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Release History

UI for WinForms Q2 2014 SP1 (version 2014.2.715)

July 15, 2014


  • Incorrect week numbering in multi view mode.
  • A NullReferenceException when clicking the CalendarNavigationElement.


  • Support for the series to be drawn with Custom DashStyle.
  • Adding data to a Pie chart inside the constructor of a form adds two legend items for each data point.
  • The Null-value support does not work when the combine mode of a series is Stack or Stack100.


  • When the control is bound to a BindingSource which is bound to a data table with enumeration column the value is not displayed.


  • The Clear button in the popup calendar should have functionality identical to the one in RadDateTimeEditor in RadGridView.
  • Рўhe Checked property is not taken under consideration when set to false at design time.


  • A NullReferenceException when only one TabPanel is available in the DocumentTabStrip.
  • One is not able to dock back a floating window to an empty RadDock.
  • The DragHint is not updated when the mouse leaves the form from the left or the right side.
  • Drag hints appear for both the RadDock and the ToolWindows.
  • Docking with the context menu is faster than dragging.
  • The ActiveWindowChanged\ing event is not fired when the last window is closed and the active window is set to null.
  • The AutoHidden window's splitter has visual glitches - it is bigger and there is a black border inside.


  • The drop-down does not display correctly autocomplete items.
  • Setting the AutoCompleteMode to SuggestAppend and the SuggestMode to Contains does not update the text of the dropdownlist correctly when selecting the same item.
  • The auto-complete drop-down is not refreshed after changing the data source.
  • The DropDownListElement.DropDownHeight property affects the popup height only if it is set at design-time.
  • The SelectedIndexChanged event does not always fire.
  • In Office2007Silver theme the disabled state styles are missing for RadDropDownList.


  • The default title bar context menu appears at the wrong place in two monitor enviroment.
  • The FormBorderStyle does not take effect when AllowTheming = false.
  • In VisualStudio 2012 Light theme the icon of RadForm and RadRibbonForm has incorrect alignment.


  • When the ClipboardCopyMode is set to EnableAlwaysIncludeHeaderText and a row is pasted in Excel the row cells' text is merged.
  • The GridNavigator.SelectLastRow method causes performance issue in load-on-demand hierarchy.
  • Closing a form with a self-reference gridview that has its horizontal scrollbar scrolled causes an exception.
  • One cannot set a page when paging is enabled and the grid's AutoSize property is set to true.
  • GridViewMaskBoxColumn - When the MaskType property is set to FreeFormDateTime the date is not parsed.
  • A NullReferenceException when dragging columns in the child template.
  • Setting both AutoSizeRows and AllowSearchRow to true causes an exception in the layout of RadGridView.
  • Missing items in RadListFilterPopup in Excel-like filtering in self-reference grid.
  • The close button of the GroupFieldElement overlaps the text in right-to-left mode.
  • In VisualStudio 2012 Light the the RadGridView ColumnChooserItem has a transparent back color.


  • VisualStudio 2012Dark theme has an incorrect styling for RadLabel. The background color of RadLabel is not consistent with other colors.


  • Changing the Cursor property does not affect the control in DetailsView mode.
  • In Office2013 themes there are missing styles for the selected state of the item of RadListView.
  • In Office 2013 Light theme the sorting arrow states of RadListView are not correctly set.


  • If a menu item is hidden/collapsed and its mnemonic is used it is still performed.
  • MDIList item cannot select properly the desired child form and the Menu stay focused.


  • The buttons are not arranged correctly in right-to-left mode.


  • When the Text property of the pages contains ampersand (&) the name of page in ItemListMenu is displayed with hotkeys underlined.
  • In Office 2013 Dark and Office 2013 Light themes there are missing styles for the RadPageViewStripNewItem of RadPageView.


  • A table that contains dashed lines is not rendered correctly.


  • One Cannot copy cells from collapsed row groups.


  • A category can now be expanded/collapsed on double-click.
  • Application hangs when custom PropertyGridValueElement is used with RadTrackBarElement.


  • Closing the form from the backstage view causes an exception.
  • The ScreenTipNeeded event is not fired when the tab is expanded by clicking its name.
  • MinimizeButton, MaximizeButton and CloseButton stay marked when the MouseDownevent occurs in the same control, but the mouse is not released over it.


  • Right-clicking over an incorrect word does not show a spell checking form.


  • Support for parsing hourly recurrence rules from a database.
  • The Google Calendar UNTIL Keyword is not properly supported.
  • The Google Calendar FREQ keyword is not supported.
  • When an appointment is opened and edited from the alarm form the "Due in" column in the grid is not updated.
  • The AppointmentResizeEnd event fires on mouse up even when the resize operation was not started.
  • A NullReferenceException when the scheduler is grouped by resource and a localization provider is applied.
  • The Vertical Scrollbar value is not updated correctly when AutoScrollToWorkTime is set to true.
  • The ruler is not displayed correctly with the Office 2010 themes.
  • Removed the RequestResize(AppointmentElement, SchedulerVisualElement, ResizeOptions) method overload from the AppointmentResizingBehavior as it was redundant. Use one of the other overloads instead.


  • The screentip is not closed when the mouse leaves the control moving down.


  • When the SizingGrip property is set to false the user can still resize.


  • The last caret position in RadTextBoxContol is not aligned to the end of the text due to wrong text measurement.
  • A NullReferenceException occurs when the control is double-clicked with the right mouse button.


  • Nodes with children are not correctly positioned when ShowExpandCollapse is false and ShowRootLines is true.
  • When ShowRootLines and ShowLines are false, root nodes with no children are incorrectly indented.


  • Functionality for changing the value of the control with arrow keys by setting the AllowKeyNavigation property to true.
  • When adding a trackbar to a form and setting the Orientation to Vertical in the InitializeComponent or Load() the control is not loaded correctly.
  • The Visual Studio designer freezes when RadTrackBar is placed in TableLayoutPanel with AutoSize = false.

Telerik Presentation Framework

  • The Telerik Presentation Framework text rendering mechanism for all Sans-Serif fonts does not consider the TextRenderingHint.AntiAlias value.
  • The TextRenderingHint property of the VisualElement class is moved to the LightVisualElement class.
  • Removed the PaintTextFormat property of LightVisualElement. The text metadata for rendering is provided through the CreateTextParams method.

Visual Style Builder

  • The ability of all image items to export to images via the context menu.
  • The control styles of RadApplicationMenu can't be reset.
  • An exception when PanoramaBackgroundImage element is expanded and the tool is running under Windows 8.
  • An exception when the image property of an element is changed and the tool is running under Windows 8.
  • The Help menu does not open the offline documentation.

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