Telerik UI for Winforms

Release History

UI for WinForms Q3 2015 SP1 (version 2015.3.1104)

November 4, 2015

Demo Application

  • Medical app - an exception is thrown if computer's date time format is different from invariant.


  • Incorrect theme settings are applied to CommandBarToggleButton if the toggle state is changed from code in Desert and Office2007Silver themes.


  • The control freezes when a custom format is used.


  • Export to image functionality. See ​ExportToImage method.
  • Copy, paste, delete and cut options in the Settings pane should not be performed when the AllowCopy, AllowPaste, AllowDelete and AllowCut properties are set to false.


  • The autocomplete does not work when some text is pasted.
  • In a remote desktop environment, when opening the popup, sometimes it is cut off.


  • When the Localizable property is set to true the resx file cannot be opened.


  • CRUD support for child levels in object-relational hierarchy
  • Full row Cut operation.
  • EnsureVisible method when grid is in paging mode.
  • The columns are not sized proportionally when the control is re-sized in auto-size column mode fill and Microsoft InteliPoint is installed.
  • Setting the DataSource property does not generate columns after some manually added columns were deleted via the Property Builder.
  • Pinned columns do not print.
  • Adding rows after the grid is loaded and paging is enabled causes a vertical scrollbar to show up.
  • The CellValidating event is fired twice when the AddNewRowPosition is Bottom.
  • Right click over a cell shows grid's context menu and form's context menu.
  • The RadTextBoxEditor is empty when the Multiline property is set to true and the Padding is removed.
  • Vertical scroll bar range is not correct when expanding child view.
  • Calculated cells are not refreshed when a custom ExpressionContext is used with a custom function.
  • When the grid is grouped and has summary rows and the user is adding rows the scroll functionality is broken.
  • The cursor is not changed when resizing the group panel.
  • RadMaskedEditBoxEditor removes the blank spaces from the values.
  • Рњissing values in Excel-like filter popup after save/load layout.
  • Рўhe control has white ForeColor when it is used with the Aqua theme and it is placed within a MDI child form in RadDock.
  • A column cannot be resized when the MaxWidth property is set to a specific value and then it is set back to 0.
  • When the ErrorText of a cell in CheckBoxColumn is set, the ToolTip is displayed only if mouse is over cell's border.
  • Filtered row is still selected when clearing the applied filter.
  • When the control has self referencing hierarchical data and a column containing expander items is resized to a very small width so that there is no space for the expander items, they appear in the next column.
  • Scrolling with page down and page up slows down after a certain time when a lot of rows are added (15000).
  • Incorrect CheckState when using a RadListFilterPopup with boolean date values for GridViewDateTimeColumn.
  • Styles are mixed when the Style property of the cell is used.
  • The filter cell is loosing the focus when there is a value in the search row and the user types in the filter cell.
  • When the AllowResize property of the columns is set to false the FitPageWidth property of the print style is not respected.
  • Property Builder - can't add DataSource when the MasterTemplate node is selected.
  • CellFormatting event is not fired enough times to indicate correctly the cell/row state when the selection is changed.
  • Incorrect vertical scroll behavior when AutoSizeRows = true and you hide a column whose cells have mutliline text.
  • When the GridViewCheckBoxColumn.ThreeState and EnableHeaderCheckBox properties are set to true, header check-box does not display three states.
  • Incorrect layout when the checkbox column is used as self reference expander column.
  • CellClick event is fired when one releases the mouse over the scroll bar in a hierarchy template.
  • Vertical scroll bar not calculated properly when the grid is in self reference hierarchy mode.
  • When the FreeFormDateTime mask type is used with the RadDateTimeEditor the value is not initialized correctly.
  • The specified column data type is not respected in the CellValidating event.
  • When switching from one theme to VisualStudio2012Dark, grid editors have white color and the text has the same fore color.
  • Editor's text is cut off in VisualStudio2012Dark, VisualStudio2012Light and Breeze themes.
  • The Discrete scroll mode is not working with columns.
  • Missing scroll bar in Self-reference grid when the AllowSearchRow property is set to true and the user changes the cell value for a GridViewCheckBoxColumn.
  • Data exception when the grid is in hierarchy and Entity Framework is used. The exception is raised for some templates having no data and on the same child level when the AddNewRowPosition is set to Bottom.
  • NullReferenceException when the filter button for Excel-like filtering is clicked for GridViewDateTimeColumn with null values.
  • Exception when RadGridView is in self referencing hierarchy and composite filter is applied.
  • StackOverflow exception when excel-like filtering is used with more than 12 000 unique items.
  • The alternating row color is not working properly when a grid with particular amount of items is sorted.
  • Expression set to FilterDescriptors collection is not parsed correctly when grid is in hierarchy and self reference.
  • The expander and line links are drawn in a wrong cells when the grid is scrolled horizontally.
  • Exception when a filter button is dragged.
  • A spelling error in the title of DataSettings and Appearance groupboxes in Property Builder.
  • If a column with large content is hidden and the AutoSizeRows property of the grid is set to true, the printed rows` height is incorrect and calculated also according to the hidden content.
  • ParserException when filtering a column containing "@" in its name.
  • Columns width is not respected if you set it after setting RadGridView.ViewDefinition to a ColumnGroupsViewDefinition.
  • Data exception when loading a layout containing column expressions while the grid has expressions defined for the same columns.
  • The ColumnWidthChanged event is not fired when column group view definition is used.
  • Incorrect cell spacing when using ColumnGroupsViewDefinition with pinned groups.
  • Incorrect layout when the GridViewColumnGroup.ShowHeader property is set to false for a pinned group when using ColumnGroupsViewDefinition.
  • Incorrect header layout of the exported Excel file when using ColumnGroupsViewDefinition.
  • Null ReferenceException when a DataView filter is set in the FilterExpressionChanged event and combobox column is filtered.
  • Find next/previous buttons do not navigate the results in the displayed order when sorting is applied.
  • When a checkbox is checked in the grid wrong header cell is updated.
  • When grid is grouped summary rows are printed with offset.
  • The SelectionChanged event is not fired when the last row in the grid is deleted.
  • ScrollToRow does not navigate to the correct row when AutoSizeRows is set to true.
  • GridViewSpreadExport displays summary rows outside their groups when the group is collapsed in Excel.
  • GridCheckBoxCellElement enters edit mode although the GridViewCheckBoxColumn.EditMode property is set to EditMode.OnValueChange
  • ArgumentException is thrown on a Windows 8 machine when printing RadGridView with a long string value loaded in a cell.
  • "Delete Row" context menu item should be controlled only by the AllowDeleteRow property.
  • DataException "An entry with the same key already exists" when loading layout with calculated column.
  • When the search operation is finished the SearchProgressChangedEventArgs.Cells collection is null in the RadGridView.MasterView.TableSearchRow.SearchProgressChanged event.
  • Property Builder - the data source list is not shown in the DataSource popup.
  • The textbox editor BackColor cannot be set via the theme.


  • Vertical scroll-bar jumps after scrolling down and selecting an item.
  • NullReferenceException when pressing Home/End key in an empty RadListControl.


  • Exception when the form is closed in the DoubleClick event handler.
  • System.InvalidOperationException: Setting parent to an already disposed element when a custom item is used with RadTextBoxElement.


  • Incorrect cursor position after entering the first symbol when the Mask is set to "C" and initially the Value is null.
  • When the mask is set to "N0" and one presses '.' exception occurs.
  • When MaskType is set to numeric and Mask is set to currency (C2), pressing '-' when the caret is at the beginning of the text box causes exception.


  • The text is not updated when AutoFilter is used and the Enter key is pressed.


  • Horizontal scrollbar does not move when dragging a tile to the last/first group and the form is maximized
  • Horizontal scrollbar can not be moved when the TileGroupElement.RowsCount property is set to a larger value than the actual RadPanorama's height.


  • Add Adobe Reader like functionality for fit to window and fit full page to window.
  • API for handling exceptions.
  • Expose HorizontalScrollState and VerticalScrollState properties to the control.
  • Navigation between pages in large file is slow.
  • PdfExceptionEventArgs no longer inherit from CancelEventArgs the Cancel property was not used and it was removed. Code using this property can be safely removed.


  • Exception is thrown if cell value is string and starts with "=" or "-", when exporting with PivotGridSpreadExport.


  • Alt-tab causes ribbon bar to get 'stuck'.
  • Attempt to assign two RadButtonElements in RadRibbonBar the same Name at design time results with an exception dialog instead of the standard dialog.
  • Contextual tab group is not re-sized when some of its tabs are collapsed.
  • The appearance modification of the RibbonTab are reset after selected tab is changed.
  • The QuickAccessToolBar has incorrect BackColor when it is positioned below the RadRibbonBar.
  • The Contextual Tab Group is shifted to the right when the QuickAccessToolBar is positioned below.
  • QuickAccessToolbar is not correctly rendered in Windows8 theme.
  • Disabling a button in RadRibbonBar while hidden causes the item to have grayer background and a thick border.
  • The first tab is missing if the RibbonBar.Expanded property is set to false and the applied theme is TelerikMetro.
  • RadSplitButtonElement does not close its popup when loosing focus.
  • The layout is not updated when the ribbon is collapsed and adding new command tabs.
  • ApplicationButton and QuickStartToolbar layout does not look good when the user changes the theme at runtime.


  • The RadRibbonForm's icon has incorrect back color when the QuickAccessToolBar is below.
  • RadRibbonBarGroup.Text is cut off when the ribbon is initially collapsed with Offiice2013Dark theme.
  • Theme is not applying correctly, when changes are made to ribbon button while RadRibbonBar is collapsed.


  • Expose file path when a SaveCommand gets executed.
  • Save button in RichTextEditorRibbonBar should not open the save as dialog.
  • One should be able to change the document while the Find/Replace dialog is open.
  • When RightToLeft language is used the dot (.) is moved to the end of the word.
  • The word order is incorrect when right to left languages are used.
  • ArgumentException when exporting a document with XamlFormatProvider containing a pasted image from the browser.
  • The PreviewEditorKeyDown event is not working.
  • Change and ChangeAll buttons in a SpellCheckingDialog are enabled even though the list control with the suggestions is empty.
  • The scrollbars width/height cannot be changed.
  • Paragraph alignment stops working when localizing "Right","Left","Justify","Center" in RichTextEditorRibbonBar.
  • The ribbon UI is not updated when a command is executed from a custom button.
  • Memory leak when the context menu items are used.
  • NullReferenceException when the selection is changed rapidly.


  • Consecutive appointments are rendered overlapped.
  • Copy/paste a custom appointment does not create the Appointment from the custom class.


  • ArgumentNullException in the GetSuggestionsForDictionary method.


  • The mouse position in invalid on the dragged splitter.


  • Border is not rendered completely when the control is spellchecked and it is placed in a UserControl.
  • Default context menu is not shown when the control is spellchecked and no misspelled words are available.


  • When the control is spellchecked and no misspelled words are available you are unable to copy the text by using the context menu as the selection is cleared.


  • Th editor is not closed when scrolling, hence it is moved to other nodes due to the virualization.
  • The parent node check state is not updated if the child node CheckState is set prior the node is added to the parent's Nodes collection.
  • Exception when the BeginEdit method is executed after the user has scrolled.
  • Ehe end edit operation is not properly finished when the user scrolls while there is node in edit mode.
  • When LazyMode is set to true and accessibility settings are enabled on the device (e.g. the narrator is running) performance is very low or OutOfMemory exception gets thrown.
  • The scroll does not appear when the nodes are loaded in the NodesNeeded event.
  • Blank nodes after adding a new record to the DataSource.


  • Block.Measure throws exception when exporting to PDF paragraph with negative left and/or right indents.
  • Styles in a document are not imported when css class contains dashes.


  • Implemented public API for retrieving the used cell range for a specific property.
  • SetValue(DateTime value) overload resets previously set format.
  • Visibility property value is not respected and hiding/unhiding sheets does not work.
  • Cells without style id are not imported correctly which may lead to incorrect formatting.
  • Setting empty string using SetValueAsText creates document which can not be imported using Excel.
  • KeyNotFoundException is thrown when importing number formats with id 41, 42, 43 or 44.
  • Text in rows with zero height is rendered as dots when exporting to PDF.
  • Importing or creating formatCode string "General" is interpreted as text instead of General number format.


  • Font that is not embedded and does not have FontFamily cannot be imported.
  • MediaBox, Rotate and Resources properties are not inherited from the parent Pages node.
  • Dash character is not exported when using standard fonts.


  • NullReferenceException when creating ZIP archive bigger than 4 GB.

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