Telerik UI for Winforms

Release History

UI for WinForms Q3 2014 (version 2014.3.1021)

October 21, 2014


  • Added support for binding the chec kboxes of the nodes to a field in the data.
  • When pressing a letter from the keyboard, the node starting with this letter should be selected - see the KeyboardSearchEnabled property.
  • Added support of Search As you Type for easy keyboard navigation by setting the KeyboardSearchEnabled property to true.
  • Default context menu is not in RTL mode when the control is right to left.
  • Incorrect control size when the AutoSize property is set to true and the Nodes collection is cleared.
  • Incorrect exception is thrown when the FullPath of a node is accessed, while the node does not have parent.
  • Invalid rendering of disabled Nodes .
  • Showing a MessageBox in the Edited event, causes the event to fire twice.
  • VisualStudio2012Dark theme does not display precise straight lines when ShowLines property is set to true.
  • When the control is used in combination with breadcrumb and its data source is reset, exception is thrown.


  • Document Variables that enable users to define variables in the document and use document variable fields.
  • Export of table styles to HTML.
  • Import/export HTML preserving white spaces through non-breaking spaces.
  • Import and export document theme to DOCX file format.
  • Mail Merge support, which can be used to generate documents from a template document (containing merge fields) and data source.
  • Introduced lists export/import to HTML.
  • Table border calculator is not working correctly for table with empty rows.
  • 'Style' element is not correctly imported when it is outside the 'head' element.
    Incorrect export of nested table elements.
  • Converted Border class to immutable type.
  • Importing empty string causes exception.
  • 'Class' attribute is exported when ExportSettings.StylesExportMode is None.
  • NullReference exception is thrown when FieldResult is empty string or null.
  • Properties of Paragraphs without StyleId are not exported when StylesExportMode is Inline.
  • Importing HTML containing only an image causes exception.
  • Line breaks are not exported to HTML.
  • Underline is not exported to HTML.
  • HtmlFormatProvider crashes when html element is present in the body.
    Support for negative indent.
  • Table column's widths are not respected when importing from HTML and exporting to DOCX.
  • Importing from HTML imports table borders as inside borders.
  • StyleProperty.GetActualValue() throws exception when style is not added to a document.
  • RestartAfterLevel property in ListLevel class has inappropriate default value.
  • RestartAfterLevel does not work correctly when exported to RTF format.
  • Style applied to div is applied over paragraphs after the div.
  • Exporting to HTML document containing hyperlink with StylesExportMode Inline causes exception.
  • When importing from HTML paragraph style is not respected.
  • Default font size is not exported correctly to RTF.


  • Improved import and export performance.
  • Introduced CalculateCellLayoutBox method for getting the cell content size and the cell layout box from the model.
  • Introduced SpreadsheetCultureInfo class allowing to access RadSpreadsheet culture dependent list, decimal and array list separators.
  • Cannot import xlsx format files containing images with uppercase extensions.
  • When the worksheet name is changed from code this does not affect existing CellReferenceRangeExpressions.
  • Missing dimension element part by export of worksheet with XlsxFormatProvider causes exception while trying to open documents with OleDbConnection.


  • RadBindingNavigator no longer inherits from RadCommandBar. The API remains the same as before, except if you have inherited from the control, the CreateCommandBarElement method no longer exists, and should be replaced with CreateNavigatorElement.

Visual Style Builder

  • Clicking the repository delete button in VSB needs to either prompt or support undo.


  • Setting the Font of the control has no effect.

Telerik Presentation Framework

  • A functionality allowing setting the ThemeResolutionService.ApplicationThemeName property which does not ignore ThemeName.It can be achieved by setting the control.ElementTree.EnableApplicationThemeName to false.
  • GridImageCellElement should be able to hide the image. Added properties DrawImage and DrawBackgroundImage, which determine whether image and background image should be drawn.
  • Added scrolling behavior at design-time.
  • Container controls should support AutoSize mode.
  • RadPivotGrid with Breeze theme has missing filter buttons for column descriptors.
  • RadThemeManager - reinitialization of a UserControl with RadControls and RadThemeManager, cause the controls to loose their theme.
  • Windows8 and VisualStudio2012Light themes cause RadTextBox and controls which contain TextBoxItem to have a black background when disabled.
  • Anchoring property incorrectly resizes controls at design-time.
  • Animated property settings applied in form constructor do not play at runtime.
  • RadLabel - when set Border DashStyle to Dot the style is not applyed.
  • Control's Click event should not be performed if the mouse is released over it without the mouse down occurring in the same control.
  • Wrapped text in bullet point paragraph is not aligned correctly with html-like functionality.
  • RadMenuButtonItem - the TextImageRelation property of the button item does not set the TextImageRelation of the button element.
  • RadScreenTip - the screentip is not positioned correctly when the item is on the left part of the screen.
  • RadToolTip - When the tooltip's IsBalloon property is set to true it is not displayed at the right position.
  • RadCheckBox - the checkbox state is changed when it is right clicked.
  • Moved Click, DoubleClick, LostMouseCapture and MouseWheel events from RadItem to RadElement..
  • Moved Capture, CaptureOnMouseDown, IsFocusable, DoubleClickEnabled and ClickMode properties from RadItem to RadElement.
  • Moved CallDoMouseWheel, PerformClick and SetFocus methods from RadItem to RadElement.


  • Setting the DefaultTreeView property to null should clear the items.


  • Added DefaultBindingPropertyAttribute.


  • Can not set tooltip design-time.
  • TextBoxElement is rendered gray when TextBoxElement.Enabled property is set to false.
  • The Validating event is fired twice when the validation is canceled within the event.


  • The control will now rounds numbers to away from zero instead to the nearest even.


  • RadIsolatedStorageCustomDictionary does not provide public API which allows you to re-read the words in the custom dictionary.
  • After spell check is performed on the MS RichTextBox its context menu is not shown any more.


  • Added HorizontalScrollBarState and VerticalScrollBarState properties.
  • Added scrolling at design-time.
  • Added ability to override the embedded MS Panel. See the CreateScrollablePanelContainer method.
  • Scrollbar jumps when the control loses focus and then regains it. Use the newly introduced AllowAutomaticScrollToControl property to handle this behavior.


  • After changing the GroupType, StartDate/RangeStartDate are reset.
  • ArgumentException when navigating to previous appointment.
  • Missing hourly radio button localization string in localization provider.
  • NullReferenceException in "Reminder" example when snoozing all of the events.
  • Reminder snooze time should be taken into consideration from DateTime.Now.
  • The tooltip is displayed in wrong position when it contains several lines.
  • Timeline view returns the scrollbar back to MinValue after scrolled to bottom.
  • Missing appointments when the EnableExactTimeRendering is enabled and the RulerStartScale is changed.
  • Exposed the SchedulerNavigatorElement.TimelineViewButton property on control level similar to WeekViewButton, DayViewButton, etc.
  • RadSchedulerReminder - the alarm form is not updated correctly when single occurrence is deleted.

RadRichTextEditor Beta (beta insider program)

  • Find/Replace box opens only once.
  • Added undo and redo button.
  • Index was out of range exception when inserting table.
  • Inserted Header text doesn't show up until enter key is pressed.
  • Inserted text cannot be deleted with backspace.


  • FIX. RadRibbonForm - ContextualTabGroups text is not rendered correctly (it is not anti aliased).


  • The two fills of RadRibbonBarGroup are now exposed - see BodyFill and GroupFill properties
  • Broaden the range of elements (RadTrackBarElement and RadProgressBarElement) that could be added to RadRibbonBar group at design-time.
  • BackstageView - Maximizing the form and then minimizing it does not work.
  • Buttons with images are not rendered correctly when the form is maximized.
  • Theme is not properly applied to buttons added programatically (they appear with white fill and border).


  • Setting StartRange and EndRange does not update the layout.


  • Focus cues are not shown before the tab key is pressed.


  • Added keyboard navigation. Setting the KeyboardSearchEnabled property to true will enable the keyboard search functionality.
  • ArgumentOutOfRangeException when setting the SelectedObject.
  • Memory leak - the control keep references to some events which prevents proper disposing.
  • The ConvertFrom method of a TypeConverter is not called when the SelectedObject has a string property.


  • An exception it thrown when the BestFitRowHeaders() is called without arguments.
  • Exception in report filter: Key cannot be null, when the data contains null values (in the 4.0 version).
  • Filtering functionality is broken when OLAP cube is used for data source.
  • PivotGroupDescriptorElement does not have filter button in Breeze theme.
  • Using PivotFieldList and checking/unchecking fields increases memory usage.


  • Added API for finding a text within a specified page. See the Find method of the PdfViewerElement.
  • System.OutOfMemoryException in PdfElementsRenderer.RenderImage when the scroll is moving fast.
  • InvalidOperationException when loading pdf.
  • Openning the PrintDialog using the Print method causes the dialog not to be clickable the first time.
  • Printing by calling the Print method of RadPdfViewer and selecting current page causes exception.
  • Dashed lines are drawn as a solid lines.
  • When you zoom programatically the scrolling position is changed to another page.


  • Allowed usage of custom RadPageViewItems when the control is in ExplorerBar mode.
  • In ExplorerBar mode, added a method which will scroll the item into view and the item will be on the top on the control. See ScrollToControl method, which will scroll to the control specified.
  • Arrow keys navigation (Left arrow/Right arrow) is reversed in RightToLeft.
  • Exeption when subscribing to ItemsCreating in ExplorerBarMode.
  • In BackstageView the tool tip of item close button is showing if you set ShowItemCloseButton property to true.
  • The IsContentVisible property is not set when PageExpanded/PageCollapsed are fired.
  • When dynamically removing a page from RadPageView (ExplorerBarView), its header remains on your form.


  • Exposed the Columns property of the inner grid in RadMultiColumnComboBox on the control level.
  • The text is now preserved when autosuggest and filtering are enabled.
  • When RadMultiColumnComboBoxElement element is added to a custom cells' children collection exception is thrown.
  • The DropDown is closed when clicking the SearchRow inside the grid.
  • Setting the DropDownMinSize does not change the size of the dropdown.
  • The grid does not show all rows when scrolling to the bottom via mouse wheel.
  • The drop down closes when checking a checkbox column.


  • The details textbox does not support RightToLeft.


  • Added right to left navigation in right to left mode.
  • ToolTipTextNeeded is not fired for the menu items of a popup.


  • TextMaskFormat does not behave correctly (the value will be empty string) with MaskType Standard and Mask "L".
  • When changing the value the PropertyChanged event is not raised.
  • When deleting with backspace the caret goes before the decimal point when the MaskType is set to Numeric.
  • The used inpit in not current with mask C and "he-IL" culture.
  • Wrong cursor placement after typing decimal separator (it goes to the last position).
  • Cannot enter more than one digit prior the decimal separator, when the latter is set to "D".


  • Added GroupExpanding/ed events which are triggered when a group is expanded collapsed.
  • Added keyboard navigation functionality. See the KeyboardSearchEnabled property.
  • Added property to enable case sensitive names for auto generated columns - see the CaseSensitiveColumnNames property.
  • Images are not displayed in DetailsView although the ImageKey property is set.
  • Images are not displayed in DetailsView using the VisualItemFormatting and the CellFormatting events.
  • Incorrect cursor after resizing columns in ListViewType.DetailsView.
  • ListViewDetailColumn.Visible property does not affect the column until refresh is performed.
  • SelectedItem does not contain correct value after clearing the Items collection.
  • When the data source is changed the scroll position is not reset.


  • GridViewMaskBoxColumn - added the ability to change the PromptChar property at design time.
  • Added possibility to replace the RadGridViewDragDropService.
  • An EditMode property was added to the GridViewCheckBoxColumn, allowing the user to change when the value of the check box will be submitted to the cell. OnValidate (current and default value) will submit the value to the cell, when the cell is being validated, e.g. when the current row is changed. OnValueChange, will submit the value as soon as the check box is checked.
  • Added ColumnChooserItemElementCreating event allowing to edit/replace the column chooser items.
  • Added property to enable case sensitive names for auto generated columns - see the CaseSensitive property.
  • Added new export class (SpreasdExport) allowing for export RadGridView to xlsx, pdf, csv and txt format.
  • Added possibility to export a RadGridView to a separate worksheet in an existing file. The new export class (SpreadExport) supports exporting to a new sheet in existing xlsx file. Just specify the file (and optionally the SheetName) during the export and if such file exists, we will export the grid in a new sheet in it.
  • GridViewComboBoxColumn can not initialize properly when bound to an empty BindingList.
  • ArgumentException - "Column does not belong to table" when changing the DataSource in the CellEndEdit event.
  • ComboBoxColumn when in data bound mode with auto complete set to SuggestAppend wrong results might be obtained, as the last valid item gets appended.
  • Current page is not refreshed correctly when you filter the RadGridView.DataSource and PageIndex > TotalPages.
  • Cursor is set to default when the mouse enters control's boundaries.
  • EnsureRowVisible does not work when called in the DataBindingComplete event.
  • Exception is thrown if a cell in RadGridView contains more than 32 occurrences of the string a user is searching through the search row.
  • Exception when loading layout that contains a GroupDescriptor with predefined Format with Aggregate function.
  • ExportToExcelML does not call ToString if grid's column is bound to an instance of a class.
  • GridViewMaskBoxColumn with regex mask throws an exception upon validation.
  • Incorrect scrolling when the current cell width is larger than the visible area.
  • Incorrect text alignment for GridViewTextBoxColumn in RTL mode.
  • MultiColumnComboBoxEditor - when the autocomplete mode is set to Suggest the first item cannot be selected directly.
  • Multi-level grouping does not allow expanding a group holding the current row.
  • Paste functionality is allowed when the ClipboardPasteMode property is set to Disable.
  • Removing a selected row from the grid does not remove the row from the SelectedRows collection.
  • Setting the header text to be right aligned will overlap the filter button in the header cell.
  • Summary rows are not correctly refreshed after multi-level grouping and filtering.
  • The CustomFormat property of GridViewDateTimeColumn is not working for TimePickerEditor.
  • The grid does not properly reflect the changes in the underlying source when filter is applied..
  • The PropertyName property from the event arguments of the SortChanged event is not populated.
  • The return value of EnsureCellVisible method is always false.
  • The values of the OldItems and the NewItems properties from the event arguments of the SortChanged event are not populated correctly.
  • Exception when adding summary for TimeSpan column.
  • ToolTipText is missing in the DrawToolTipEventArgs in the ToolTip.Draw event.
  • UserAddedRow is not fired when the AddNewRowPosition is Bottom and the NewRowEnterKeyMode is EnterMovesToNextCell.
  • When EnterKeyMode is set to EnterMovesToNextRow the current row is changed if the cell validating fails.
  • When the grid is bound to an ObservableCollection and the AddNewBoundRowBeforeEdit property is set to true exception occurs if the user cancels the new row adding.
  • RadDateTimeEditor the entire date cannot be selected when the editor is initialized.
  • Horizontal scroll bar is not correctly updated when navigating with the right arrow key.
  • GridTimePickerEditor format is not correctly taken from the GridDateTimeColumn FormatString property.


  • Enabled context menu not only for the GraphicalViewElement, but also for the TextViewElement as well.
  • Added a mechanism for users to create custom timeline item elements using the TimelineItemElementCreating event.
  • Improved the way to format the summary task when using the GraphicalViewItemFormatting event . We have added LeftElement, MiddleElement and RightElement properties to the GanttViewSummaryElement to allow better customization.
  • Binding to a double property causes GanttViewSpinEditor to throw exception.
  • Exception when scrolling open editor outside the view.
  • If there are no columns added to RadGanttView and you press the Left or Right Arrow key an exception is thrown.
  • Setting the e.ItemElement.TaskElement.Text in the GraphicalViewItemFormatting event does not take effect.
  • The graphical view scroll bar is not updated properly when there are one or two invisible items on the bottom.
  • Vertical scrollbars do not show when you add few tasks.


  • AcceptButton not working.
  • MinimumSize causes empty space at the bottom of the RadForm during runtime.
  • Setting the FormBorderStyle property to FixedToolWindow does not hide the Icon.
  • Odd line on the bottom of title bar after restoring from FormWindowState.Maximized to FormWindowState.Normal.


  • RadDropDownList should support multi value - we have included new control to cover this functionality - see RadCheckedDropDownList
  • DefaultItemsCountInDropDown does not affect the pop up items.
  • Incorrect text alignment for the popup items in RTL mode.
  • NullReferenceException when scrolling with mouse wheel and at least one DescriptionTextListDataItem is added.
  • Setting SelectedItem to null when the item has an image leaves the image in the editable area.
  • Setting the DropDownStyle to DropDown, would set the inner text box TabStop to false, hence one cannot tab through the control.
  • When the ReadOnly property is set to true the selected value cannot be changed programmatically.
  • When AutoSizeItems is set to true it does not get into account the size of the horizontal line if such exist.
  • Removed DefaultFindStringComparer. Use StartsWithFindStringComparer instead. Also added ContainsFindStringComparer.


  • The tabs in floating windows should be bold. We have changed the RadDock behavior and now, only the ActiveWindow will be bold, no matter whether it is in the main document container, or in a floating window. This way, the users can easily identify which is the currently active window.
  • Memory leak when adding and removing RadDock multiple times.
  • Setting ToolCaptionButtons on ToolWindows at design time does not update the buttons until the window is focused.
  • The close button is not visible when reopening a window which ShowItemCloseButton property was set after the ToolTabStrip of RadDock had windows.
  • DocumentTabStrip raises the SelectedIndexChanging event twice.


  • The time is incorrectly set when the spin button is clicked and the control has specific Min/Max dates.


  • When RadDateTimePicker with FreeFormDateTime mask type is used the value is not updated.


  • Missing theming in Office2010Black, Office2010Blue, TelerikMetro and VisualStudio2012Light theme.
  • When a strip is manually disposed an exception occurs.
  • One cannot assign ImageIndex to RadMenuItem in CommandBarDropDownButton.


  • In RightToLeft mode the control disappears after collapsing.
  • Scroll bars does not appear when the controls in the container need more space than the available space.
  • The control is not sized correctly when using the ContentSizingMode property.
  • The control location is changed when expanding the container.


  • Added vertical cursors for Line series that stay in place unless the user drags them. See ShowStillIndicator property.
  • Palette of the Series are now with higher priority than Area.View.Palette.
  • Invalid painting and layout of Pie chart labels when there is big difference of values in selected range.
  • Pie labels are not positioned correctly when the pie is very small.
  • Setting ShowGrid to true and zooming in causes the grid to be painted outside of the chart area.
  • Smart labels are overlapped in pie series when there is great difference in data (points with value 5000 and points with value 10).
  • SmartLabelsController - PieTwoLabelColumnsStrategy throws exception if the series has two or more DataPoints with value "0".
  • The PieRenderer class is now public.


  • "Index was out of range" error when adding items at design time.
  • RadImageItem cannot be removed.
  • Setting VisibleItemsCount to less than the actual items count and clicking the back/forward buttons causes IndexOutOfRangeException in RadElementZOrderCollection.


  • Added RemoveFocusedDate method, which allows clearing the FocusedDate.
  • Added functionality to apply custom format to the current date in the footer area. See LabelFormat property.
  • An exception is thrown when the MultiViewColumns or MultiViewColumns properties are set at design time.


  • The default directory is not set correctly when the dialog type is SaveFileDialog.


  • InvalidCastException is thrown when changing the Alignment of a TextBlockElement in the EditUiElements window.


  • Setting tooltips for button elements at design time is not working.


  • Selecting a value from a drop-down list makes the data entry process much easier for the user. But in many scenarios one may have to choose several values instead of just one, and RadCheckedDropDownList is here to meet this scenario. The end-user can choose from a predefined list of values by checking them from the drop-down list, or by typing them benefitting from the auto-complete functionality of the control. In case an already selected item should be removed, the close button of the tokens will help you quickly do that.


  • RadRadialGauge is a radial gauge with visually stunning UI that indicates the magnitute of a value. RadRadialGauge comprises of a needle, ticks and arcs, and you can choose from a total of 30+ presents that have these three building blocks tuned differently for a unique look. RadRadialGauge provides very extensive design-time support allowing you to change each small part directly in the Visual Studio design-time without the need for a separate design editor.


  • RadFixedDocumentEditor class which creates fixed content in a flow-like manner.
  • Introduced Tables generator allowing easy export of tabular data content.
  • Exposed Block class allowing to draw and split in parts groups of text, images and shapes.
  • Introduced hyperlink concept that combines Link annotation and fixed content.
  • Rounding double values causes offsets in rendering.
  • RadFixedDocument.Pages is now of type Telerik.Windows.Pdf.Documents.Fixed.Model.Collections.PageCollection.

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