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UI for WinForms Q2 2008SP1

August 25, 2008

RadControls for WinForms Q2 2008 SP1 Release Notes (v7.1.1.0)

  1. Export to Excel as ExcelML:
    • Added support of exporting of hidden columns and rows. There are three options to choose from to add hidden elements (through the HiddenColumnOption and HiddenRowOption properties)
      • ExportAlways
      • DoNotExport
      • ExportAsHidden
    • Added support to row height exporting with default DPI transformation (60pixels = 72points)
    • Added splitting data to separate sheets if number of rows is greater from Excel maximum. There is parameter to choose max rows from:
      • 1048576 (Max rows for Excel 2007)
      • 65536 (Max rows for prior versions of Excel)
    • Added exporting of conditional formatting
    • Added exporting of alternating row color
      Note: this feature works only if EnableAlternatingRow property is set to true. It does not export alternating row settings that come from themes.
  2. Improved VirtualMode performance.


  1. Fixed: GridView’s Save/Load layout settings - Save/Load layout excluded ChildTemplates DataSource property from serialization
  2. Fixed: When NoFilter is set to a boolean column, the checkbox still can be checked
  3. Fixed: RadGridView crashes in hierarchy
  4. Fixed: The CellDoubleClick event is fired more than once when clicking on a cell in a hierarchy
  5. Fixed: RadGridView throws an error when the form is closed by using the Esc key
  6. Fixed: FormatString does not work for unbound columns
  7. Fixed: In some specific situations the ComboBoxEditor in RadGridView did not save it's value
  8. Fixed: In some specific situations new rows are not added when using the Tab and Enter keys
  9. Fixed: In unbound mode the "pencil" icon stays visible after closing the active editor
  10. Fixed: In some situations the boolean cell in the filtering row shows text and checkbox
  11. Fixed: In some cases the editor in the filtering cell can't be opened
  12. Fixed: BestFit doesn’t calculate the optimal cell width based on the size of all visible columns
  13. Fixed: When MultySelect=false you can still select multiply rows in run-time through code
  14. Fixed: SelectedRows count is wrong when the right mouse button is clicked
  15. Fixed: The AutoSizeRows property doesn't invalidate the grid when it is changed
  16. Fixed: If the grid is not bound and there is no data, the column headers are not visible in runtime and design-time
  17. Fixed: The field of an existing column is reset on auto-generate
  18. Fixed: Problem with generating GridViewDataColumn.UniqueName
  19. Fixed some problems in sorting/grouping operations at runtime and design time
  20. Fixed: The place of the ColumnChooser on multimonitor systems
Obsolete methods
  • ExportToExcelML.ExportExcelML method renamed to ExportToExcelML.RunExport. The old ExportExcelML name is marked as obsolete.
  1. Fixed: Problems with DialogResult
  1. Added RadCarousel AutoLoopPauseInterval - gets or sets a value indicating the interval (in seconds) after which the carousel will resume looping when in auto-loop mode
  2. Added default values to CarouseAnimationDefault + AnimationFrames
  1. Fixed: TPF design time issue with glyph null ref. exception (Visual Inheritance)
  2. Fixed: Exception "Reached item that is not pre-processed!”
  1. Fixed the ActiveMdiChild property of DockingManager
  2. Fixed: Double clicking a floating DockPanel would hide the content (layout problem)
  3. Fixed: Performance issues for Save/LoadXML API of DockingManager in runtime/design-time
  4. Fixed: Set some Text for a Floating window and the tool window text is not updated
  5. Fixed: Set some Text for Autohide window and the autohide tab text is not updated
  6. Fixed: Deserialization issues of floating windows
  7. Fixed: closing/close event for closed tabbed documents through the context menu command 'Close All But This'
  8. Fixed: MinSize for AutoHide and Docked windows
  9. Fixed: Size/Resize event for AutoHide windows would not fire when setting MinSize
  10. Fixed: Reset API of DockingManager
  1. Fixed: UseMnemonic of the control is synchronized with the TextPrimitive inside
  1. Fixed: The text of items added through the Items collection and through the menu is different
  2. Fixed: You cannot add Items to the menu with right click and selecting ‘Add an Item’ and choosing an item
  3. Fixed: Items added at design time are not visible at runtime
  4. Fixed: Combo box items added at design time are not visible at runtime
  1. Added AutoFilter functionality
  1. Fixed: Added a control between the two scrollbars, so no text is drawn between the scrollbars (the rectangle area in bottomRight
Visual Style Builder
  1. Fixed: Selecting the separator of RadStatusStrip throws an exception
  2. Fixed: VSB is now capable of designing themes for RadForm and its RadTitleBarRemove
Obsolete classes and methods
  • Class Telerik.WinControls.Themes.Design.ThemeDesignedControlList is marked as obsolete. Use Telerik.WinControls.Themes.Design.ControlStyleBuilderInfoList instead
  • Class Telerik.WinControls.Themes.Design.ThemeDesignedControl is marked as obsolete. Use Telerik.WinControls.Themes.Design.ControlStyleBuilderInfo instead
  • The return type of RadControlDesignTimeData.GetThemeDesignedControls method is changed from ThemeDesignedControlList to ControlStyleBuilderInfoList
  1. Flickering in RadForm is improved.
  2. Slight performance optimizations when there are many controls in one RadForm.
  1. Fixed: Errors while disposing the controls
  2. Fixed: TextPrimitive.TextAlignment
  3. Fixed: Text of buttons disappear in design time.

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