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UI for WinForms Q3 2007

December 17, 2007

What’s New in RadControls for WinForms Q3 2007 (v5.0.0.0)

7 New Controls
  • RadRotator
  • RadMaskedEditBox
  • RadColorDialog
  • RadStatusStrip
  • RadSpinEditor
  • RadDateTimePicker
  • RadRadioButton

All Controls

  • Full support for Visual Studio .NET 2008
  • Installer now installs the controls in VS2005, VS2008 or both (depending on what version(s) are installed on the machine)
  • New Project Upgrade Utility Tool for seamless update of all assembly references to Telerik WinForms controls in a project to the newest ones
  • New Desert theme added across all controls
  • Documentation has been considerably improved

New features and enhancements

  • UI and painting improvements, based on the Telerik Presentation Framework (TPF). Depending on the scenario, RadGridView is 30 to 60% percent faster
  • Added Group level summaries 
  • Synchronized button themes with the grid's theme 
  • Implemented deleting all selected rows when "Delete row(s)" menu item is clicked or the Del button is pressed 
  • Implemented group summaries in the group header row 
  • Extended the selection functionality 
  • Assigned unbound animated image to cell
New methods
  • EnsureRowVisible 
  • EnsureCellVisible 
  • EndInit
Bugs fixed
  • Fixed several problems with adding new rows
  • Fixed GridViewCommandColumn to respond to changes in the value of the TextAlignment property
  • Fixed the context menu to appear correctly when the grid is showing on two monitors
  • Overall RadGridView performance improvements
  • Corrected SelectedRows collection update during grid initialization 
  • AutoSizeColumnsMode = None restores the original width of the columns 
  • Corrected text alignment when scrolling up/down 
  • Example Hierarchy - expand the last collapsed row when Enter is pressed in ""Add a new row "
  • Conditional formatting works for all columns, including invisible ones 
  • Corrected some Property Builder behavior 
  • Corrected SelectedRows synchronization 
  • Cell value is now validated when another cell is selected (clicked) 
  • Corrected GridGroupPanel invalidation of connection lines 
  • Corrected vertical scroll bars behaviors 
  • Corrected cell selection in the Vista theme 
  • Corrected vertical scroll position 
  • Corrected CurrentCell synchronization 
  • Corrected binding of strings of length 65536 or greater to the row 
  • Added scrollbars in the ColumnChooser

Breaking Changes

  • GridViewTemplate.MoveColumnAfter is marked as obsolete

New features and enhancements

  • Text properties are now localizable
  • Legend location added
  • New skinning mechanism implemented - now it is possible to override skin settings
  • Tag Prefix is now "rad"
  • StyleTextBlock.RotationAngle is marked Obsolete, use Telerik.Charting.Styles.StyleLabel.RotationAngle instead
  • Added DataXColumn support for Bar series when databinding.
  • Both lines' ends now have caps. Introduced StartCap and EndCap properties. Cap property is now obsolete and redirects to EndCap 
  • StyleLineSeries.Visible is now obsolete, ChartSeries.Visible should be used instead
  • TextProperties.Direction is marked obsolete, use ChartLabel.RotationAngle instead

Bugs fixed

  • Arithmetic overflow in Intelligent Labels
  • ImageMap is now generated correctly when multiple charts are used in the same page
  • DataTable identation now depends on Y Axis items appearance settings
  • VisibleValues property now works correctly with 0 values
  • Shadow issue with zero-value Bar
  • Legend item text now does not overlap legend item marker when the markers have custom size
  • DataTable now displays DataLabels
  • Negative values in StackedBar series are now shown correctly
  • Axis labels do not move anymore when no series in chart 
  • Shadow issue with X axis LayoutMode = Normal
  • X Axis item labels are not shifted
  • Fixed Click event with CreateImageMap explicitly set to true
  • Fixed Series items with YValue=0 ViewState issue
  • Series labels for items are not located at PlotArea will not be rendered
  • Improved pie series labels positioning
  • Improved Gantt series behavior, fixed XValue issue 
  • Fixed Tooltip text issue 
  • Fixed Axis AddRange issue 
  • Fixed issue with Extended Y axis with Stacked Bar series 
  • Skins now work correctly for any culture
  • Fixed BarWidthPercent issue 
  • Fixed issue with moving series if the first one is empty
  • Manually added Legend items will have default border
  • Fixed Axis step calculations precision issue
  • Fixed Crash after AJAX update
  • Fixed dataTable border rendering problem 
  • Fixed bar series rendering issue
  • Point series appearance settings and point marks settings have been separated
  • Axis labels do not disappear anymore when no series are present
  • Improve behavior of chart series colors - Series.Appearance.FillStyle.MainColor now is the same as Series.Appearance.LineSeriesAppearance.Color
  • Fixed chart wizard issue when moving series
  • Click is now RadChart default event
  • X axis item labels can now be hidden declaratively
  • Custom ChartMargins, ChartPaddings and Corners now work in MediumTrust
  • Fixed Line series items tooltip issue
  • Fixed wizard crash issue
  • Mixed series items are now positioned correctly
  • Fixed Gridlines rendering error if axis items count = 0
  • Vertical gridlines and DataTable are now rendered over the PlotArea
  • Stacked100 area and spline area labels are now shown correctly in horizontal series orientation
  • Hiding major grid lines of X-Axis now hides major tick marks
  • Fixed DataTable and pie series exception

New features and enhancements

  • Right-to-Left support

Bugs fixed

  • Fixed a problem with the drop-down window not showing correctly when RadComboBox is in virtualization mode

Bugs Fixed

  • Corrected resizing of DockPanels at Design Time 
  • Corrected DockingManager control visibility 
  • Corrected LayoutTree property behavior

New features and enhancements

  • Major refactoring with many performance and visual improvements

Bugs Fixed

  • Corrected adding items with OutLookNavPane GroupStyle 
  • Corrected Show Fewer Buttons behavior 
  • Corrected clicking behavior in an empty RadPanelBar 
  • Corrected RadPanelBar navigation panel behavior 
  • Corrected RadPanelBar issue with overflow

Breaking Changes

  1. The following methods are now internal:
    • ExpandGroup 
    • CollapseGroup 
    • SelectGroup 
    • UnselectGroup 
  2. The InternalAreaExpand property is removed. 
  3. The name of the OutLookNavPane constant has been changed to OutlookNavPane

Bugs Fixed

  • Corrected the layout of the name of the first tab item so it can be fully seen 
  • Corrected tab items positioning in Design Time and Run Time

Bugs fixed

  • Fixed treeview behavior to reflect data source changes
  • Fixed an issue when GetNodeByPathMethod throws null reference exception if the parameter is a non existing path
  • Fixed scroll operations to be also suspended in a batch update block. 
  • Renamed RightImage to FarImage 
  • Corrected node connection lines positioning 
  • Corrected Relation Data Binding and flat list 
  • Corrected auto scroll in a drag and drop operation 
  • Corrected hosted controls and hosted items behavior in RadTreeView

Telerik Presentation Framework
New features and enhancements

  • Improved performance of RadProperty system
  • Improved theming performance
  • Improved painting performance of LightVisualElement (used by RadGridView and RadCalendar)
  • Right-to-Left support for TextPrimitive
  • ImagePrimitive now supports animated GIFs
  • The main element is now exposed in all RadControls

Breaking Changes

  • Changed the signature of the AnimatedPropertySetting.AnimationFinished event
  • The properties that give access to the main elements of Telerik controls are now public and readonly
  • The ItemDataBoundeventArgs class has been replaced with ItemDataBoundEventArgs


  • RadTitleBar does not allow the resizing of the ShapedForm when it is maximized
  • Fixed a problem with synchronization between RadRibbonBar caption and the parent’s form Text property
  • Fixed a problem with disappearing images using RadDropDownButton or RadSplitButton
  • RadPanel behaves as expected in the VSB.
  • RadPanel  - new property added - AutoScrollToCurrentControl
  • Fixed serialization problems with CustomShape
  • Fixed a problem when RadTextBox.Multiline property is changed and the control has padding
  • Fixed a problems when the project is built and a form is opened with RadTabStrip or RadCalendar with Dock property set to Fill
  • Fixed problems with different controls when added to a form in design-time by double clicking in the Toolbox
  • Fixed a problem with button's focus cues when focused for the first time
  • Fixed problems with showing popup windows on multi-monitor systems (context menus and drop-downs)
  • Modified RadTitleBar so it can be used for non top-level forms 
  • Corrected ShowUpDown behavior in RadDateTimePicker 
  • Added DocumentPane API reference 
  • Corrected CalendarNavigationElement navigation buttons image setting in RadCalendar 
  • Corrected gallery items' images display in RadRibbonBar 
  • Added themes for the dropdown button and customize dialog in RadToolStrip 
  • Corrected StatusBar visibility issue when minimizing and restoring the form 
  • Corrected missing items when scrolling in RadListBox 

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