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UI for WinForms Q1 2016 (version 2016.1.112)

January 13, 2016

New Control - RadVirtualGrid

NEW RadVirtualGrid aims to handle scenarios which require working with large amount of data. This is achieved by triggering an event every time a cell needs a value, the user pushes value, or some data operation occurs and allows the developer to perform the needed action.Since the control does not save any data but the visible cells, the memory footprint is low.


  • Load-On-Demand - full lazy mode support. Please refer to RadVirtualGrid for such functionality.
  • The control cannot be bound to array of objects (object[]).
  • RadGridView does not scroll correctly when AutoSizeRows and EnableFastScrolling are set to true.
  • Cell border cannot be removed from Visual Style Builder when the grid is not focused and HideSelection = true.
  • GridRowHeaderCellElement left border is missing.
  • When attempting to add a new line in a textbox cell with MultiLine and AcceptReturn set to true, the grid submits the cell value instead of adding a new line in the textbox.
  • Calculator column - using Enter key on cell does not move the position on next row EnterKeyMode to EnterMovesToNextRowxp
  • Vertical scrollbar changes its value OnMouseLeave.
  • Setting the SplitMode before the grid has loaded has no effect.
  • There is 1 px distance between the header cell and the border when using Right-to-Left.
  • Last row is not visible when scrolling a grid with 4 levels of hierarchy and using Begin/EndUpdate.
  • The column name is not updated when changing the Name property in the property builder.
  • When clicking on the expander cell the grid scrolls to the currently selected column which in some cases causes unnecessary scrolling.
  • Adding new row using the DataView AddNew API does not reflect the changes in the grid.
  • Fillling the TableAdapter of the grid's DataSource in self-reference hierarchy freezes the grid.
  • Wrong rows are selected in a sorted grid with rows added between BeginUpdate/EndUpdate calls.
  • The AggregateExpression property of GridViewSummaryItem should be serialized as well when saving layout.
  • The ActiveEditor property of the CellEndEdit event always returns null.
  • The CurrentRowChanged event is not fired when empty collection is bound to RadGridView.
  • Keyboard row navigation is incorrect, when the CellValidating event is canceled in virtual mode.
  • RadDropDownListEditorElement does not allow to select the first item if filter is applied.
  • Row resizing is not allowed when "AllowRowReorder" and "AllowRowResize" properties are set to true.
  • The default value for RadDropDownListEditor is not saved when CellEditorInitialized event is used and no selection changes are performed.
  • Hierarchical grid with PageViewMode = ExplorerBar, does not indicate row selection correctly.
  • HtmlViewDefinition causes the horizontal scrollbar to have invalid maximum value.
  • GridViewCheckBoxColumn doesn't properly refresh the check box in the filtering row on change of filters.
  • In hierarchy mode when the master template is reset the user cannot add new row.
  • Incorrect vertical scroll bar and selected row when scrolling quickly and the AutoSizeRows property is set to true.
  • GridViewMultiComboBoxColumn should not allow StartsWith/Contains filter operators.
  • The alternating row color is not correctly set when the current cell is changed fast.
  • GridViewPdfExport is stretching the logo in the header/footer.
  • GridViewSummaryRowInfo.Height is not respected when using ColumnGroupsViewDefinition and the text is cut off.
  • The CausesValidation property should not be exported in the save layout functionality.
  • When the grid is in SplitMode, resizing the "splitter" updates the scrollbar.
  • Duplicated new rows are added when pressing Enter inside a read-only cell.
  • ArgumentOutOfRangeException when deleting a row in sorted grid.
  • FormatException when pasting an empty string in a GridViewDateTimeColumn.
  • When the grid is grouped and the rows are auto-sized, the grid is not printed correctly.
  • Error invoking 'Open Property Builder' when attempting to open the property builder, after adding a template at design time for auto generated grid.
  • ArgumentOutOfRangeException when changing the DataSource property.
  • Exception when there is a formula symbol in the column header text and the grid is exported.
  • Incorrect position of the vertical scrollbar when the grid is scrolled using the PageDown key.
  • ArgumentNullException when clicking the Excel-like filter button and a null value is available in the associated column.
  • Exception when German characters are used with the search functionality.
  • Slow performance when adding new rows in unbound mode.
  • The DoubleClick hyperlink open action does not work.
  • The async export does not export cells with custom formatting.
  • The default ContextMenu and ContextMenuStrip properties are not working.
  • Incorrect position of columns if they are reordered manually and the grid is in right-to-left mode.
  • When RightToLeft is set to Yes and a column is dragged outside the bounds of the grid, the grid is scrolled in the opposite direction.
  • Current cell style is indistinguishable in "add new row".
  • RowValidating is raised if the new row is selected with mouse cursor.


  • Decompressing zip which contains Zip64ExtraField for CompressedSize of the ZipEntry throws exception.


  • Implemented export of transparent images to PDF.
  • Optimized JPEG images export to PDF by decoding only the image headers instead of decoding the whole image data.


  • Added the ability to copy worksheets from a workbook and insert it to the same or different workbook.
  • Implemented mechanism for invalidating formula expressions by the returning expression.
  • Added the ability to access the properties of CellReferenceRangeExpressions.
  • ListDataValidationRule doesn't respect culture specific list separator.
  • StackOverflowException is thrown when cyclic reference error is caused by CellReferenceRangeExpression.


  • Implemented support for transparent images.
  • Implemented import and export of Type1 fonts.
  • Implemented support for Grayscale colorspace in JpegEncoder.
  • Added support for import and export for Lab, CalRgb and CalGray color spaces.
  • Optimized image quality and import/export performance by introducing API for inserting JPEG and JPEG2000 images from stream without decoding and re-encoding the image.
  • Implemented support for import and export of all SimpleFont properties.
  • Implemented support for import and export of TrueTypeFont with FontFile3.
  • Implemented support for import and export of Type0Font properties.
  • Implemented support for import and export of all CidFont properties.
  • Implemented support for import and export of all FontDescriptor properties.
  • Implemented support for import and export of CidFontDescriptor properties.
  • Implemented support for Import and Export of CIDFontType0.
  • Font Widths are not imported correctly, which leads to overlapped glyphs in the exported document.
  • OpenTypeFontSource ItalicAngle property throws NullReferenceException when exporting some imported fonts.
  • Importing page with empty content causes EndOfStreamException.
  • Importing TrueTypeFont that is not embedded results in creating CidFontType2 with incorrect glyphs charcodes mapping.
  • Pdf stream object DecodeParms is ignored on import which causes images to disappear.
  • PdfStream is not read correctly when the stream length does not point to endstream keyword.


  • Application freezes when you scroll to the end of a RadTrackBarElement which is added as an item in a RadDropDownButton.

Telerik Presentation Framework

  • A child RadElement should use its parent`s tooltip if its ToolTipText property is not set and tooltips should be displayed.


  • Wrong selection when showing a RadMessageBox in the NodeRemoving event.
  • StackOverflowException when using LazyMode and no nodes are defined in NodesNeeded event.
  • NullReferenceException when calling the BeginEdit method for a specific child RadTreeNode.


  • Exception when the control has scrollbar, it is placed inside RadDock and the form is minimized.


  • Copy-paste at design time causes exception.


  • The MouseWheel event does not fire.


  • Exports wrong TimeZone information in iCal.


  • SpellCheckingDialog should not be closed when a misspelled word is added to dictionary.
  • There is an exception when the document contains InlineUIElements and the document is exported and then imported back. No information about the UIcontainers is exported as well.
  • When the imported html contains closing hyperlink tag and closing preformatted tag (/a, /pre) exception is thrown.


  • Cannot hide the minimize and maximize buttons of the form in order to show the Form's help button.
  • The fill of RadRibbonBarElement covers the system buttons.
  • The form is not draggable when FormWindowState.Maximized is used.


  • Icons disappearing when tab is minimized.
  • BackstageView - when one presses Alt the mnemonics are not highlighted (underscored).
  • At design time the order of the tabs under the 'Edit CommandTabs' dialog is wrong.
  • Missing visual states in the RibbonBarGroup Popup.
  • Pressing the alt key takes away the focus from the other controls.
  • Incorrect key tip is shown for RadDropDownListElement when the DropDownStyle property is set to DropDownList.
  • In the Office2007Black theme the help button does not have transparent background.
  • Key tips should not be displayed for disabled RadButtonElements placed in a RadRibbonBarButtonGroup.


  • When switching from one light theme to a dark one, e.g. VisualStudio2012Dark, editors have white color and the text has the same fore color.


  • When exporting to excel with PivotExportToExcelML column widths are not correct.
  • When exporting to excel with PivotExportToExcelML the worksheet cannot be customized.
  • PivotExportToExcelML - the exported font size is very big with culture where the decimal separator is ','


  • The label in the thumbnails panel is not localized.


  • 'Dock in parent container' option in smart tag at design time.


  • Design-time copy-paste pastes the inner grid instead of the MCCB control.
  • NullReferenceException when an item is removed from the data source and the are no selected rows.
  • The text is not synchronized when the auto-filter property is used.
  • Error message is shown when trying to add columns at design time.


  • Exception when the AccessibilityObject is created and the form is closed fast.


  • ArgumentOutOfRangeException when deleting an item from the DataSource collection.
  • The item text is not visible when the item is edited.


  • When there is a selected item in the gantt and it is data bound to a DataTable, an exception is raised if you call the Fill method of the table.


  • Help button in title bar.
  • Invalid code is generated when the Localizable property is set to true and invalid name is entered.
  • Setting Maximize/Minimize box to false does not allow dragging if initiated from the missing button's position.


  • Popup should not be closed if mouse down is performed over the scrollbar while the mouse up is performed of the popup itself.
  • When setting the MaxDropDownItems property to 1, two items are shown in the dropdown.
  • The SelectedIndex cannot be changed in the SelectedIndexChanged event.
  • The KeyDown event is fired several times when the drop down is opened and a key is pressed.


  • When the control looses focus, the MaxDate is set to Today and the value is set to MaxDate.


  • The application slows down after a hundred clicks over CommandBarToggleButton and narrator is running (Windows8, Windows10).


  • Functionality for adding DescriptionTextListDataItems.
  • Exception when the SuggestMode is set.


  • Exception when the polar axis is having the same values for minimum and maximum.

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