Telerik UI for Winforms

Release History

UI for WinForms Q3 2014 SP1 (version 2014.3.1202)

December 3, 2014

Demo Application

  • DocumentWindow is not allowed to be selected


  • Creating new archive using stream with FileMode.OpenOrCreate() results in corrupted zip when the file already exists.
  • Using CompressedStream to open corrupted zip archive causes exception when the browser is closed.


  • HTML fails to import if it contains link to a file.
  • CSS styles applied to tables are not set when importing HTML.
  • HTML import fails if the document contains link element with relation different than stylesheet.
  • Importing docx document with TOC field that contains hyperlink element throws exception.
  • Import document containing style which refers missing numbering list from docx format.
  • RTF format provider: Exception is thrown when cell styles do not match the count of cells in a row.
  • HTML unordered list bullets symbols are not exported as expected to docx format.
  • When exporting RadFlowDocument to HTML long paragraphs are not wrapped.
  • Normal style should be different depending on whether the document is imported from HTML or DOCX format.
  • Table cell height is not respected when importing from HTML.


  • Added improved API for freeze panes in the spreadsheet model.
  • Implement import of inline strings.
  • Autofit columns does not work correctly when cell font properties are applied from style.
  • Opening one document in different instances of RadSpreadsheet causes the sheet selector to freeze the entire application.
  • When creating a document in a culture with a comma for decimal separator the generated xlsx file is not valid.
  • The encoding settings of CSV format provider are not applied when importing.
  • Numbers exported incorrectly when the decimal separator is comma.
  • Images inserted with RadSpreadProcessing have automatic setting "Move and size with cells" while the default setting in Excel is "Move but don't size with cells".
  • Setting Spreadsheet culture to zn-CN causes Argument Exception "Invalid modificator".
  • Incorrect result when format [h]:mm:ss is applied.
  • When a sheet is renamed in some formulas where a named range is used sheet name is added.
  • CalculateCellLayoutBox and CalculateCellContentSize methods of LayoutHelper does not respect merged cells.


  • When drawing nested tables the text in the inner table is drawn out of the table.
  • Text is not wrapped correctly in tables with TableLayoutType.FixedWidth.
  • When many single line paragraphs are added to a document with RadFixedDocumentEditor the content is not split to multiple pages.
  • Incorrect text wrapping when inserting a series of text runs that does not contain whitespace.


  • Exporting an image from a repository item throws null reference exception.
  • Images only from the default state of an element are exported.


  • Applying a theme at design time leads to strange border around the control.


  • Property builder support for saving and loading the XML structure.
  • User feedback for drag&drop notifying about the drop position "AfterNode" or "BeforeNode".
  • SelectedNodeChanged event is not fired when MultiSelect is set to true and the node is selected/deselected programmatically.
  • FilterDescriptor.PropertyName is not taken into consideration when filtering a bound RadTreeView.
  • No scroll bars are displayed after expanding a RadTreeNode.
  • TreeViewElement.ItemDropHint is missing in Windows7 theme.


  • Exposed MouseUp, MouseWheel, Click, KeyDown, KeyPress and KeyUp events to the element.
  • When the control is disabled its size is changed.


  • IME support.
  • Text is doubled when a letter is inserted using the handwriting keyboard of Windows 8.
  • Incorrect caret position after clearing the text.


  • The null text is not vertically centered as the text.


  • The SpellCheckAllAtOnceForm does not use the correct dictionary to load and save the words.


  • Using mouse wheel to change the value of the RadSpinEditor inside the panel, will both change the value of the spin editor and will scroll the panel.


  • AppointmentChanged event, fired when appointment's property has been changed.
  • Reminder property to the AppointmentMappingInfo class, allowing for the reminder to be bound.
  • Incorrect print preview after appointment properties modification.

RadRichTextBox (Obsolete)

RadRichTextBox becomes obsolete in favor of the new RadRichTextEditor control. The release notes items listed below are actually valid for RadRichTextEditor. As a policy, in case a feature/issue is submitted for RadRichTextBox, it will be addressed in RadRichTextEditor if applicable. 

Here is what's added:
  • Localization support.
  • Printing support.
  • Watermark support.
  • RightToLeft support.
  • Headers and footers support.
  • ReadOnlyRanges support.
  • Selection mini toolbar.
  • Mail merge support.
  • Ruler support.
  • Image resizing support.
  • New and improved RibbonUI with tables support.
  • Allowed accessing the caret position inside a SpanLayoutBox.
  • The html formatting provider allows exporting the italic/bold/underlined text by using the corresponding html tags instead of text-decoration css style. See the provider.ExportSettings.ExportFontStylesAsTags property.
  • ExportFontStylesAsText property to HtmlExportSettings that allows exporting font styles as html tags.
  • Bulleted and numbered list coloring.
  • Html import produces content with different line spacing if the content is generated by copy and past from Microsoft Word.
  • The DocumentContentChanged event is not fired when table cell border style is changed.
  • Importing RTF and DOCX documents produces different layout.
  • CurrentEditingStyleChanged event is fired periodically when the caret is blinking.
  • Selection applies on MouseUp when IsReadOnly is true.
  • Does not call the EnsureDictionaryLoaded, thus custom dictionaries are not loaded.
  • Export/import results in wrong document's Font.
  • Unable to insert text to the end of a document, which is not assigned to the control.
  • Exporting to xaml does not save the text highlight settings and bookmarks.
  • HtmlFormatProvider consider the style tag no matter that its content is commented.
  • Selection of text contains invalid empty blocks after the number or bullet formatting is applied.
  • The Selection.SelectAll() does not select the whole document.
  • Copy/Paste commands do not keep Font property of empty lines in the selection.
  • Exporting html content from the control to PDF causes parts of the cells content to be drawn outside the cells.
  • Mouse cursor state is not changed when moving over a link and then moving the cursor around in the control.
  • Incorrect underlining in a table.
  • Incorrect underlining when exporting to pdf.
  • Text highlighting is not preserved when pasting text from another RadRichTextBox.
  • Font styles are not preserved when pasting.
  • Arrow navigation in table is not correct.
  • The SelectAll method of the Selection property of RadDocument does not select all text on rtf imported text.
  • Importing RTF format does not take the empty lines font into consideration, copy-paste resets the empty lines font.
  • Document.InsertFragment removes empty lines until edited.
  • Copy-Pasting from one RadRichTextBox to another changes the linespacing.
  • HtmlFormatProvider does not preserve multiple newlines when exporting.
  • HtmlFormatProvider - when exporting text and image copied from word exception is thrown.
  • Copying causes wrong layout.
  • The <a/> tag with no "href" property is rendered like a link.
  • Copy and paste of table from Word to RadRichTextBox does not visualize the table correctly.
  • Shift+Enter creates new paragraph instead of just adding <br/> in the current one.
  • Rtf Format Provider does not respect "\trleft"(table left) property.
  • RtfFormatProvider - ArgumentOutOfRangeException is thrown when the rtf document contains specific table.
  • HTML - List items of an <ul> or an <ol> list have wrong line spacing when displayed on two or more lines.
  • DataChanged event is not fired when the user adds new word into the dictionary of spellchecker.
  • Undo command does not work if you insert text through the Insert method.
  • When you type a Chinese simplified character or a Japanese character the symbol appears twice.
  • RTF provider throws exception when it imports a document that contains spreadsheet.
  • Inserted image is cropped when its size exceeds the page size.
  • Cannot insert new line by pressing ENTER key when the form's AcceptButton property is set.
  • Rtf importing does not obey text alignment of the last line.
  • Copy and paste of table from Excel does not preserve its visual styles.
  • The Caret is not visible when RadRichTextBox is the only control in a form.
  • Caret does not blink when the shift key is continually pressed.
  • Importing RTF document and exporting it to PDF produces wrong document.
  • Exporting of Table with PreferredWidth and re-importing it does not work consistently.
  • Bullet list item's height is different when html export and import are performed.
  • Exception when exporting document with borders to PDF.
  • Importing with TxtFormatProvider when there are several new lines ommits the new lines.
  • Poor performance when a few pages are being inserted.
  • PdfFormatProvider does not export correctly cyrillic text.
  • RtfFormatProvider does not import the Rtf file with correct text alignment.
  • Setting the ScaleFactor property does not center the document.
  • Setting the DocumentInheritsDefaultStyleSettings property to true causes exception.
  • Tabbed text does not align with tabbed text above.
  • The text alignment of each row is relative to the row above.
  • Text alignment is not properly exported and imported to RTF.
  • Importing HTML with style attributes in all capital letters does not work.
  • The RtfFormatProvider does not import properly documents created with the words processing rtf format provider.
  • Exporting RTF leads to generic error in GDI+.
  • When pasting link and underling the string, the text gets jumbled.
  • When spell check as you type is used the control is slow.
  • The Ctrl + Left combination moves the caret to the beginning of the previous word.
  • The RTF format provider throws an exception when single list is exported.
  • Exporting to HTML ordered list with empty paragraphs does not display the same result when importing the HTML file afterwards.
  • Copy/Paste behavior from Word to RadRichTextBox does not preserve the hyperlink when it is located in cell of a table.
  • PdfFormatProvider - Exporting a document with a watermark does not export the watermark/
  • The numbered list style is lost when the document is exported and re-imported back with the XAML format provider.
  • The SpacingAfter property values is not exported/imported correctly when the value is 0.
  • Not correct underlining in a table.

RadRichTextEditor (New Control)


RadRichTextEditor comes to replace the obsolete RadRichTextBox control. RadRichTextEditor brings lots of improvements and also addresses the shortcomings and issues of the obsolete RadRichTextBox implementation. Here are some of the new features:

  • Localization
  • Printing
  • Watermark
  • RightToLeft
  • Headers and footers
  • ReadOnlyRanges
  • Selection mini toolbar
  • Mail merge 
  • Ruler 
  • Image resizing 
  • New and improved RibbonUI with tables support
  • Bulleted and numbered list coloring
  • Color dialog buttons are not completely visible.
  • Spell checking dialogbox Close button is not completely visible.
  • The buttons of all dialog boxes which can be opened with the RibbonUI are not visible.
  • Text Wrapping -> More Layout Options in context menu does show up.
  • Invisible borders in html format are imported as black borders.


  • Added confirmation and cancel buttons in screen tip creation dialog.
  • When the ribbon is collapsed and a tab is selected with the KeyTips the drop down is not shown.
  • When the theme is set to Office2013Light and the title bar buttons are disabled one is still able to close the form with backstage view.
  • The back button for the ApplicationMenu in BackstageView does not work at design time when using Office2013Light and Office2013Dark theme.
  • The appliction theme is applied to the tabs popup even when the EnableApplicationThemeName property is set to false.


  • The expanded//collapsed groups or properties are not properly synchronized.
  • If a user creates data items for sub properties through the CreateItem event he had to use the constructor of the new item to set its parent. Now the parent is set automatically.
  • Property setters are called in wrong order when the editor is active and you toggle PropertyGridCheckBoxItemElement's state.


  • Added groups (row/column) expand behavior.
  • Added ability to format the PivotCellPrintElement.Text.
  • ExportToExcelML does not allow you to set borders to the exported cells.
  • When printing and the row descriptors are less than the aggregates the aggregates are not printed.
  • Month names are not displayed according to the LocalDataSourceProvider.Culture in the filter popup.
  • The PivotAggregateP0ofP1 string from the Localization provider is not used.
  • OLAP Measure Groups are not localized.
  • Ragged hierarchies (OLAP) are not shown correctly.
  • RadPivotGrid doesn't show data if the cube doesn't support "Measure Groups" metadata.
  • PivotGrid filters all results when GroupDescriptions (at least 2) are added and a LabelFilter is applied.


  • Added JBIG2Decode Filter Support.
  • When the file is opened it displays blank pages and exception is thrown when scrolling.
  • Does not render a pdf file correctly if it has image as a background (tiling image).
  • Exception when loading pdf files with images created from CutePDF or Visio.
  • Special symbols are not rendered correctly.
  • NullReferenceException when printing via RadPdfViewerNavigator.
  • Linear gradients are not being rendered.


  • Tile elements are shaking when clicking over one of them.


  • Using the Remove Page option from the smart tag cannot be undone using the VS Undo.


  • Opening the dropdown when the AutoSizeRows of the EditorControl is set to true moves the scrollbar each time.


  • The dialog does not size itself correctly, when the inner control's font is changed.


  • When the ForeColor of RadMenuItem is set at design time, the color is not applied.


  • Added the ability to insert characters instead of replacing them.
  • When the mask has static characters typing in moves the cursor to the static character, instead of inserting new character.
  • NumberFormatInfo.CurrencyNegativePattern is not taken into consideration if the pattern includes brackets.
  • AutoSelectNextPart does not work correctly with mask "MM/dd/yyyy hh:mm tt".
  • When the mask type is set to IP the value is not set correctly.


  • In DetailsView ItemMouseDoubleClick is fired twice.
  • SelectedIndex/SelectedItem properties are reset when drag and drop items in unbound mode.


  • Showing and hiding a panel inside the groupbox when its AutoSize property is set to true causes it to change its size.


  • Added horizontal scrolling by using the mouse scroll + Shift key.
  • Added new DateTimePickerSpinMode option to GridViewDateTimeColumn, allowing to use a date time picker editor with the up and down buttons.
  • Added option for replacing the custom filter dialog with custom one. See CreateCompositeFilterDialog event of RadGridView.
  • Added AllowAutoScrollOnDragDrop property to stop grid scrolling when the RadDragDropService is working.
  • Added ability to set header image of the print document.
  • Can not change the Operator or Value of FilterDescriptor in FilterChanging event handler.
  • Custom filtering performance issue with 1000+ rows.
  • ColumnGroupLayout does not resize correctly columns when AutoSizeColumnsMode is set to Fill.
  • Horizontal scroll bar changes its position unexpectedly while filtering.
  • VS crashes when attempting to delete a text column that has attached ConditionalFormattingObject.
  • The SelectionChanging event is not fired when the selected cell is clicked with Ctrl being held.
  • Cancelling the RadDropDownListEditorElement.SelectedIndexChanging event is not taken into consideration.
  • When the search is enabled and the grid is refreshed the matched items formatting is not reset.
  • GridBrowseEditor has incorect height in Windows7 theme.
  • When one types "&1" and then exits edit mode, pressing "1" again in any other cell will not put the grid in edit mode.
  • One cannot change the border styles using the CellStyleInfo properties of the SpreadExporter.
  • If the row and column of the event arguments of the CellEndEdit event are null an exception is thrown.
  • Adding columns with Chinese characters breaks the cells layout.
  • InvalidCastException when filtering and GridViewCheckBoxColumn exists with DBNull.Value.
  • LexicalException when filtering a column with TimeSpan value.
  • Having hierarchy with the Aqua theme applied causes two templates to be expanded at the same time.
  • FormatException when filtering and a GridViewCheckBoxColumn is available with custom TypeConverter.
  • When the current cell is checked (CheckBoxColumn) and the user scrolls ones with the mouse wheel there is a blank space below the grid.
  • Memory leak from the CommandBarElement inside the PagingPanelElement.
  • Self Referencing GridView with "Grouped By" column collapses when expanding hierarchy.
  • NullReferenceException when AllowSearchRow property is set to true and the grid is bound to self referencing data.
  • When you activate the editor by pressing a key, the editor is not initialized with the key value (GridViewCalculatorColumn, GridViewBrowseColumn, GridViewColorColumn).
  • When paging is used the excel like filter popup does not contain all distinct values.
  • Performance issue in self-referencing hierarchy when editing cell and the grid contains 50k rows.
  • NullReferenceException when entering edit mode for GridViewMultiComboBoxColumn and the RadMultiColumnComboBoxElement .EditorControl.MasterTemplate.AutoGenerateColumns property is set to false.
  • Self-reference hierarchy + grouping. If one opens a cell for edit and collapses a hierarchy row RadGridView does not behave well.
  • Changed the return type of the CreateCompositeFilterForm method of GridHeaderCellElement to its base type - BaseCompositeFilterDialog.


  • NullReferenceException when rebinding and restoring the SelectedItem.


  • Alternating Rows for RadDropDownList/RadListControl. See the EnableAlternatingItemColor property.
  • Calling the Focus method when DropDownStyle = DropDown does not focus the inner text box.
  • Exception when the AutoSizeItems is set to true and the list has no items.
  • The item is not changed when the drop down is closed and mouse wheel is used. Ocurrs only when the DropDownStyle is DropDownList.


  • The control falls in an invalid state when a drag operation is started and the context menu is opened.
  • When a tool window is dropped in the center to top, bottom, left or right docking guide, the window is docked as document window.
  • Cancelling the drag of a document window's tab causes RadDock to start dragging windows when the mouse is not pressed.
  • Exception when the dock parent is changed and it contains a floating document window.
  • Hidden DocumentWindow is visible after save-load layout is performed.
  • Incorrect tabs text orientation when the DocumentTabsAlignment property is set to Left and the DocumentTabsTextOrientation property is set to Vertical.
  • ActiveWindowChanged event is not fired after clicking a control inside the window.
  • Redocked DocumentWindow cannot be selected.


  • The check mark primitive is not aligned correctly in Windows8 theme


  • New record is not displayed when clicking the "Add" button of the RadBindingNavigator/MS BindingNavigator.


  • Clicking on the arrow part of a CommandBarSplitButton fires the Click event for the CommandBarSplitButton as well.


  • Рўhe items text is overlapped when one selects color with character key.


  • Resizing the parent form when the panel is anchored to left right and top and is collapsed does not result in correct size when expanded.


  • Added bubble series.
  • Added bezier series.
  • Added vertical zoom support for lasso controller.
  • The BackColor for inherited BarSeries is lost.
  • Adding a new ChartPanZoomController should remove any others pan and zoom controllers if such exists.


  • Added keyboard support. See EnableKeyboardNavigation property.


  • IME support.
  • When the AutoCompleteBox is on the first screen and a part of it is on the second screnn sometimes the dropdown does not display correctly.
  • When one is typing using Chinese characters, each character is inserted twice.
  • A NullReferenceException is thrown after pressing the space key twice and then pressing enter in an empty editor.
  • Setting ToolTipText for TokenizedTextBlockElement in TextBlockFormatting or ToolTipTextNeeded (the latter is not fired for the particular element) does not apply tooltip to the element.

Telerik Presentation Framework

  • Added a property which turns off the creation of RadControls accessible object - see EnableRadAccessibilityObjects property.
  • "Cannot access a disposed object" error is thrown at design time when closing the designer.
  • CodedUI playback is not able to recognize a button placed in RibbonBar
  • PrintSettingsDialog - when the PaperSources collection contains an empty string the dialog enters in an endless loop.

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