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UI for WinForms Q1 2008SP1

May 16, 2008

RadControls for WinForms Q1 2008 SP1 Release Notes (v6.1.0.0)


  1. Fixed an issue with System.InvalidCastException thrown in certain cases 
  2. Fixed an issue with lost appearance of PlotArea when there are no series in the chart 
  3. Fixed an issue with XAxis item labels overlapping the plot area 
  4. Fixed an issue when grouping data by a column with NULL values 
  5. Data binding to null does not affect the chart now


  1. Introduced MDI control/menu strip that handles maximized MDI children in MDI parent mode


  1. Fixed a problem when closing/opening RadForm in design time - the form was automatically resizing to new fault size
  2. RadForm is fixed to support a MDI parent role
  3. Modified the MDI example to demonstrate MDI parent mode of RadForm


  1. New RTL example for RadGridView
  2. Improved/Fixed ComboBoxColumn binding - now supports full design/run time
  3. Added support for null value in ComboBoxColumn
  4. Added grouping support in unbound mode
  5. Added ability to have icons in header columns, ability to have rich text cells, html cells and icons in cells
  6. Added DisplayIndex property to GridViewColumn
  7. Added support for multi-line text in RadGridView (text with line breaks)
  8. Implemented hierarchy synchronization in the grid designer
  9. Improved grid's behavior when there are read-only columns
  10. Polished the Property Builder UI
  11. Improved the documentation of the RadGridView API reference


  1. Fixed the problem that the FilterRow is read-only if the grid is read-only
  2. Fixed the indexing engine in grid
  3. Fixed the bind/rebind operations
  4. Fixed the Rows collection
  5. Fixed hierarchy mode
  6. Fixed memory leaks in RadGridView
  7. Fixed: A cell after a Boolean cell doesn’t open in Edit Mode when you use Space to check or uncheck Boolean cell and Tab after that
  8. Fixed: Adding rows in unbound mode
  9. Fixed: AddNewRow does not work if filter is applied
  10. Fixed: ArgumentException "Parameter not valid" when grid in a user control is disposing
  11. Fixed: AutoCompleteMode and DropDownStyle for the ComboBoxColumn
  12. Fixed: CellEdnEdit event caused stack overflow
  13. Fixed: Column settings are wrong after setting the DataSource
  14. Fixed: Enable hiding of the currently selected row when the grid has lost focus
  15. Fixed: Example DataBinding - obj ref not set when (click and press enter in add new row) is hit twice
  16. Fixed: First Look example - if you used Left Arrow in the Filter the cursor was situated next to the last letter
  17. Fixed: Editors behavior when grid is set to RTL
  18. Fixed: GirdView.Rows.Add() is not working and there is no GirdView.Rows.Insert()
  19. Fixed: Grid slows down the whole application even when not visible
  20. Fixed: GridViewColumn.FormatString can't be set at design time
  21. Fixed: Group header text disappears when scrolling
  22. Fixed: Groups do not store their expanded state in between sort operations
  23. Fixed: Hierarchy mode will not display a plus/minus/arrow sign for rows without child rows
  24. Fixed: Add new row problem when AddNewRowPosition = bottom.
  25. Fixed: Add New Row - when you typing something in "add new row" and using TAB or Clicking in another cell the written content is removed
  26. Fixed: In design time, when you try to set NoFiltering and after that try to set another filter to another column you will see error
  27. Fixed: Filtering - if you apply a custom filter with two conditions in it, you cannot mark as selected another filter from the context menu
  28. Fixed: Filtering - if you try to set empty string in a Filter through RadControlSpy -> MastreGridVIewRemplate -> Columns -> Filtering you will see Object reference not set to an instance of an object error.
  29. Fixed: Filtering - should not be able to change the value of a Boolean column with Shift
  30. Fixed: Hierarchy - when you use the Down Arrow twice to move from one level to another you will see error
  31. Fixed: Columns and rows added through the API will not display at run time
  32. Fixed: Unbound columns with no rows will not show at run or design time 
  33. Fixed: No columns are shown at run time when two dataSource are set and the first is with hierarchy
  34. Fixed: No navigation in the filtered and grouped grid if a row is deleted
  35. Fixed: Set Data Source through the Property Builder and build the Data Schema - in Design Time the columns don’t show in the grid
  36. Fixed: Sort and Filter Changed and Changing Events don't fire correctly
  37. Fixed: When the grid is in RTL mode, part of the first column text is not visible
  38. Fixed: Bigger scroll bar when filtering a sorted column added through the API
  39. Fixed: Hierarchy disappears in design time when setting Group By Expressions for the 2nd (3rd) level of the hierarchy
  40. Fixed: Setting a Filter to a column is possible when EnableFiltering = false
  41. Fixed: Column Chooser: Setting conditional formatting to a column, hiding the column and showing it again from the Column Chooser removes the Conditional Formatting
  42. Fixed: Filtering - Clicking in a filter cell and after that clicking in another filter cell, a filter will be applied to the first clicked filter cell, even if it was empty
  43. Fixed: Group by 2 columns, ungroup by one of the columns and the Group Header text disappears
  44. Fixed: Deleting a row from the 3rd hierarchy level by pressing Del results in an error
  45. Fixed: Deleting rows from 2nd or 3rd hierarchy level by selecting Delete Row from row header context menu did not work
  46. Fixed: Tabbing through Numeric Text columns in Unbound Mode does not work
  47. Fixed: Changing the AuotSizeColumnsMode from Fill to None does not cause resizing the columns to their original size
  48. Fixed: Problem with the synchronization of the Property Builder changes with the grid UI
  49. Fixed: When editing a Boolean Column the Edit indicator doesn’t show
  50. Fixed: Grid Property Builder - Setting two Data Sources in a row results in an error
  51. Fixed: Hierarchy - grouping on the first level leads to additional cells creation
  52. Fixed: Hierarchy - issues when ungrouping in hierarchy
  53. Fixed: Row auto size problem
  54. Fixed: Setting column's HeaderText through the API at RT should cause the text in the header cell to be refreshed
  55. Fixed: Selecting a row causes System.ArgumentException
  56. Fixed: Settings the MaxLength property of GridViewTextBoxColumn has no effect
  57. Fixed: Allow typing in column filter rows in readonly mode
  58. Fixed: When dragging a column from the group panel back to the header area, its size is extremely small and difficult to resize
  59. Fixed: When the BindingSource.RemoveCurrent() method is called, the row on the grid is removed, but is still selectable
  60. Fixed: When setting Group By Expression for a column it doesn’t serialize
  61. Fixed: When setting Sort Order for a column it doesn’t serialize
  62. Fixed: You deleting a row when the grid is ReadOnly = true. Also the Edit option from the Context Menu should be disabled when the grid is ReadOnly
  63. Fixed: Grid crashes when grouping, sorting, reordering a column and then pinning a row (inside EnsureCellVisible method)
  64. Fixed: RadSpinEditor column- The last written value for the SpinEditor will be shown as the default value for the next SpinEditor when adding a new row or filter


  1. Fixed: Adding images to RadTitleBar themes
  2. Fixed: Using RadTitleBar and RadRibbonBar on a form enable the parent form to be resized when maximized


  1. Fixed: The checkbox of a TreeNode is not shown if Checked is set to true
  2. Fixed: RadTreeView - Drag & Drop does not work when Padding or Margin is != 0
  3. Fixed: SpacingBetweenNodes property can be set to a negative value, causing an OutOfRangeException in OnLayout


  1. Fixed: Issues with RadMenu in RadRibbonBar
  2. Fixed: Alt key problem in RadRibbonBar
  3. Fixed: Using RadTitleBar and RadRibbonBar on a form enable the parent form to be resized when maximized

Other controls

  1. Fixed: RadButton Click event does not fire
  2. Fixed: RadPanelBar - When adding items to the last added item a scroll bar appears, even if not needed
  3. Fixed: RadSpinEditor: Typing “12-3” causes an error
  4. New: RadCarousel: A new property is added which sets the way opacity is applied to carousel items

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