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Release History

UI for WinForms Q1 2015 SP1 (version 2015.1.331)

April 1, 2015

Zip Library

  • When files with filenames containing special characters are zipped, the filename is displayed with wrong encoding after unzipping.


  • Implemented support for conversion from RadFlowDocument to RadFixedDocument as an extension to the PdfFormatProvider.
  • Section.Rotate() method introduced in order to change the layout of a page.
  • Image class Width and Height properties have incomplete XML documentation.
  • Table with cell width set as percentage is not exported correctly to PDF.
  • Section properties are not retained if the last block in the section is not a paragraph.
    ParagraphMarkerProperties property value is not exported.
  • Docx Format Provider: BookmarkEnd can't be paired with BookmarkStart on import.
  • Document containing Field element with missing field separator character cannot be imported.
  • When default style properties in a DOCX document are missing or empty, importing does not respect this and sets default values.
  • HTML Format Provider: Incorrect list level is assigned when new paragraph is added between different list levels when exporting.
  • Paragraph containing only non-breaking space is not imported from HTML.
  • Some table attributes are not respected when importing HTML.
  • Html format provider: If length type attribute unit identifier is not defined, its value is not respected when importing.
  • Images with Size.Empty are exported incorrectly to HTML and Docx.
  • When importing from HTML document the border style is not interpreted when the order of the style properties is changed.
  • Exporting table style to HTML with only table cell vertical alignment defined throws exception.
  • Table with a single cell on the first row is exported with incorrect cell widths.
    When files with filenames containing special characters are zipped, the filename is displayed with wrong encoding after unzipping.


  • Introduced API for creating and setting CellValues directly into the cells.
  • Implemented support for conversion from Workbook to RadFixedDocument as an extension to the PdfFormatProvider.
  • Custom format strings are not transferred to current culture when imported.
  • Incorrect calculation of columns width in import and export.
  • Leading and trailing spaces of strings are lost when the file is exported and opened in Excel.
  • Importing files with missing cell and row references in the xml throws an exception.
  • Importing file with a row/column break with max value above the max column/row count throws an exception.
  • Cells with multiline text are not exported correctly to PDF.
  • Name converter throws exception if invalid column name is converted to index.


  • Image class Width and Height properties have incomplete XML documentation.
  • Table with cell width set as percentage is not exported correctly to PDF.


  • Double clicking a button in the toolbox, when another button on the form is selected, would place the new button as child for the first one, while it shouldn't.


  • When the control is anchored to bottom left and its text is set to empty string in the form's Load event its location is changed.


  • When displayed at the end of the screen the tooltip is cut off.


  • Border is not reset on mouse leave in Breeze, Desert, Office2010Black/Silver/Blue,
    Office2013Light/Dark, VisualStudio2012Light and Windows8 themes.


  • When 24 hours (“en-UK”) format is used, the control does not show the entire popup.
  • When the date is set to different that the today date the time cannot be set with the arrow buttons.


  • Right clicking a correct word should not display spell-checking popup with suggestions.


  • Issues with the splitter themes. The splitters do not have horizontal orientation.


  • The recurrence rule has invalid format - it has a missing letter "Z" at the end of the start/end values.
  • Endless loop when printing with SchedulerDetailsPrintStyle and PageBreakMode.Day.
  • The reminder property cannot be saved properly in the database.


  • Init the content using Text property with support of html formatting.
  • A property to expose the OpenFileDialog of the OpenDocumentCommand, so its properties can be modified. See the OpenFileDialog property of the OpenDocumentCommand.
  • Enabled merging a paragraph and a table, after deleting the paragraph symbol or section break before a table.
  • Pasting link, copied from outlook causes exception.
  • System.ArgumentOutOfRangeException when modifying a hyperlink.
  • Docx Format Provider: Style properties are not imported for merge fields when the field is in result mode.
  • Normal style should be default style when importing DOCX document regardless of the number of default styles in the document.
  • OutOfMemoryException is thrown when Html format provider loads document with multiple instances of @font-face.
  • HTML Format provider: Inner list levels are exported in additional list element styled with List style type - none.
  • Rtf Format Provider: Span FontSize is not exported when its value source is from parent paragraph.
  • Instead of containing single selection range when a table/row is selected, document selection contains selection ranges for each row or cell.
  • When table cells have background, white lines are rendered.
  • When a paragraph between two tables is deleted and cells from upper and lower tables are selected "OutOfMemoryException" is thrown.
  • When two tables with different columns count are copy-pasted, the layout of the second table gets broken.
  • When a table is copy-pasted, empty paragraph is inserted before the table.
  • Paragraph Background is not applied to the last column of a table.
  • Table layout is not updated after Undo actions if table font size was increased or decreased before that.
  • TOC field is updated with incorrect layout when some of its entries are positioned in a table cell or paragraph alignments are set.


  • Show the key tips only with the left alt key, as in some keyboards, the Alt Gr is used for typing.


  • Incorrect scroll-bar range when scrolling up and down.


  • When exporting to excel the numbers are being exported as strings.


  • Support images with ImageMask.
  • NullReferenceException when the document annotations are imported.
  • Exception is thrown if one of the objects in a document has an empty stream.
  • Exception is thrown when loading large files (more than 700 pages) and the PrintPreview method is called.

Demo application

  • Document processing => PDF document processing => When exporting the pdf file from the example a few words are not aligned correctly.


  • The alignment of the text should be centered when the icon is visible.


  • The AngleTransform property setting of RadMenuItem is not preserved when introduced at design time and the menu Orientation is Vertical.


  • New localization strings: FilterMenuSelectionTrue, FilterMenuSelectionFalse.
  • Saving a form with RadGridView produces the following error at design time: Code generation for property "PrintCellPaint" failed.
  • Cancelling the ChildViewExpanding event should not update the expander image.
  • The cell value is cleared when the CellBeginEdit event is canceled and the focus is moved to another control.
  • SpreadExport should create a Workbook with font "Calibri, 11" instead of "Calibri, 14".
  • When the header checkbox is clicked in a child template - all child views are checked at once.
  • A FilterExpressionException is thrown when filtering a column with custom object values.
  • When excel-like filtering is used and filter is applied the filter icon is not changed in Windows8, Windows7, Breeze, Desert, High Contrast Black and Aqua themes.
  • Exception when filtering combo column, with string ValueMember and int FieldName.
  • Visual Studio crashes when binding to custom objects in Visual Studio Designer.
  • Design time error when opening the Smart tag >> "Object does not match target type".
  • Visual Studio shows an exception message at design time.


  • When the forms is in MDI mode the and a child form is maximized the size of the title bar icon is wrong.


  • The control looses focus and the text box length is shorter than the text itself, the visible part of the text is at its end.
  • Having AutoFilter=true, typing a filter and pressing Esc or moving the focus away, fires SelectedIndexChanged, while it shouldn't.


  • When the control looses focus and the text box length is shorter than the text itself, the visible part of the text is at its end.
  • Selection is changed when items with duplicated text exist.
  • Unable to select items beyond the 5th item when accessing the Popup property.


  • Multi monitors support for save / load layout.
  • BackgroundImage property.
  • Mode for resizing the windows on mouse move - set the EnableImmediateResize property to true.
  • Tab close button theme capabilities.
  • Docking document windows with the docking guides works differently than docking MDI children.
  • DocumentWindow is saved as ToolWindow.
  • Application can not exit when ToolTipTextNeeded event is used in Main Form with RadDock control.
  • DocumentTabs are not rendered RightToLeft.


  • ShapeClicked and ShapeDoubleClicked events do not fire.
  • Connections are not rendered correctly when you move the diagram out of the screen.


  • Some of the elements in the control are not rendered as disabled with Office2010Blue and Office2010Black themes.
  • The Name property of the CommandBarStripElement is not serialized in designer file.
  • CommandBarDropDownList - selection is changed when items with duplicated text exist.


  • Scale Breaks support
  • Clicking on the chart for the first time triggers the LassoZoomController logic and zooms the chart.
  • Pie labels are not positioned correctly when the pie is very small.
  • The layout is broken when series is removed and then added back.
  • The borders of a bar series are drawn outside of the bar layout slot thus making the bar show incorrect value.
  • Exporting a chart that is not visible or created in memory does not work correctly.
  • The axis labels are clipped when the text has specific length.
  • Removing series from the chart does not release their memory.


  • ArgumentOutOfRangeExeption when item is added in the Validating event and the data source is reset in the LostFocus event.

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