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UI for WinForms Q3 2007SP1

February 7, 2008

Release Notes for WinForms Q3 2007 Service Pack 1
New properties
  • DockContextMenu, ToolTipText properties added in DockPanels and DocumentPane
Bugs fixed
  • Corrected several problems in the docking layout
  • Corrected issues with the QuickNavigator and IMessageFilter inside RadDocking
New features and enhancements
  • AutoComplete is available in the GridComboBoxColumn
Bugs fixed
  • Corrected CheckBox values when navigating up and down using the keyboard
  • Group header name is displayed when the ShowInGroupHeader option is chosen for the summary items 
  • Corrected RadGridView behavior when canceling the RowDeleting event

RadComboBox & RadListBox
New features and enhancements

  • Improved performance with large number of items
  • Added UI virtualization mode through a Virtualized property. By default Virtualized is set to true
  • The Items collection accepts descendants of RadItem programmatically 
  • RadListBox - "Add new item" in design mode automatically adds RadListBoxItems 
  • Corrected the synchronization between the selected RadComboBox item and the property panel in the Visual Style Builder 
  • Sizing grip can now be selected from the preview in the Visual Style Builder

New properties

  • Virtualized property

Bugs fixed

  • Corrected Right-To-Left Popup layout 
  • Corrected selection when in Append mode

Bugs fixed

  • Corrected logic of adding new colors
  • Corrected initial slider position and slider moving logic 
  • Corrected tab visibility logic

Bugs fixed

  • Miscellaneous panel bar fixes 
  • Corrected Group Element events firing logic

Modified properties

  • Changed Constant Name from OutLookNavPane to OutlookNavPane

New features and enhancements

  • Add hover state to SpinEditor's Themes

Bugs fixed

  • Corrected value change logic once the increment/decrement buttons are clicked

Bugs fixed

  • Corrected selection logic between ImageIndex and ImageKey 
  • Corrected RadToggleButton theme application - IsChecked property now changes the theme state 
  • Corrected behavior connected to setting an Image after the ImageKey or ImageIndex property 
  • Corrected behavior of the RadRepeatButton with the Fresco theme 
  • Corrected RadDropDownButton arrow direction setting 
  • Corrected arrow sizing on drop down direction change

New features and enhancements

  • A mnemonic can be executed on the RadLabel, which causes selection of next available control

New features and enhancements

  • Corrected Right-to-Left layout
  • Added Drag and Drop copy functionality

Bugs fixed

  • Corrected ExpandCollapse element images changing when the theme changes
  • The value of the Visible property of RadTreeNode is respected when determining the visibility of ExpandCollapseElements

Bugs fixed

  • Corrected text selection behavior in a nested RadTextBox or RadComboBox

Bugs fixed

  • Corrected drag and drop behavior

Bugs fixed

  • Corrected positioning issues with the RadTitleBar

Bugs fixed

  • Corrected the layout of the Previous navigation buttons
  • Corrected month change in ReadOnly mode
  • Corrected themes

Bugs fixed

  • Corrected vertical expanding behavior

New features and enhancements

  • Added Desert theme in the QSF for RadMenu, RadGridView, RadPanel, RadDockingManager, RadPanel, RadTextBox, RadButton, RadComboBox, RadDateTimePicker, RadRadioButton

New properties

  • The ImagePositions enumeration is now obsolete. Use the ImageLayout enumeration

Bugs fixed

  • Corrected design-time behavior of Office2007ScreenTips
  • Corrected RadTitleBar behavior in an MDI form scenario
  • Corrected Glass fill mode logic
  • Corrected layout positioning of re-parented elements

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