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Release History

UI for WinForms Q1 2016 SP1 (version 2016.1.216)

February 16, 2016


  • AutoSizeColumnsMode functionality to stretch the columns according to the control size.
  • Save/Load layout serialization API.
  • Cell and row validation.
  • Right to left support.
  • Design time improvements and Smart Tag functionality.
  • Incorrect filter options in the filter row.
  • Removed the WaitingImage property from the VirtualGridIndentCellElement class. Instead, use the RowWaitingImage property of VirtualGridTableElement.
  • Removed the ParentRowOffset property from the VirtualGridTableElement class. This property should only be used internally.
  • Removed the setter of the ActiveEditor property of RadVirtualGridElement.
  • Changed the event handler type of the CellValidating event in RadVirtualGrid and RadVirtualGridElement.


  • Added over 50 new predefined shapes and connections in the diagram toolbox.


  • Added support for mnemonics.


  • RTF format provider: Improved compatibility with WordPad when exporting transparent colors.
  • <li> element containing <p> is imported as two Paragraphs in a list instead of one when importing from HTML.
  • Child paragraphs of list level does not have the same left indentation as the list when importing from HTML.
  • NullReferenceException is thrown when 'sdt' content tag has a child which is not a 'p' (paragraph).


  • If more than one range is referred in Indirect function, returned value is 0, instead of Reference error.
  • Slow import of documents containing many UnionExpressions.


  • InvalidCastException is thrown when importing PdfLiteralString with escaped characters.
  • Some glyphs are overlapped in the imported document since ShowTextArray operator does not respect FontSize and HorizontalScaling when positioning text fragments.
  • Import/export of document causes memory leak because FlateDecode does not dispose CompressedStream instances.


  • Design time copy-paste leads to improperly distributed items collection.


  • The disable state of checked item is not correct in Office2013Light theme.


  • Exception when the keyboard search is enabled and there is no selected nodes.


  • Application hands when setting the Focus on Enter event.


  • SpellCheckAllAtOnceForm should not have an empty space at the top compared to SpellCheckWordByWordForm.
  • The first suggested change is not automatically shown in the "Change To" text box in SpellCheckAllAtOnceForm although the Change button is enabled.


  • RadSchedulerReminder shows incorrect Due In time when the appointment is updated.


  • Custom fonts are not embedded to the exported file when using PdfFormatProvider.
  • RichTextEditorRibbonBar - memory leak when associating the ribbon bar with different instances of RadRichTextEditor.
  • Symbols with locally set font family are displayed incorrectly.
  • Text with the symbol font is not saved correctly.
  • The text forecolor and highlighting is invalid when the exported rtf document is opened in Wordpad.
  • When exporting to pdf the barcode font is converted to the default font.


  • RadButtonElement's text is blurred in disabled state when the UseCompatibleTextRendering property is set to false.


  • Resizing cursor does not show correctly in Right to Left mode.
  • Issue with MSAA compatibility and accessibility objects.


  • OutOfMemoryException when printing large files.
  • "Parameter is not valid" exception when loading several times a document.


  • Cannot copy/paste at design time RadPanorama from one application to another.


  • Exception when binding to entities collection and specifying DataMember under Windows XP.
  • The command column button in the new row is slightly larger than the cell itself.
  • After printing a grid with a ColumnGroupsViewDefinition and a horizontal scroll bar, the scroll bars disappears.
  • The GridViewNewRowInfo is in modified state when the DefaultValuesNeeded event is used.
  • Exception when a modal dialog is shown in the CellValidating event and the grid is scrolled.
  • KeyNotFoundException when dragging a UserControl containing a grid to the form.
  • Exception when the grid is inside a split panel which is re-sized while the grid is in edit mode.
  • The printed header cells have an incorrect text alignment when the grid is in right-to-left mode.
  • Setting the template AutoExpandGroups property at design time breaks the designer.
  • NullReferenceException when entering edit mode in a grid placed in a UserControl hosted on a ToolWindow.
  • Exception when the VisualStudio2012Light theme is used and the BestFitColumns method is called.
  • Rows with greater size than the page height are not printed.
  • The HasChildRows property always returns true in self-reference hierarchy although the child row does not have any child rows.
  • The vertical scrollbar of the grid is not updated when paging is used and rows on the last page are less than the page size.
  • Exception when expanding a group and the grid is grouped by combobox column.
  • Slow performance when selecting multiple cells.
  • Adding groups in code does not work for hierarchy grid.
  • NullReferenceException when moving the horizontal scrollbar while the new row is in edit mode and the current column is GridViewCheckBoxColumn
  • The CurrentRowChanged event is not fired after repopulating the grid with the same DataSource.
  • When the control is added at design time a default TableViewDefinition instance is assigned. Then the CreateCell and CreateRowInfo events does not fire.
  • The layout is invalid when column group is pinned before the ColumnGroupsViewDefinition is assigned to the grid.
  • DataException when canceling add new row operation.
  • There is no property for disabling the context menu of the row header cells.
  • When the grid is grouped the checkbox in the header of a GridViewCheckBoxColumn is not updated if all the cells in all child rows for all groups in this column are true.
  • NullReferenceException when the data source is reset and the rows are formated upon condition in the RowFormatting event.
  • Hiding columns from the MasterTemplate by using the PropertyBuilder does not affect the grid at run time.


  • The AcceptButton Click event is fired when another button is focused and Enter is pressed.


  • Added IsToolWindowActive state for the buttons in the ToolWindow caption element.
  • When placed in a MS Panel, RadDock does not respect the Anchor property for child controls that are copy-pasted at design time


  • The legend is not updated when one is removing data points from the series.
  • LineSeries with a single data point having a DateTime type results in NullReferenceException if the axis has a LabelFormat.


  • ArgumentNullException when appending text in the form's constructor.


  • ArgumentNullException when appending text in the form's constructor.

Demo Application

  • An exception is thrown when open RichTextEditor`s examples in trial version.

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