Telerik UI for Winforms

Release History

UI for WinForms Q2 2015 SP1 (version 2015.2.728)

July 28, 2015


  • Text in Headers and Footers is not replaced.
  • Fixed Open XML SDK validation errors related to invalid child elements.
  • Html format provider fails to export more than 9 paragraphs associated with one list level.
  • Fields in headers and footer are not updated when UpdateFields() method is invoked.
  • Mail merge does not preserve the style properties of the merge field.
  • Mail merge doesn't respect document variables.


  • Introduced PdfSettings property in PdfExportSettings class which is used to specify settings when a workbook is exported to PDF.
  • PictureElement that does not have SizeElement is imported with zero size.
  • Setting style name that does not exist in the style repository throws null reference exception, which is not correct type of exception.


  • Exporting document with encryption occasionally throws FormatException.
  • Single and Double Quotes are not recognized as valid keyword start characters.
  • ShowTextArray operator interprets number values with opposite direction.
  • When negative sign is right after array start the number is parsed as positive number.
  • Importing RadFixedDocument from byte array causes ObjectDisposedException on export.
  • TextLead parameter should be interpreted with opposite sign when used by MoveToNextLine content stream operator.
  • When StrokeLineThickness is not set during path import the path geometry is later exported with thickness 0 instead of 1.
  • BitmapSource created with GetBitmapSource method cannot be used to encode image because of ObjectDisposedException.


  • Option to change between click and drag-drop behavior.

Telerik Presentation Framework

  • Opening the Edit UI Elements editor at design time in Visual Studio 2008 throws an exception.


  • ArgumentException when drag/drop a node between two RadTreeView controls and a screen-tip is shown.


  • There is a compile time error when the AllowAutomaticScrollToControl property is set at design time.


  • NullReferenceException when setting the DefaultTimeZone.
  • Some occurrences of a recurring appointment disappear when changing the time zone.


  • Performance in RibbonUI when the AssociatedRichTextEditor is changed.
  • Performance in RibbonUI when the table related tabs are shown.
  • Cannot be used in projects which target .NET 4.5 and above.
  • Spellcheck button in RibbonUI is not updated when RadRichTextEditor.IsSpellCheckingEnabled is changed.


  • The control does not have its binding context set, hence controls in the container don't have it either.
  • Can not set the AssociatedControl property at design time if popup editor is dragged on user control.


  • Export to OpenXML format, specifically ".xlsx". See PivotGridSpreadExport provider .
  • PivotGridPdfExport provider allowing export to native pdf format using Document Processng Libraries.
  • The exported Excel file with decimal cells is not displayed correctly in Excel.
  • Cannot set the Number Format (string format) of calculated field.


  • Images with SMask are not displayed.


  • The ListElement.ItemsSortComparer is not taken into consideration when sorting.


  • When the control is positioned in RadPageViewPage the user cannot add controls to the other pages at design time.


  • Export of View Definitions to pdf and excel with GridViewPdfExport and GridViewSpreadExport.
  • Support for the Excel group rows feature when exporting. Applies both to hierarchy and grouped rows.
  • Pinned rows & columns in export to excel
  • HtmlViewDefinition produces invalid layout.
  • Property Builder - setting the HeaderImage of a column results in Object Reference exception.
  • The Row property in the event arguments of the RowValidating event is null when the user deletes a row.
  • Pdf export does not export correctly more than one child templates from second level.
  • Unbound hierarchy mode with 3-level relation throws exception.
  • Invalid processing of the CellValueNeeded event when sorting/filtering is applied in virtual mode.
  • The BindingSource position changed and AlternatingRowColor does not work properly in self-reference RadGridView.
  • Virtual mode - StackOverflow exception when you try to group.
  • Incorrect current row when using the ResetBinding and AddNew methods of the BindingSource.
  • GridViewColumns add empty strings in the localization files.
  • Two sequential rows from different hierarchy level have the same (alternating) color in self-reference hierarchy.
  • Self-referencing hierarchy does not work, when ColumGroupsViewDefinition is applied.
  • Scrolls to the top/left when copy and paste operations are performed.
  • Setting the Name of a column to a string which is a part of an expression a stack overflow exception is thrown.
  • RadMultiColumnComboBoxElement does not always bestfit the columns when the AutoSizeDropDownToBestFit is set to true.
  • ViewRowFormatting event not raised if the row is GridSearchRowElement.
  • Invalid cast exception in GridCheckBoxHeaderCellElement when fitlering, even though EnableHeaderCheckBox is set to false.
  • TargetException when changing data source and the AddNewBoundRowBeforeEdit property is set to true.
  • Incorrect filtering is performed in self-reference hierarchy.
  • Load layout exception when the DataType of a column is set to System.Drawing.Bitmap or custom type.
  • Sorting a date time column containing nulls causes an exception.
  • When the GridViewDecimalColumn.Minimum is changed, the spin editor in the filter cell is initialized with the minimum value.
  • NullReferenceException when clicking over the filter icon and the multiple selection is enabled.
  • Sorting a column containing nulls causes an exception.
  • ExportToExcelML - exporting many rows takes too much time.
  • When exporting with the new GridViewSpreadExport an exception occurs.
  • Filter error message box of the filter menu has ControlDefault theme even though another theme is set to RadGridView.


  • ItemChanged event which is fired when properties of summary task, task and milestone are changed.


  • RadForm is not properly scaled when the OS DPI is different than 96.
  • Setting the Size property at run time is not respected when the MinimumSize is set at design time for an MDI child RadForm.


  • Magnetic behavior for floating windows.
  • Extended the behavior of Floating Windows with option for being owned by the main Form or act like normal Forms.
  • Canceling the DocumentTabStrip.SelectedIndexChanging and the ToolTabStrip.SelectedIndexChanging events does not take effect.
  • The ActiveWindowChanged event is not fired in MDI scenario when more than 1 RadDock control is available.
  • The current window is not properly set when the layout is loaded and the control does not have preset Active window.
  • The underlying control is not shown when the window state is set to AutoHide and the tool windows are added in the Form.Load event handler.
  • The ActiveWindowChanged event is not fired when a DocumentWindow is floating.
  • Cannot add ToolWindows from the Advanced Layout Designer if a ToolWindow with the same name is already present in the form but not added in the same dock control.


  • Containers framework
  • Routing functionality
  • Connection bridges
  • Touch support
  • Printing
  • There is a gap between the vertical scrollbar and the diagram when the horizontal scrollbar is not visible.
  • RadDiagramShape.IsDraggingEnabled property is not respected if it is set before the shape is added to RadDiagram.
  • Setting the ToolTipText of RadDiagramShape is not applied to the inner LightVisualElement.


  • Incorrect animation and position of the popup when multiple alerts are shown.


  • The header text is not changed when the form's Localizable property is set to true.


  • When the text is changed the items are not synchronized.


  • Setting certain shapes to DataPointElement causes the element not to paint.
  • NullReferenceException when setting the ShowPanZoom property before the chart is populated with data.
  • NullReferenceException when the trackball is enabled and series are removed and added back.
  • NullReferenceException when a data point with null value is hovered with the mouse.
  • Setting the IsVisibleInLegend property of a Series at design time, causes exception(s) at runtime.
  • Corrupt legend when the series IsVisibleInLegend property is set to false at at design time.
  • Clip region in ChartSeriesDrawPart not restored in the Draw method.
  • Application hangs if you add a PieSeries having all of its data points with zero values and set the ShowSmartLabels property to true.
  • The smart labels positions are calculated for series that do not display labels.
  • Flickering with even small amounts of data.
  • Incorrect position of the chart track ball when the LabelFitMode of the axes is set to MultiiLine.
  • Track ball not displayed if series with null values is added first to the Series collection.

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