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UI for WinForms Q1 2007SP2

July 9, 2007

RadControls for WinForms Q1 2007 SP2 (v3.5.0.0) Release notes:


    New features and Enhancements
  • RadGridView’s performance has been improved with about 30%. This includes scrolling, resizing, grouping, and applying a theme. 
  • Currently we support adding rows through API. Filter doesn't lose focus when typing 
  • Implemented a tooltip system for all elements of the grid

    New properties

  • GridViewDataColumn.IsGrouped 
    • true if grouping on that column is applied
    • false otherwise 
  • GridViewDataColumn.IsSorted 
    • true if sorting on that column is applied
    • false otherwise
    • Note: When grouping is applied, sorting is obviously applied too. 
  • GridViewTemplate.ShowColumnHeaders - show/hide column headers 
  • GridViewTemplate.ShowGroupedColumns
  • (bool) GridViewTemplate.AutoExpandGroups - when true, after grouping all groups are automatically expanded. Otherwise all groups remain collapsed. The default is false. 
  • (bool) GridViewColumn.VisibleInColumnChooser - when true the column is visible in the column chooser, otherwise it is not. The default is true.

    Bugs fixed

  • Memory allocation issues have been fixed 
  • RadGridView updates correctly when grouping and filtering modes are enabled 
  • Fixed flickering issues while RadGridView is being filled with data 
  • Grouping panel refreshes correctly on Ungroup when RadGridView is filtered 
  • Fixed a null reference exception when RadGridView is deleted in design-time 
  • Fixed a Grouping issue when Grouping Panel is hidden 
  • Fixed a row display problem when a cell in a sorted or a grouped column is being edited 
  • Fixed a Group fields problem, where they would not reset if the data source changes 
  • Fixed: Text in filtering textbox did not preserve after reordering 
  • Fixed: Filters did not persist after rebind 
  • Fixed: e.CurrentRow.DataBoundItem threw an exception if not set 
  • Fixed: ColumnChooser did not keep the proper columns after data source changes 
  • Fixed: Columns disappeared when AutoSizeColumnsMode=Fill and the user resized the grid to a width, larger than the available space 
  • Fixed: RadGridView did not persist sorting and filtering when data source is updated 
  • DataBinding doesn’t fail anymore if the data source does not contain rows 
  • Fixed an issued with display objects that contain bitmaps 
  • Fixed: When updating the data source outside of the grid, the control did not update its info correctly 
  • Fixed an issue of Filtering editboxes moving after filtering and reordering of the filtered column 
  • Many other small fixes and improvements

    New features and enhancements 

  • Performance optimizations 
  • Added XML serialization 
  • Added Enabled property to RadTreeNode 
  • Added CheckedChanged event


  • Fixed: the Image property of nodes did not work in some cases


  • Greatly improved performance


  • Fixed: CustomShape did not serialize in design-time 
  • Fixed: Incorrect measurement of text size when && is used 
  • Added docking manager/ DockLayout property - SaveXML/LoadXML behavior 
  • Added new DockTabChanged event to DockingManager 
  • Fixed textbox padding - the Padding property of the control sets the padding of the main element

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