value.
  • The performance can be improved by creating the RadContextMenu only when it is needed.
  • Paste behavior of incorrect text according to the applied mask should be identical when the whole text is selected and when no selection is available.
  • The Clear method doesn't clear the Value property/
  • The text is not correctly validated when the Mask is set after the MaskType and regex mask is used.
  • The RegexMaskTextBoxProvider is still checking for input event if the MaskType is set to none.


  • CheckBoxesAlignment does not work in DetailsView.
  • The checkboxes can not be hidden for particular items.


  • The user can add links when the RadGanttView is in read only mode.
  • DoubleClick event fires twice.


  • Visual glitch when loading a maximized form.


  • When the form is maximized on a two monitor system a few pixels are visible on the second monitor.


  • Auto complete items overlap in VisualStudio2012 themes.


  • Exception when the selected date is February 29 and one performs a zoom operation.
  • ArgumentOutOfRangeException when typing in DateTimePickerFormat.Custom.


  • A data entry bound in the designer and added to a UserControl inheriting other UserControl having RadControls in it results in a NullReferenceException.


  • Getting the PreferredSize changes the control size and the inner controls are not visible.


  • Unchecking all items is slow.
  • ArgumentException when adding a range of strings.


  • The chart is not updated when it is bound to Progress.Data.BindingSource.
  • RangeSeries shouldn't be clustered in ChartSeriesCombineMode.None.


  • The popup is closed when clicking the RadMenuComboItem.ComboBoxElement.EditableElement.


  • Introduced Headers and Footers functionality which allows adding rich text content in the page margins, visible when exporting or printing a document.

  • Exported XLSX documents cannot be imported with OpenOffice and on MAC (Numbers application).


  • TextFragment does not respect general graphic state content stream operators which results in glyphs drawn with too thick brush.
  • Import throws NotSupportedException when the document contains annotations from unsupported types.
  • Encoding JPEG image after decoding another JPEG image results is writing wrong JFIF marker data.
  • When inserted after a line break, the whitespace character is positioned on the previous line, instead on the line after the line break.


  • Line height larger than expected is exported to PDF because LineSpacing and LineSpacingType property values are not evaluated correctly.
  • Exported DOCX documents cannot be imported with OpenOffice and on MAC (Pages application).

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