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UI for WinForms Q2 2007

September 17, 2007

Breaking Changes in RadControls for WinForms Q2 2007 (v4.0.1.0)

Telerik Presentation Framework (TPF)

  1. RadItemCollection has been split to base and inherited classes. The child, RadItemOwnerCollection, acts like the old RadItemCollection. The old RadItemCollection synchronizes its items with its Owner children collection. 
  2. RadItemCollection now works with RadItems instead of RadElements. Both, events and API are changed. All old event handlers that use RadElement will compile with no problems. Only when new event handlers are added the generated argument will be RadItem instead of RadElement.


  1. GridViewColumnCollection's default string indexer now works with UniqueName instead of HeaderText
    string uniqueName = “ColumnUniqueName”;
    GridViewColumn col = radGridView1.MasterGridViewTemplate.Columns[uniqueName];

  2. SplashForm namespace is changed from VisualStyleBuilder.Design to Telerik.WinControls.UI
  3. HitTest is removed from RadGridView
  4. GroupByExpressions has extended syntax:
    [Field Name] as [Alias] format “{0}: {1}”, aggregate([Field Name]|[Alias]) as [Alias], … Group By ([FieldName]|[Alias]) (ASC|DESC)
  5. GridCellBoundColumnElement is renamed to GridDataCellElement


  1. Event arguments changed 
    • RadTreeView.Selecting event arguments changed from CancelEventArgs to TreeViewCancelEventArgs
  2. Events sequencing: 
    • Old selection is cleared on mouse up 
    • Selected and AfterSelect events are fired on MouseUp
  3. Obsolete RadTreeView API - this section describes the deprecated API in RadTreeView. Some of the members have been deprecated or replaced with others to provide a more consistent and intuitive API. Others are intended for internal use only. All deprecated members will be removed after Q3 2007:
    • Methods - the following methods are intended for internal use only and will be removed from the public API: 
      • HandleKeyDown
      • HandlePageDown
      • HandlePageUp
      • OnSelectionChanged
      • HandleNodeSelection
      • ApplyScrollOffset
      • SetSite
      • OnCollapsed
      • OnDrawNode
      • OnDragStarted
      • OnDragEnding
      • OnDragEnded
      • OnDragStarting
      • OnLoadOnDemand
      • CalculateNodeBounds 
      • The GetSelectedNodes and SetSelectedNodes methods have been replaced with the SelectedNodes property
    • Properties
      • Following is a list of properies will be removed from the public API in Q3 2007:
        • RadTreeView.ShowOutlineFeedbackForm (not used any more)
        • RadTreeView.MouseDownEditDelay (not used any more)
        • The setter of RadTreeNode.TreeView (intended for internal use only)
        • The setter of RadTreeNode.Parent (intended for internal use only)
        • The setter of RadTreeNode.Index (intended for internal use only)
      • Following is a list of obsolete properies and their replacements:

        Obsolete property

        New replacement

        RadTreeView.LabelEdit RadTreeView.AllowEdit
        RadTreeView.ShowPlusMinus RadTreeView.ShowExpandCollapse
        RadTreeNode.LabelBounds RadTreeNode.Bounds
        RadTreeNode.IsExpanded RadTreeNode.Expanded
        RadTreeNode.HasRightImage RadTreeNode.ShowRightImage
        RadTreeNode.IsVisible RadTreeNode.Visible
        RadTreeNode.Key RadTreeNode.Tag
        RadTreeNode.DataKey RadTreeNode.Tag
        RadTreeNode.Depth RadTreeNode.Level

    • Events:
      • The Validation event will be removed from the public API.
      • Following is a list of deprecated events and their replacements: 

        Obsolete event

        New replacement

        RadTreeView.NodeCollapsed RadTreeView.NodeExpandedChanged
        RadTreeView.NodeCollapsing RadTreeView.NodeExpandedChanging
        RadTreeView.NodeExpanded  RadTreeView.NodeExpandedChanged
        RadTreeView.NodeExpanding  RadTreeView.NodeExpandedChanging
        RadTreeView.AfterCollapse  RadTreeView.NodeEpandedChanged
        RadTreeView.AfterExpand  RadTreeView.NodeExpandedChanged
        RadTreeView.NodeExpand RadTreeView.NodeExpandedChanged or 
        RadTreeView.NodeExpandedChanging event
        RadTreeView.AfterLabelEdit RadTreeView.Edited
        RadTreeView.AfterSelect RadTreeView.Selected
        RadTreeView.BeforeSelect RadTreeView.Selecting
        RadTreeView.BeforeCollapse RadTreeView.NodeExpandedChanging
        RadTreeView.BeforeExpand RadTreeView.NodeExpandedChanging
        RadTreeView.BeforeLabelEdit RadTreeView.Editing
        RadTreeNode.MouseDown RadTreeView.NodeMouseDown
        RadTreeNode.MouseUp RadTreeView.NodeMouseUp
        RadTreeNode.MouseMove RadTreeView.NodeMouseMove
        RadTreeNode.MouseEnter RadTreeView.NodeMouseEnter
        RadTreeNode.MouseLeave RadTreeView.NodeMouseLeave
        RadTreeNode.MouseHover RadTreeView.NodeMouseHover
        RadTreeNode.CheckedChanged RadTreeView.NodeCheckedChanged
        RadTreeNode.NodeCollapsed RadTreeView.NodeExpandedChanged
        RadTreeNode.NodeCollapsing RadTreeView.NodeExpandedChanging
        RadTreeNode.NodeExpanded RadTreeView.NodeExpandedChanged
        RadTreeNode.NodeExpanding RadTreeView.NodeExpandedChanging



  1. Element’s hierarchy is changed. The API and the items are not modified, so only if the Children collections are used. or the already serialized properties over elements in the hierarchy will be broken.
Release notes for RadControls for WinForms Q2 2007 (v4.0.0.0)

CAB Enabling Kit NEW 

  • Workspaces
    • RadDockableWorkspace 
    • RadTabWorkspace
  • UIElementAdapters
    • RadMenuUIAdapter
    • RadMenuItemsCollectionUIAdapter
    • RadToolStripElementAdapter
    • RadToolStripItemAdapter
    • RadTreeViewUIAdapter
    • RadTreeNodeUIAdapter
  • CommandAdapters
    • RadMenuItemCommandAdapter
    • RadTreeNodeCommandAdapter
  • CAB Application Classes
    • RadWindowsFormsApplication
    • RadFormShellApplication
    • RadApplicationContextApplication 
  • Supported Telerik components
    • RadTreeView
    • RadDock
    • RadMenu
    • RadPanelBar
    • RadTabStrip
    • RadToolStrip 
    • RadGridView wrapper coming soo
  • Finance Application modeled after Microsoft's WPF WoodGrove Finance Application

For more information and download instructions on the CAB Enabling Kit, please visit this announcement.

RadCalendar NEW

  • Multi-month view
  • Vertical and horizontal rendering - month days can be rendered row by row, or column by column
  • Multi-date selection
  • Advanced navigation - fast navigation with a step greater than 1, multi-month view navigation
  • Read-only mode
  • Allows embedding images and templates (RadHostItem’s)
  • Full Globalization and Localization support - supports all .NET cultures and allows localization of strings
  • Simple read-only datepicker
  • Right to left language support
  • Full VS2005 design time support

New features and Enhancements

  • Hierarchy
  • Export to Excel
  • Support for custom header and footer rows
  • Multiple cell/row selection
  • Partial performance improvements - compared to RadGridView Q1 2007, the current version's filtering is 17% faster, and grouping is nearly 100% faster

New properties

  • GridViewTemplate.ShowGroupedColumns (bool) - when true all columns are visible, when false - the grouped columns should hide. Default is false.
  • Added properties for managing grid scrollbars – defined for GridViewTemplate class HorizontalScrollState and VerticalScrollState 
  • New properties for GridViewCommandColumn - DefaultText and UseDefaultText 
  • Added RowDeleting and RowDeleted events


  • Fixed sorting subobject properties when grid is bound to subobject arraylist collection
  • Fixed the exception thrown when a grid is bound at runtime and its AutoGenerateColumns property is set to true
  • Property Builder now serializes its layout properly
  • GridViewTemplate.AllowEditRow property now affects cells in GridViewBooleanColumn
  • Fixed the exception thrown on editing cells in filtered column
  • Setting current row in code now is visualized properly
  • Fixed custom formatting issue
  • Fixed ComboBox in Grid when adding a new row
  • Extended mouse and keyboard support
  • Columns collection string indexer is fixed
  • RadGridView filtering now works with DateTime column
  • GridViewComboBoxColumn could now be used with arrays as data source
  • Fixed rebinding with a data source with the same schema
  • Fixed the refreshing of the grid when GridViewTemplate.GroupByExpressions collection is cleared
  • Fixed adding new row when grid is bound to BindingList
  • Fixed the exception thrown when editing the filter cell and then clicking on a data row
  • Fixed synchronization of the current row between grid and the data source
  • Fixed problems with refreshing the control when changing items in BindingList data source
  • Some fixes in the behavior of the Property Builder
  • Fixed setting CurrentRow in the grid by code
  • Fixed an issue with the ValueChanging event
  • Fixed context menu issues
  • Fixed editing cells in filtered column
  • Fixed setting GridCellElement.TextAlignment property of through themes
  • Fixed saving value in the cell of GridViewCheckBoxColumn when loosing the focus
  • Fixed CellBeginiEdit event to be able to be canceled entering in edit mode
  • Improved GridViewComboBoxColumn to show the look-up values
  • Improved Group-by expressions
  • Many other small fixes and improvements

New features and Enhancements

  • ValueMember is loaded in Tag when RadTreeView is data bound
  • Breadcrumb functionality
  • Right-to-left language support
  • New layout framework
  • Large performance improvements - RadTreeView is now 5 times faster than the standard treeview control with large amounts of nodes (10,000+)
  • Sorting

New members

  • RadTreeNode.Enabled (bool) property - Gets or sets a value indicating whether the element can respond to user interaction. Default is true.
  • NodeExpandedChanging and NodeExpandedChanged events, which replace the obsolete NodeExpanding/NodeExpanded and NodeCollapsing/NodeCollapsed events


  • Fixed the behavior of the TriState property
  • Fixed a problem with hosting items in RadTreeNode using HostedItem property
  • Fixed several drag & drop problems
  • Event signatures are revised
  • Fixed checking nodes behavior
  • Other small fixes and improvements

New features and Enhancements

  • A dialog button is now available in the chunks (RadChunk.ShowDialogButton property)


  • Fixed an issue with changing AutoSizeMode of a button element that causes VS2005 to close
  • Fixed the issue with the BaseColor property of ContextualTabGroup
  • Fixed the CommandTabs.Clear() method
  • Fixed an issue with the Quick Access Toolbar when the ribbon is minized

New properties

  • DocumentPane.MdiChild property returns the hosted MDI child form. Used when AutoDetectMdiChildForms property is set to true and current document pane is host for mdi child form.


  • Fixed the exception thrown when designing DockPresenterControl with Visual Style Builder
  • Closing/Closed event of IDockable window with type Document now fires properly
  • Ctrl + drag behavior of document window is fixed
  • Fixed setting the Text property of DockPanel caused Activate event to fire

New features and Enhancements

  • Tooltip text is now available for the items in the drop-down window
  • Now to select an item (RadComboBoxItem), it could be assigned to the SelectedItem property


  • Fixed the double click behavior when drop-down style is set to DropDownList

New features and Enhancements

  • New TabStrip overflow behavior which closely mimics VS2005 tabbing. Can be turned on through the TabStripOverFlowBehavior property (possible values: BringIntoView, VisualStudioStyle. Default value is VisualStudioStyle)


  • Fixed problems causing scrolling buttons to become hidden
  • Fixed ContentPanel to show data when EnableTabControlMode property is set to false
  • Fixed ShrinkMode property behavior when set to false
  • Fixed the problem causing OverFlowButton to become hidden
  • Added support for offset between the items and the border of the TabStrip (in the case of TabsPosition = Top this offset is the field between the top borders of the items and the top border of the TabStrip)

New features and Enhancements

  • 4 new chart types: SplineArea, StackedSplineArea, StackedSplineArea100, Candlestick financial chart
  • YAxis support for logarithmic scaling
  • A new rendering engine which optimizes performance and produces a polished chart image
  • RadChart now supports spline curve areas. The curve behaves the same way the normal spline curve does, but also offers the possibility to fill the belonging area.
  • RadChart now features a so-called "strict mode" for bar series. All XValues will be respected and bars will be positioned according to their XValues. If, however, you don't have any series items with XValues then RadChart will resume standard sequential ordering of each item.
  • RadChart now supports empty values approximation. If your dataset is missing a value RadChart can approximate it for you.
  • Scalebreaks are a new feature of RadChart which allows you to "break off" large chunks of the axis so that graphs with great amplitudes are easier to read.
  • The new intelligent labels feature of RadChart dramatically increases readability in very busy charts.
  • The charting engine now supports newline in all chart labels
  • The new Marked Zones now provide another option for chart customization


  • RadChart Wizard -> Axis – when you set one of the axis not to be visible you can see its Title.
  • When you set 'X-Axis' the ‘Choose Data Source’ drop-down is automatically set no ‘None’.
  • You can add Series with repeated numbers.
  • You cannot delete all the series from the wizard.
  • Data Source set through the Chart Wizard does not show in the Smart tag Menu.
  • ‘Choose Data Source’ from the Smart Tag Menu and from the Wizard show two different things.
  • When you add new Series they do not show in the chart when you build the project.
  • When you choose 'Labels' the 'Choose Data Source' is automatically set no 'None'.
  • Changes make from the Smart Tag Menu does not take effect immediately
  • Incorrect visualization of bar plots when bound to an array of int
  • Chart Title displays default settings in runtime


  • RadListBox’s (and RadComboBox's) SelectedValue property could now be used without an assigned data source
  • Fixed RadListBox.NullText property to be localizeable
  • Added MdiChild property to the DocumentPane object
  • Added resize functionality to RadTitlebar
  • Fixed a problem with the ShapedForm & RadTitleBar when used as MDI child
  • Fixed sizing problems with ShapedForm
  • Fixed the size of the horizontal scroll bar in the docked tree in the Visual Style Builder
  • Fixed the issue with reducing the size of ShapedForm when is opened multiple times
  • The custom shape is now serialized in design-time
  • RadToolStrip drop-down menu is now customizable


  • In cases when theme file is specified, ThemeManager now loads custom themes in designer using a relative path (to project output dir) or using resource name. In this case of resource name, ThemeManager searches the project folders, for a file matching the specified resource name.
  • Control’s theme will revert to currently selected theme, even if ApplicationThemeName applied, when this theme is not applicable for the control.
  • When saving a theme from VSB application, multiple theme names can be applied, separated by “,” or “;”
  • The special theme name “*” can be used now, in VSB app, which stands for a theme that will be applied when currently selected control theme is not specified.
  • Fixed ThemeManager - now it does not display any error messages if resource is not found. ThemeManager still will display error message if theme file is not found when running the app.


  • RadTreeView - documentation has been extended considerably
  • RadGridView - documentation has been extended, several new topics wait to be added
  • RadCalendar - full documentation is provided with the beta
  • RadChart - documentation has been rewritten to cover
  • minor improvements in the documentation of the other controls


  • Brand new Example application with new visuals, carousel navigation, splitters, etc
  • New integration examples - Bookstore Kiosk demo

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