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UI for WinForms Q4 2006SP2

February 7, 2007

RadControls for WinForms Q4 2006 SP2 (v2.3.0.0) Release notes:


  • Added: A dropdown with the list of available themes in control's SmartTag
  • Fixed: Some problems with Image, ImageIndex, ImageKey property editors in design time vs. VSB, now image editor dialog of VS 2005 should be available for all image properties.
  • Fixed: DropDown is shown with incorrect offset
  • Changed: DLL version is now (was

Installation and deployment

  • Fixed: "RadControls" assembly names that appear in the Add Reference VS 2005 dialog
  • Fixed: Toolbox installer may not update toolbox on SP update


  • Fixed: Buttons inside the TitleBar in the Office 2007 Black theme
  • Fixed: Contextual Group color changes on select broke the ribbon theme


  • Fixed: ToolStrip in menu prevented the keyboard navigation in the menu
  • Fixed: Menu Items were usable with the keyboard even when disabled
  • Fixed: RadMenu AutoSize property hangs VS
  • Fixed: Text can't be edited of an embedded TextBox in dropdown menu


  • Fixed: SelectedIndexChanged event fires multiple times
  • Fixed: Problem when leaving the combo with the Tab key when SuggestAppend is set. The correct behavior is to assign the item and move the focus away with only one Tab press.
  • Fixed: DropDownMaxSize/DropDownMinSize properties could not be set correctly
  • New feature: F4 will open/close the popup


  • Fixed: The style of the overflow button when in floating mode
  • Fixed: Button with text and image is not visible when orientation=vertical


  • Fixed: Error after deleting items and setting EnableTabControlMode to true in VS designer


  • Fixed: Pin-unpin animation smoothness
  • Fixed: Sometimes when docks are opened from an auto-hide state there is a slight mis-synchronization in the motion of sub-elements, as if there are several layers trying to move in a stacking order and not as one object (e.g. BackColor).
  • Fixed: Adding a new TabbedDocument in design time, then changing state to hidden lead to problems
  • Fixed: Application crash when dragging a dockable item and a window pops up
  • Changed: DockPosition is Read-only in design mode
  • Fixed: DockPanel docked to TabbedDocument container
  • Changed: Marked IDockableSelectionDialog property of docking manager as obsolete.

Visual Style Builder (VSB)

  • Added: Controls icons in the "load control" menu
  • Fixed: Setting Shape = none and ApplyShapeToControl=false -> the shape was not in its initial state
  • Fixed: A problem with the Add rule
  • Fixed: Tabstrip buttons Design View and Preview appear in half
  • Fixed some issues with the Shape editor


  • New: WinXP Luna theme, with built-in visual cues


  • Fixed: ComboBox's SelectedIndexChanged event fires multiple times

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