Telerik UI for Winforms

Release History

UI for WinForms Q1 2015 (version 2015.1.225)

February 25, 2015

Zip Library

  • The default constructor forces the ZipArchive to dispose the passed stream when it is already disposed.

  • ZipPackage is marked as Obsolete. Use ZipArchive instead.

RadBulletGraph (New Control)


RadBulletGraph is a variation of linear gauge. It combines a number of indicators, as well as the data indicator, into one control that's lightweight, easily customizable and straightforward to set up and use. The control is a great tool for dashboards--it's the optimal way to present a lot of information in relatively small area. Key features are.

  • Easy to use: Just drag and drop from the toolbox
  • Supports the full design specification: Non zero-based scale, negative featured measures, projected values, having many comparative measures and quantitative ranges is not a problem
  • Data Binding Support: The control can be easily data-bound to your business data, either by setting its properties directly, or by using a binding declaration

RadLinearGauge (New Control)


Linear gauge is a linear scale, that can display multiple scales and ranges. Highlights include:

  • Fully customizable elements: bars, lines, needle, ticks and labels
  • Precise design time selection of the gauge elements
  • Animation effects when the value is changed
  • Plenty of gauge styles
  • Save/Load layout to XML.


  • RTF format provider: Support for Import/export of multilevel list containing list level without number text format.
  • Export of RadFlowDocument to PDF, using the Pdf format provider class.
  • Exposed Section.PageNumberingSettings property.
  • Introduced support for vertical section alignment.
  • Introduced RadFlowDocumentEditor.InsertSection() method.
  • Introduced support for "type" attribute of HTML list.
  • Importing style from HTML does not base the created style on 'Normal' style.
  • Document containing list without explicitly specified multilevel type cannot be imported.
  • The input file stream fails to convert to RadFlowDocument when a field has multiple general formatting switches.


  • Introduced support for Grouping which allows creation of documents with grouped rows and columns.
  • Introduced support for Data Validation which allows restricting the type of data or the values that users enter into a cell.
  • AutoFit does not fit exactly to text when Normal style is modified.
  • When CanInsert() method is called with 0 as ItemsCount exception is thrown.
  • Cell value formats are not applied in CSV import.


  • Introduced support for generating PDF/A compliant PDF documents.
  • Added support for export of document info: Author, Title, etc.
  • Introduced PreferredWidth property for setting table cells width.
  • Introduced support for Lists.
  • Introduced LayoutType property in Table class.
  • Added InsertBlock method in RadFixedDocumentEditor that allows inserting custom implementation of IBlockElement interface while generating flow content.
  • Implemented support for adding hyperlinks with a destination through Block editor.
  • Block InsertText method overload does not respect its FontStyle and FontWeight arguments.
  • Splitting empty Block returns not empty Block.
  • When drawing element with and without clipping they are exported in wrong order.
  • When drawing nested tables the text in the inner table is drawn out of the table.
  • Merged cell's content overlaps the borders of a table that is split to two pages.
  • Encrypted documents could not be opened in Adobe Reader.
  • PdfReal values should not be exported in exponential format as it is not supported according to PDF specification.
  • Transparent background color of images is exported as black.
  • RadFixedDocumentEditor's TableProperties are removed.

Visual Style Builder

  • An option to change the default filter for the save image dialog when saving an image from repository items.
  • "Save image as" option does not always allow you to save the image.


  • The scroll event is fired when value is changed through code.


  • When the AutoSize property is set to true the panel size is 0 despite that it has some elements in it.


  • Added XmlTypeSelector to XmlVisualStateSelector for RadStatusBarElement.
  • The restore button of an MDI child form has a maximize icon in ControlDefault, Office2010Blue and Office2010Black.
  • RadGridView does not display correct BackColor initially for the GridIndentCellElement when apply Office2007Silver theme.
  • RadScrollBar - the thumb image should be changed with one corresponding to Windows 7, rather than Office 2010.
  • RadToggleButton - the disabled state is not correct in the Office2013Light theme.


  • Possibility to set the auto-expand delay on drag-drop.
  • ArgumentOutOfRangeException when deleting nodes with same text in a sorted treeview
  • Auto expand on hover does not work while dragging a node.
  • Inability to auto-scroll while dragging a node.


  • User cannot type more than one polish char -"Д…". Additionally, the whole text is cleared.


  • Select all text with Ctrl+A in MultiLine mode.


  • Right clicking an incorrect word does not show the popup on the correct location with two monitors environment.
  • When RadTextBoxControl contains words followed by colon or semi-colon, the red underline indicating errors appears.
  • Spell check as you type does not respect the ShowAllCapitalLettersWord property.
  • Single letter in parentheses is underlined with a red line with spell as you type in the RadTextBoxControl


  • Missing appointments in PrintPreview dialog.


  • When changing the text alignment the control is not invalidated.
  • When the user types in RadRichTextEditor the Access Key (mnemonic) is activated.
  • Exception when the ShowSpellCheckingDialog method is called for the second time.
  • Pasting link, copied from outlook causes exception.
  • The size in the selection mini toolbar is not correct.
  • RtfFormatProvider does not recognize rtf tag \highlight0 as transparent highlight color.
  • In HTML file when Serif font has been added to the font family definition the font is not recognized correctly.
  • RTF importing produces spans with black highlight color.
  • Renders list without indenting (like IE and other browsers do).


  • ApplicationMenu button is not positioned correctly when the system buttons are hidden in Office2013Light theme.
  • When there is a button in a tab or group it stays marked when the mouse down (right mouse button) occurs in the same control, but the mouse is not released over it.
  • When the ribbon is collapsed and tab visibility is changed the ribbon is expanded for a second.


  • The gallery is not loaded when the user's machine contains assemblies whose FullName cannot be retrieved.


  • NullReferenceException when using the up/down arrows in the PropertyGridSpinEditor and clicking over the text box.
  • A collection property cannot be edited if it does not have setter.
  • Sorting 6000 items takes a lot of time.


  • NullReferenceException when clicking over the +/- repeat buttons in an item in the Row Labels.


  • Exporting with collapsed rows/columns causes exception.
  • Performance issue when using ExpandAll/CollapseAll options in the context menu.


  • When the fonts are not embedded and are not installed on the machine the text that uses them is not displayed.


  • Dropping a tile from one group to another when the group has 1 row and the tile has rowspan 2 exception is thrown.


  • Allow RadPageViewItems to accept other RadElements. Currently, they are not arranged.
  • Current page header at the top of the RadPageView in ExplorerBar view mode is not displayed.


  • The dropdown is not sized correctly when there is only one record.
  • SelectedIndex/SelectedValue is reset when the control loses focus and there is a filter applied which had filtered all the available rows.

Forms and Dialogs

  • When RadMessageBox is shown one cannot drag the popup dialog when clicked on the right half of the title bar.


  • Setting the Font of the control does not take effect when Office2010Blue theme is applied.


  • Entering a value in a GridViewMaskBoxColumn with MaskType e-mail leads to an exception.
  • The text property does not work correctly.


  • NullReferenceException when dragging a custom DetailListViewVisualItem.
  • DropHint is missing in Windows7 theme.
  • When swapping items in the BindingList, the RadListView is not refreshed.
  • Performance issue when the control is in unbound mode and grouping is used.


  • Ability to move the column with the expanders to different position then the first one.
  • The ArrowPrimitive in the header cell overlaps the header text in Office2007Silver theme.
  • There is a memory leak when the excel-like filtering is used.
  • HtmlExporter one cannot add html code to the cell value when it is exported.
  • ValueChanging and ValueChanged events are fired when the Escape key is pressed in the active editor for the GridViewMaskBoxColumn.
  • CheckBoxColumn - when the data source contains null values and the header checkbox is shown exception is thrown.
  • NullReference exception when using message box in CellValueChanged event.
  • Allow users to input decimal numbers by directly starting with the decimal separator.
  • The header cell checkbox is not updated when the grid data source is changed.
  • NullReference exception in GridCheckBoxHeaderCellElement when adding a filter to a bound grid with cleared columns.
  • Missing TableElement.RowDragHint in multiple themes.
  • Null reference exception when disposing an orphaned self-reference grid.
  • When the GridColorPickerElement.ReadOnly property is set to true, the editor is initialized with the last selected color despite the cell value.
  • When the search functionality is used in combination with filtering NullReferenceException is thrown.
  • Some cells are not selected when dragging quickly through them.
  • When RadTextBoxControlElement is used as permanent editor in the grid there is NulllReference exception, caused by the IME support.
  • When an unicode control character is inserted via the search row context menu ArgumentException is thrown.
  • GridViewCheckBoxColumn - the header cell checkbox is automatically checked when the user is filtering.
  • Columns are resized when the PrintPreview dialog is shown and grid is in RightToLeft mode.
  • GridViewComboboxColumn NullReferenceException on CellValueChanged.


  • When the vertical scroll is shown and one moves an item the link lines are not drawn correctly.
  • ArgumentOutOfRange exception when scrolling the graphical view.
  • When the ReadOnly property is set to true, the user can still move the summary task with the mouse.

Telerik Presentation Framework

  • DesignTimeTextEditor support for adding new line with Enter key while in dropdown, without opening the MarkUpEditor.
  • RadRibbonFormBehavior dialog shows when you import a new image for a RadButtonElement at design time.
  • Setting the ForeColor of root RadMenuItem is not taken into consideration
  • RadImageButtonElement - ImageHovered and ImageClicked properties are not taken into consideration.
  • Changing the ForeColor property of the BorderPrimitive of the RadStatusStripElement has no effect.


  • Calling the Focus method when DropDownStyle = DropDown does not select the entire text in the inner text box.
  • The description text is not clearly visible for the selected item with the VisualStudio2012Dark theme.
  • The border is not properly reset in Windows8 theme when the user hovers the control.


  • The possibility to choose which windows to be serialized via the SaveToXml method.
  • The possibility to add custom elements to the TabStripItem.
  • ActiveMDIChild property.
  • Re-dock ability from floating to document.
  • AutoHideSize is now serialized by the save/load layout functionality.
  • Design time error when starting debug mode after modification in design time.
  • Absolute size is not taken into consideration when a window state is changed with the context menu.
  • Exception when disposing a closed dialog with RadDock on it.
  • Anchoring issue with controls in a form, hosted in RadDock.
  • When in RTL the QuickNavigator shows the Top-left instead of Top-Right corner of windows.
  • ToolWindow with anchored controls inside, changes child controls position when autohiding/showing.
  • Dock with more than one ToolWindow (auto-hidden), when displaying a hidden window its caption is wrong for a fraction of time.
  • Issue with loading layout from xml related to disposing mechanism in RadDock.
  • Layout issues with autohide ToolWindow content.
  • Xml serialization does not work in scenarios with inherited ToolWindow.
  • Databinding issues with ToolWindows.
  • Double click on ToolWindow caption is not working properly in design-time.
  • BindingContext changes for ToolWindow hosted controls when state changes from Dock to AutoHide.
  • Docking Manager execssive redrawing of floating window.
  • RadDock does not preserve the original window order when using Save/LoadLayout methods.
  • RadDock does not preserve the hidden state of a tool window when using LoadLayout method.
  • RadMenu shortcuts do not work if form is MDI child.
  • RadDock with two nested docks, setting the DocumentTabsAlignment of the other dock automatically sets the same on the inner one.
  • Problem with resizing of right-docked auto-hide tool window.
  • Load layout issue when using HostWindows.
  • OnActivated is fired before OnLoad in forms which have RadDock instances.
  • Activated event is not fired on hosted MDI forms.
  • AutoHideSize is not considered properly in all cases.
  • Save/Load layout does not store/restore correctly ToolWindows in a hidden FloatingForm after restart.
  • Docking a floated window does not remove it from the FloatingWindows collection.
  • AutoHidden window with property grid is hidden if it loses focus while the editor is active.
  • Save/Load layout does not work as expected for HostWindows.
  • Load layout does not restore correctly floating ToolWindow.
  • AutoHiding a ToolWindow, then hiding and showing it does not restore its DockState to AutoHide.
  • Closing the main Form should close the MdiChildren of the dock.
  • Docking a ToolWindow with other windows inside, docks only the current window.
  • Having floating window with docked windows inside and saving the layout does not allow you to load correct layout later.
  • When the MDI form is closed right after another MDI the second form's host window remains visible.


  • When the user clears the whole date, the text is not cleared and the null date appears.
  • The AutoSelectNextPart property is reset after the control is bound to a BindingSource.


  • Modified property value is not persisted when the editor is RadMaskedEditBox and the property is Nullable<int>.


  • Ability to disable the saving of the custom colors - set the SaveCustomColors property to false.
  • The Text property is not replaced with the localized name of the selected color when using ColorDialogLocalizationProvider.


  • Funnel series.
  • Scatter area series.
  • HLC (high-low-close) series..
  • Waterfall series.
  • Funnel series.
  • Range, Range Spline and Range Bar series.
  • Marked zones.
  • Annotations.
  • Export to image.
  • Possibility to enter minimum/maximum width for Bars in BarSeries.
  • Ability to inverse the order of the values on ordered chart axes.
  • A member property to the pie series that allows binding the legend title.
  • Ability to rotate the labels of chart series - set the LabelRotationAngle property of the series.
  • Ability to alignin the vertical axes of two charts one above the other.
  • TrackBall for multiple axes.
  • RightToLeft support for DrillDownNavigator.
  • Ability to show negative values under the 0 point of the area.
  • Allowed different theming for the points of PointSeries and LineSeries.
  • Mouse aware zooming for PanZoomController.
  • Scroll bar in legend section.
  • Vertical Stripes go out of the chart area when PanZoom is used.
  • If two series are combined in Stack100 mode and both have value 0.0 in one category an exception is thrown.
  • If one sets the GapLength of a chart axis to 0 the chart layouts bar series with inconsistent space between bars.
  • AxisLabelElement overlaps the axis when chart's area has Horizontal orientation.
  • PieSeries do not show the legend properly, the values are not initialized.
  • Changing the view using DrillDownController and re-adding series will not update the legend.
  • ChartTrackballController does not display correctly the vertical line across the chart plot area when the ShowLegend property is set to true.
  • When the category is bound to a field that can be parsed to a number the axis labels are measured incorrectly.
  • Legend items are not cleared when the underlying data source is refilled.
  • Axis labels are not drawn to the correct locations on the plot area.
  • Rotated labels appear in the legend area when using a RangeSelector.
  • The labels are not aligned properly on the vertical axis.
  • If you run a form with a chart view with a zoom controller on it you cannot start to zoom in and out until you click on the chart.
  • Lasso controller does not zoom properly the vertical axis.
  • Line and area series are not rendered correctly when the CartesianArea.Orientation is Horizontal.
  • Labels are not rendered when the HorizontalLocation is set to right.
  • Adding data points with DateTime category in the range of milliseconds results in wrong axis labels.
  • Setting the DesiredTickCount property changes the axis minimum or maximum.
  • The vertical axis labels are not drawn when the orientation of the chart is set to horizontal.
  • The constructor of ChartLegendElement now takes the RadChartElement as a parameter instead of an ILegendInfoProvider.

Demo Application

  • In the first look example for the RadDataEntry one cannot properly add new items.
  • the C#/VB code is not visible for DocumentProcessing, RichTextEditor and Panorama examples

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