Telerik UI for Winforms

Release History

UI for WinForms R1 2017 (version 2017.1.117)

January 18, 2017


  • InvalidCastException when calling the NextNavigationButton.PerformClick method.

New Control: RadDataFilter

The control provides convenient UI for building complex filter expressions for the end users. It can be bound to a data source which the control will filter automatically, hence all other controls that use this data source will be filtered. Alternatively, it can be used as UI for building expression, based on predefined property descriptors, which can be applied to a data base, UI control or a collection with support for filtering expressions.


  • Thumbnails export option.
  • SaveAs command allowing to save the displayed pdf to a file.
  • Page rotation functionality.
  • Displaying of forms, digital signatures and form fields.
  • Introduced improvements in the way RadPdfViewer caches the images in a document.
  • CMYK color convertion is not correct.
  • ArgumentOutOfRange exception when RadPrintDocument.PrinterSettings.FromPage is greater than RadPrintDocument.PrinterSettings.ToPage.
  • The vertical scrollbar is not calculated properly if you use the fit full page functionality and then you set FitToWidth = true.


  • Implemented content stream operators ('G' and 'g') that allow setting gray-scale color.
  • Introducing new PdfStreamWriter class providing API for reliable, performance and memory efficient approach for manipulating existing or newly generated PDF page content.

Converter Tool

  • The converter tool cannot be executed on 32 bit operating system even if the correct NET version is available.


  • Introduced API allowing to append new worksheets to an existing workbook.


  • SmallStep property to control value changing when using the left/right buttons in the control.

Telerik Presentation Framework

  • Design time serialized properties when theme applied.
  • RadButtonElement shows its border when it is in a button group where ShowBorder is false.
  • The Image of LightVisualElement is not clipped according to the element's shape.


  • The KeyDown and KeyUp events are not forwarded to VirtualGridTextBoxControlEditor.
  • NullReferenceException when cancelling the CurrentCellChanging event.
  • After unpinning a column it is not displayed in the grid.
  • Exception when the editor is VirtualGridDropDownListEditor and key is pressed.
  • Once a custom column is added it cannot be removed from the grid.


  • NullReferenceException when calling the RadBreadCrumb.DefaultTreeView.Nodes.Clear method.
  • Incorrect selection is shown when repopulating RadTreeView with data although the RadBreadCrumb.DefaultTreeView property is set to null.


  • The Click event is triggered when mouse is pressed and released over scroll bars.
  • Setting the FilterPredicate to null produces an error and can not return to the default filtering.
  • Incorrect lines when the ShowRootLines property is true and the ShowExpandCollapse property is false.
  • Messed lines when the ShowRootLines property is true and the ShowExpandCollapse property is false.


  • The control performs poorly when setting a large text to the Text property.


  • Add support for binding to nullable objects. See NullableValue property.


  • SpellCheckMode property "AllAtOnce" does not work correctly.
  • Words are not separated correctly when the checked control is standard RichTextBox.


  • Support for Arabic calendars (Persian(Shamsi), Hijri, QmAlCura).
  • Associating a scheduler with a navigator changes the text alignment of the time zone header cell.
  • Missing appointments when using ExactTimeRendering.
  • Incorrect ruler's start time in WeekView when using (UTC-03:00) Brasilia Time zone.
  • The SetColumnWidth method is not working in the SchedulerDayViewElement class.
  • Additional time slot is created for an appointment that ends at midnight on the first day of the other month.
  • Visual glitch when checking/unchecking the Show Weekend checkbox and RadScheduler is grouped by resources.
  • Added new mandatory paramether to the Telerik.WinControls.UI.DateHelper.GetDateWithOffset, the RadScheduler instance.


  • Added new default WindowsMetafileFormatImageDecoder for better import of WMF and EMF files.
  • NullReference exception when specific text is pasted in the editor and a space is inserted after that.


  • RadGalleryElement.DropDownSizingMode property is not respected.


  • Mode for live tracking of the associated chart control, by updating the view on mouse move, instead of mouse up.


  • The layout is not updated when the item visibility is changed.


  • Localization support.
  • A row or column group of a particular field is cleared if the same field is dragged to the aggregates area.


  • Drill-down support for LocalDataSource provider.
  • The control is empty after performing a LINQ query and binding to an array of anonymous objects.


  • SaveAs button to save the displayed pdf to a file.
  • No results message is displayed when search does not return any results.
  • The zoom drop-down does not have a sufficient width in the VisualStudio2012Light theme.


  • Can't set the image scaling of the pages' tabs.


  • Created an extender component that adds checkboxes to the row in RadMultiColumnComboBox. See the demo application for an example.
  • MultiColumnComboBoxElement.DropDownHeight is restricted with SystemInformation.WorkingArea.Height - 100.
  • Allow changing the current row in the grid with the page up and down keys if the popup is open.
  • Incorrect initial navigation with the arrow keys if there is an applied auto filter.


  • Exposed information about the clicked control in the arguments of the DropDownOpening/ed event.


  • The value of numeric mask is reset when switching between different cultures.
  • User is not allowed to enter numeric value if the initial value is null is simple data binding is used.


  • Search box looses focus after mouse move.
  • The ElevationRequest, SearchRequest and RouteRequest should work with their UserData property to allow passing of unique data which can be accessed upon completion of the request.
  • The constructor of Telerik.WinControls.UI.IconStyle, Telerik.WinControls.UI.KmlStyle, Telerik.WinControls.UI.LineStyle and Telerik.WinControls.UI.PolyStyle now accepts XmlElement instead of XElement.


  • The data is not exported correctly when the first column is hidden.


  • The items are moved few pixels when the mouse wheel is used over the control.
  • The RadLayoutControl.HideItem method fails to hide a LayoutControlGroupItem located in a LayoutControlTabbedGroup.


  • RadExpressionEditorForm ability to remove specific Fields.
  • Method that allows users to evaluate whether a row satisfies certain filter criteria.
  • AllowNaturalSort functionality.
  • CopyingCellClipboardContent and PastingCellClipboardContent events to allow fine tuning of the copy and paste operations.
  • Detached filter GUI - see RadDataFilter control.
  • The excel-like popup is not populated with distinct values for the child templates when the grid is setup in hierarchy using load on demand.
  • The header cell CheckAll functionality in self reference hierarchy mode.
  • Ability to replace the RadExpressionEditorForm with a custom one.
  • Search row UX improvements - options button, close button, Ctrl+F shows the search row.
  • A new row is automatically added when the user toggle the cell from the GridViewCheckBoxColumn and the header checkbox is enabled.
  • Alternating row color is not applied for rows with selected sell when using GridViewSelectionMode.CellSelect.
  • ArgumentOutOfRangeException when best-fitting the columns after regenerating the columns in a grouped grid.
  • ArgumentOutOfRangeException when pressing the PageDown key while a child row from the last parent row is selected.
  • Broken layout when resizing and HtmlViewDefinition is applied.
  • Calculated column's values containing aggregates are not recalculated when the grid is filtered and the aggregated value is recalculated.
  • Cancelling the UserAddingRow event doesn't keep the new row current.
  • The CellValidating event fires twice when the validation is cancelled.
  • Changing the CurrentRow clears the multiple selection while changing the CurrentColumn keeps the selection.
  • Changing the TableElement.CurrentRowHeaderImage in Visual Style Builder for ControlDefault theme doesn't take effect at all.
  • CompositeFilterForm trims date values to their date part.
  • Exception when AutoSizeRows is true, AutoSize is true and the user starts editing.
  • Exception when one is changing the data source of a combo-box column and the grid is not bound.
  • Export.DisplayFormatType.Custom doesn't allow to specify numeric ExcelExportFormatString.
  • GridViewSpreadExport when more than 2 child views are exported there are child rows missing from the last parent row.
  • Header check box is initially checked in a hierarchical grid.
  • InvalidCastException when copying the entire row and a DateTime value is contained in a GridViewTextBoxColumn.
  • Multiple cells are selected although the RadGridView.MultiSelect property is set to false.
  • Not all rows are pasted when pasting in self-reference grid.
  • NullReference exception when deleting an item of the data source used by a child template when the grid is setup in hierarchy and the PageViewMode is set to ExplorerBar.
  • NullReferenceException when changing the PageSize property when using a custom GridHeaderCellElement with RadDropDownListElement.
  • Once the before/after drop hint is hidden for a certain row it is not shown any more this particular row.
  • Only one cell is copied if there is one selected row although GridViewSelectionMode.FullRowSelect is applied.
  • RightToLeft grid with ColumnGroupsViewDefinition is printed LeftToRight.
  • Row's MinHeight and MaxHeight properties are not respected when AutoSizeRows property is set to false.
  • Starting selection from row header and moving the cursor should select all cells from the affected rows no matter the SelectionMode.
  • Summary rows in the child template are not updated when the FormatString property is changed.
  • The CellClick event is fired when the right mouse button is used.
  • The CellValidated event is not fired when the grid is unbound and the editor value is changed.
  • The EnableHotTracking property cannot be set at design time.
  • The MaxLength of the TextBoxColumn is not respected when pasting and the cell is not in edit mode.
  • The new row editor is cutting off the text in the TelerikMetro theme.
  • When entering edit mode for the new row, the grid is navigated to the first page if the AddNewRowPosition property is set to Bottom.
  • When setting the AutoExpandGroups to true and you add a new row the vertical scrollbar hides the row.
  • When the GridViewCheckBoxColumn.EnableHeaderCheckBox property is set to true EditMode.OnValidate is not respected anymore.
  • Setting the RadGridView.FilterDescriptors.Expression property doesn't filter the grid.
  • GridViewSearchRowInfo's textbox shows the clear button by default.
  • GridViewSearchRowInfo's MatchCase button is not obsolete. Use the Options buttons istead and/or the MatchCase menu item.
  • The obsolete Telerik.WinControls.Export.SpreadExport class is now deleted. Use Telerik.WinControls.Export.GridViewSpreadExport instead.
  • The following obsolete methods of GridViewSpreadExport are now deleted:
    • RunExport(string fileName) - Use RunExport(string fileName, ISpreadExportRenderer exportRenderer) instead.
    • RunExport(string fileName, string sheetName) - Use RunExport(string fileName, ISpreadExportRenderer exportRenderer, string sheetName) instead.
    • RunExportAsync(string fileName) - Use RunExportAsync(string fileName, ISpreadExportRenderer exportRenderer) instead.
    • RunExportAsync(string fileName, string sheetName) - Use RunExportAsync(string fileName, ISpreadExportRenderer exportRenderer, string sheetName) instead.
  • The following obsolete methods of GridViewPdfExport are now deleted:
    • RunExport(string fileName) - Use RunExport(string fileName, IPdfExportRenderer pdfExportRenderer) instead.
    • RunExportAsync(string fileName) - Use RunExportAsync(string fileName, IPdfExportRenderer exportRenderer) instead.
  • GridViewPdfExport will no longer implement IExportGridTo interface.
  • The Telerik.WinControls.UI.GridCheckBoxHeaderCellElement.SetCheckBoxState() method no longer returns a value. Check the checkbox state to determine instead if needed.


  • RadForm changes its size after closing and reopening at design time, when using RadRibbonFormBehavior.
  • NullReferenceException when maximizing a RadForm which is minimized as MDI child having RibbonFormBehavior and its AllowTheming property set to false.


  • The TextAlignment is reset when setting the text of the DropDownList.


  • When a layout is loaded from XML the close button of the floating windows is disabled.


  • TextTool doesn't work
  • The Telerik.WinControls.RadDiagram.dll resources are now protected.


  • AutoSize mode.


  • The FreeFormDateTimeProvider does not set the value to null.
  • Days after MaxDate are not grayed out when MinDate==MaxDate.


  • Spin editor changes are not persisted if the dialog is closed using the mouse and the OK button.


  • The palette name is not set when the palette is changed from the context menu.
  • ArgumentNullException when using the ExportToImage method with ImageFormat.Emf.
  • Unable to pan along the entire axis if the orientation of the area is set to Horizontal and the PanZoomMode to Vertical.
  • The Trackball controller does not display some points when the chart is zoomed and there are more than one series.
  • The IsVisible property of the label element is not respected.
  • The selection controller does not work with polar series.
  • Disable panning of the ChartPanZoomController if you are zooming using the UI to scale factors greater than 100.


  • SelectedIndexChanged and SelectedItemChanged are not fired initially.
  • RadCarousel is not rotating when the AnimationToApply is set.

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