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UI for WinForms Q2 2007SP1

October 9, 2007

Breaking Changes in RadControls for WinForms Q2 2007 SP1 (v4.0.2.0)
  • RadTReeView does not serialize its structure as XML in Form resources any more. The structure is serialized only as code with codedom serialization.
What’s New in RadControls For Winforms Q2 2007 SP1 (v4.0.2.0)
  • Adjustable width/height of the calendar drop down when in RadDateTimePicker
  • Properties whose changes were not applied in Design Time
  • When MonthLayout is used and the Orientation of the Calendar is changed, the MonthLayout property does not reset
  • The Font properties of the Calendar do not take effect at runtime
  • Null reference exception when the Calendar is in Multi-Month View
  • Setting the FirstDayOfWeek value did not apply in Design time


  • Active SelectedItem layout
  • DockTabChanging event
  • Tabstrip tabs invalid size
  • When a document is moved to a new tab group the document in the Group is not shown
  • Layout problem with Tabbed Documents
  • The Tabbed Document cannot be closed from the ContextCommands drop-down menu
  • DockPanel and DocumentPane can be dropped to the form without a Docking Manager
  • Overflow button shows Tabbed Documents which are closed
  • When a new Tabbed Document is added by clicking on the button New Document, it is added twice in the Current Tabbed Document drop-down.
  • Design-time Property Builder is now capable of extracting the master-detail relations from the data source and building the hierarchical schema
  • Group level summaries with aggregate functions. See the Group Summaries example in QSF
  • Edit boolean cells using the Space key
  • Conditional formatting can be applied in hierarchy mode
  • Filtering menu text can be changed after DataBinding
  • DataSet binding - caption names can be entered for Columns/Group
  • Localization of the filtering menu options
  • CellEditorInitialized event
  • Programmatically set the focus to a given cell
  • Filtering editor loses focus when there is a grouped column
  • Row resizing stretches the arrow
  • Synchronize logical and visual elements in the grid
  • AutoSizeColumnsMode with a value of Fill does not work properly on data source change
  • Deleting a column in design time closes the property builder
  • A new row cannot be added when all the rows were deleted from the grid and the position of the AddNewRow is Bottom
  • CurrentRowChanged and CurrentRowChanging are not always fired
  • Example Column types - Wrong grouping option in context menu
  • Moving through the cells with the TAB key doesn't scroll to cells that are not visible
  • RadGridView Property Builder closes when two data schemas in a row are built
  • Incorrect persistence of new value due to CellFormatting event
  • Editors still active after tab is pressed
  • When you add a new Row and press Enter the row is not added
  • Cell value should be persisted before raising the ValueChanged event
  • When the ReadOnly property is set to true at run time the row can be deleted
  • Error occurs when the column on the third level of the Hierarchy is resized
  • Filtering changes text box sets focus to the wrong column
  • Unable to change filtering menu text after DataBinding
  • Cannot edit the first row after filtering
  • Error when trying to edit the filtered column cell of last row
  • Adding columns to bound empty DataTable after it is bound to RadGridView
  • Error when the grid is filtered, a cell is edited on the second level and Enter is pressed
  • Editing a cell updates the row, but the RowState is unchanged
  • The grid sets a reference to an empty resource string to the DataMember property
  • IsCurrent property of the row does not work on the second level of the hierarchy
  • Error when navigating to an expanded row using the down arrow
  • GroupSelectedChanged fires twice when clicked with the mouse
  • In-Place TabItem Text Editing
  • Selecting a tab by name or key
  • Right to left language support (RTL)
  • TabSelecting event
  • The controls in ContentPanel of the disabled tab are not disabled
  • Error when adding children two levels into the element hierarchy in design time
  • Synchronizing the layout properties of TabItem and its ImageAndTextLayoutPanel
  • Use RelationBinding event with self referencing data
  • The XML structure can be serialized and de-serialized from stream
  • The BackColor of TreeNodeUI cannot be cleared after it has been set
  • When the only child of a Node is dragged and dropped, the Node becomes checked
  • RadTreeView Property Builder - the text field does not display the correct name of the Node
  • Incorrect name in design time
  • When the Collection of the Node property is open, the RadTree Property Builder is shown
  • Incorrect layout logic shows horizontal scrollbar
  • Error occurs when the Visual Style Builder is open for the TreeView and a Node is selected
  • Selection events are not fired when selecting with SHIFT or CTRL key
  • The ForeColor property of RadTreeNode cannot be reset
  • You cannot select more than one Node although the AllowMultiSelect property is true
  • Setting Visible to false does not take effect in design time
  • Active item focusing logic
  • You can add List Box items with repeated IDs
  • Textbox has default padding
  • The shape of the thumb can be designed in the VSB and set through the theme 
Examples (QSF)
  • The Group Summaries example in the QSF now features group level summaries with aggregate functions
  • New RadDock MDI example
  • Removed ComboBoxes with less than 4 items from Calendar examples
  • Renamed RadGridView "Miscellaneous" example to "Row/Column Operations"
  • Dashboard - part of the ToolStrip appears behind the TabStrip. 
Installation and general issues
  • Fixes issues with the uninstallation procedure

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