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UI for WinForms Q1 2008

April 15, 2008

RadControls for WinForms Q1 2008 Release Notes (v6.0.0.0)

New Controls
  • RadCarousel
  • RadForm

All Controls

  • New Aqua and Desert themes added across the suite
  • Themes now appear as components in the Visual Studio toolbox and can be dropped on the form for easy and intuitive control skinning


  • Implemented a UIElementAdapter for the RadPanelBar
  • Added RadGridView to group of supported controls

New Applications


  • Corrected the Fresco Theme for RadRepeatButton to show the entire border

New features and enhancements

  • Automatic text-wrapping functionality
  • New skins - sunset, Marble, Wood, Metal, Hay
  • New series types - StackedLine and StackedSpline


  • Fixed marked zones label tootip.
  • Fixed bar series position issue.
  • Fixed an issue with disappearing label for bars with small values
  • Fixed an issue with chart series items labels positioning
  • Fixed an issue with EMF format in design time
  • Pie chart item labels can now be placed inside the chart
  • Extended Y axis is now extended even if the axis max value does not match the series' max value
  • Fixed an issue with XmlDataSource
  • Fixed an issue with Line chart series shadow
  • Fixed an issue with axis labels serialization
  • User-defined custom figures are now editable
  • User-defined custom figures are now available for selection in Series.Appearance.PointMark.Figure dropdown.

New features and enhancements

  • Updated the layout system of the control


  • Corrected DropDownSizingMode behavior for RadComboBox
  • Corrected databinding issues related to SelectedIndex property

Breaking changes

  • The popup is now using DockLayoutPanel instead of StripLayoutPanel to layout the listbox and the grip

New features and enhancements

  • Added RTL language support


  • Corrected an issue related to selecting a time format and pressing the Del key
  • Corrected selecting a time format with a mouse drag from right to left
  • CheckBox now shown when RightToLeft is set after the ShowCheckbox property
  • Corrected behavior related to pressing the Del key when the MinDate is different from the default one
  • MaxDate and MinDate properties are now respected in the RadDateTimePicker when navigating using the drop down box
  • UpDown button is now shown when the RightToLeft property is true
  • Corrected RadDateTimePicker themes


  • Corrected behavior when a tabbed document is made dockable by clicking on the context commands drop down menu
  • MDI example now displays the Customers and Orders grids when the respective child forms have been added

New features and enhancements

  • Siginificant performance improvements. More details can be reviewed on What's New in RadControls for WinForms Q1 2008
  • When a new row is added, RadGridView scrolls to the bottom of the rows to bring it into view
  • When AddNewRowPosition = Bottom, and the user clicks outside of the new row, the RadGridView scrolls to the top
  • Resizing selected rows together
  • The filter is now applied as you type
  • Added a flexible localization engine

NOTE: RadGridView is NOT backwards compatible with any of the previous versions! Full details on all breaking changes and backwards compatibility you can find here.


  • Grouping from hierarchy fixed
  • Corrected HeaderTextAlignment behavior
  • Corrected sorting behavior when applied to a property of a custom object after editing a value of this property
  • Corrected behavior when filtering is applied, and a new row is being added to the inner levels of the hierarchy
  • Corrected adding of a new row when AddNewRowPosition is Bottom
  • Corrected scrolling behavior after a new row was added
  • Corrected new row behavior when columns have been reordered
  • Corrected filtering behavior, when applied to an inner level of the hierarchy
  • Corrected issues with multiple lookup columns
  • Corrected behavior related to clicking in a group summary cell
  • Corrected behavior related to selection when Multi Select is False and the Selection Mode is CellSelect
  • Horizontal scroll is now visible in child views
  • Corrected add new row behavior in inner levels of the hierarchy
  • Corrected application of MiddleCenter header cell text alignment
  • Corrected group summary navigation behavior - Shift + Tab can be used to navigate through a Date Time column
  • Corrected horizontal scrolling behavior which now lays out all columns without clipping after maximization
  • Corrected filtering behavior related to selecting a filter (IsNotNull for example) and then selecting a Custom filter
  • Corrected grouping removal once the AllowGrouping property value is set to false
  • Summary items function correctly when set before grouping
  • Corrected row deletion behavior when applied to a new row
  • Corrected SummaryItems behavior after column reordering
  • Corrected behavior related to grouping by a column and then filtering by another one
  • Corrected horizontal scroll redrawing issue
  • Corrected Column Chooser behavior – double click now returns the column back to the visible columns
  • Corrected scrolling behavior when the grid has been grouped on an inner level of the hierarchy
  • Corrected selection logic related to selecting the first row on the first level of the hierarchy using the keyboard
  • Corrected filtering behavior related to setting No Filter after the content of the Custom Filter has been removed
  • Corrected layout logic causing a white space to appear when the column making the connection between the different levels in the hierarchy is hidden
  • Corrected CellDoubleClick event behavior
  • Corrected editing behavior in hierarchical mode related to entering edit mode when selecting a row
  • Corrected scrolling logic related to the case where the last row from the second or third level of the hierarchy has been expanded
  • Corrected CurrentRow flashing
  • Corrected new row behavior causing not all values in the new row to be initialized
  • Corrected editing behavior related to opening a cell from the expanded row in Edit Mode by clicking it
  • Corrected unbound mode behavior related to using the Tab through Numeric Text column
  • Corrected editing behavior in a date time cell in unbound mode
  • Corrected add new row behavior related to the scenario where AddNewRowPosition is set to Bottom and the user navigates away from it using the up arrow
  • Corrected deletion logic applied to deleting rows using the Del key when filtering has been applied
  • Corrected scrolling logic causing not all rows to be shown when summary items are present
  • Corrected deletion behavior related to deleting a newly added row from the second level in the hierarchy
  • Corrected Property Builder behavior when setting the Enabled property
  • Corrected Property Builder behavior when setting the Anchor property
  • Corrected Property Builder behavior when the last column is deleted
  • Corrected design time grouping behavior related to setting a GroupBy expression for a column using the Property Builder
  • Corrected grouping behavior related to the sign for expand and collapse of the Grouped column disappearing when grouping is applied on the second level of the hierarchy
  • Corrected deleting behavior related to deleting rows using the Del key when AllowDeleteRow is false
  • User-added unbound columns are now displayed correctly in a databound scenario
  • Corrected editing behavior allowing editing a Boolean column when ReadOnly is set to true
  • Filtering has been disabled for certain column types, such as image columns
  • Corrected filtering behavior in inner levels of the hierarchy
  • Corrected delayed loading of column types
  • Setting EnableAlternatingRowColor at run time is now applied immediately
  • Corrected arrow navigation issue in the filtering results causing the second row to be selected instead of the first
  • Corrected editing behavior related to displaying the edit icon in front of the new row when the user is editing the filter for a Boolean column
  • Corrected AllowGrouping property value change behavior causing the disappearance of the text of the grouped row
  • Corrected scrolling behavior related to scrolling to the end of the Vertical scroll and expanding the last row of the second level of the hierarchy
  • Corrected filtering behavior which results in an empty dataset when applied to the third level in the hierarchy
  • Corrected column chooser behavior related to dragging a column different from the last one back to the RadGridView

New features and enhancements

  • Extended FindItemExact() to search for String.Empty
  • Disabled the mnemonic feature for RadListBoxItem


  • Corrected item behavior causing collapsed items to have non-zero height when IntegralHeight is true
  • Corrected scrolling initialization
  • The entire text of the RadListBoxItem is now visible when the text of the item is long and the RTL property of the ListBox is set to Yes

Breaking Changes

  • The viewport is now of type RadVirtualizedStackViewport
  • RadListBoxItem is switched to use StackLayoutPanel as a textual part of its ImageAndTextLayout (before it used StripLayoutPanel)

New features and enhancements

  • The entire content of the Mask Edit Box can now be selected with the left mouse click and dragging the mouse
  • Numeric MaskType added


  • Corrected behavior related to selecting the year when the mouse clicks at the end of the year 0001
  • Corrected culture-setting behavior

New features and enhancements

  • Added a Office2007Blue default theme

New features and enhancements

  • Added RTL language support


  • Corrected design-time theme issues with group style set to OutlookNavPane
  • Corrected behavior related to the Image is not being set when the ImageKey or ImageIndex properties have been set before it
  • Corrected an issue related to certain group items now being shown properly at design time

Breaking Changes

  • The panelbar style's name OutLookNavPane is changed to OutlookNavPane


  • Corrected behavior related to using a RadRadioButtonElement in a chunk
  • Corrected behavior so that a maximized MDI form can no longer be moved

New features and enhancements

  • Changed the items available for adding in the Items collection editor


  • Corrected the behavior related to adding items, deleting them, and then performing an undo operation
  • Corrected design-time creation issue

New features and enhancements

  • Added RTL support in the horizontal scrollbar


  • Corrected ShapedForm border
  • Corrected ShapedForm maximization behavior on multimonitor systems


  • RadSpinEditor control tree now displayed correctly in the Visual Style Builder
  • Corrected default theme


  • RadStatusStrip items are now shown with their correct size at runtime


  • Corrected behavior of TextOrientation property so that it takes effect at design time
  • Corrected layout issue causing TabItem names to appear upside down when TabPosition is Bottom.

New properties

  • UseGenericBorderPaint controls whether the standard border painting is used, which might result in bottom edges of text in certain fonts being cut off, but with no change in the height of the control. If set to the non-default value, all fonts are correctly displayed, and the control height increases by two pixels.


  • Corrected layout behavior related to showing the bottom edges of text when certain fonts are used
  • Right-To-Left mode is applied correctly when switching its value
  • Corrected Key and Focus event firing logic
  • Corrected property serialization

New features and enhancements

  • Updated the stability of the component by improving its internal layout logic

New features and enhancements

  • Added a border to make the control visible when it has no items

New features and enhancements

  • Changed the ContextMenuShowing event arguments to allow replacing the context menu


  • Data binding can now construct a recursive tree structure
  • Corrected horizontal scroll behavior to change its position correctly the RTL property has changed
  • Corrected Remove selected behavior when an XML file has been loaded

Telerik Presentation Framework
New features and enhancements

  • Corrected control disabling behavior which used to cause a decrease in application performance
  • Enhanced clipping to support alignment

Design-Time support
New features and enhancements

  • Added default properties and events to all controls
  • Descriptions are now shown for all controls in the toolbox


  • Corrected behavior related to setting of incorrect location for an item Dropped over the special "Add New" item
  • Corrected behavior making a form with a RadTabStrip seems edited just after it is opened in design-time
  • Corrected multiple RadThemeManager adding issue from the toolbox versus the smart tag menu

Breaking Changes

Methods and properties which are moved to ElementTree:

  • AssureRootElement --> moved to ElementTree and renamed to EnsureRootElement
  • GetElementAtPoint --> moved to ElementTree
  • IsLayoutSuspended --> moved to ElementTree
  • ControlThemeChanged --> moved to ElementTre
  • PerformLayoutCore --> moved to ElementTree

In order to override a virtual function that is moved to the element tree you have to: 

  1. Inherit ComponentThemableElementTree and override the moved method / property
  2. In the class that inherits RadControl override the virtual property ElementTree and return the element tree from #1 above.

Methods and properties moved to Behavior

  • MnemonicText -> moved to Behavior and renamed to GetMnemonicText
  • OnKeyDown(RadElement, KeyEventArgs)
  • OnKeyPress(RadElement, KeyPressEventArgs)
  • OnKeyUp(RadElement, KeyEventArgs)
  • GetHoveredRadElement
  • MouseHoverTimer
  • HandleMouseLeave
  • DisableMouseEvents
  • HoveredElementChanged
  • OnHoveredElementChanged
  • SelectedElement
  • ProcessMnemonicChar
  • SetElementValue
  • DefaultShowItemToolTips
  • EnableKeyTips
  • DisposeKeyTips
  • SetKeyMap
  • InitializeKeyMap
  • ResetKeyMap
  • ResetKeyMapInternal
  • GetKeyMapFocus
  • SetInternalKeyMapFocus
  • ReturnKeyMapFocus
  • OnEnableKeyTipsChanged
  • InitializeAdornerLayer
  • DisposeAdornerLayer
  • GetRootItems
  • ProccessKeyMap
  • ActivateSelectedItem
  • ProcessUnmappedItems
  • IsPartOfKeyTip
  • GetCurrentKeyMap
  • GetKeyFocusChildren
  • GetKeyStringRepresentation 

In order to override a virtual function that is moved to the behavior you have to: 

  1. Inherit ComponentInputBehavior and override the moved method / property 
  2. In the class that inherits RadControl override the virtual property Behavior and return the behavior from #1 above

Other changes:

  • PropertyChangingEventArgs in RadControl is renamed to RadPropertyChangingEventArgs, and now derives from CancelEventArgs
  • CanProcessMnemonic is moved to TelerikHelper.CanProcessMnemonic
  • ChildItemsCreated - removed
  • ActiveControl - removed
  • GetChildMnemonicList – removed

Quick Start Framework
New features and enhancements

  • Added new RadGridView examples demonstrating unbound mode and layout saving and loading


  • Corrected Business Grid Example behavior related to a change in the size of the Horizontal Scroll due to using the Right Arrow
  • Corrected Vista File Explorer behavior related to displaying the content of the C drive, followed by navigating to My Computer
  • Corrected Business Grid Example behavior when adding a new row in an empty grid
  • Set the proper control to be loaded by the Visual Style Builder

Documentation and examples 
New features and enhancements

  • Added RadTextBoxElement as an option for insertion in a chunk of RadRibbon
  • Revised example descriptions
  • Updated the RadScrollBar and ScrollView examples

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