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UI for WinForms Q1 2007SP1

May 15, 2007

RadControls for WinForms Q1 2007 SP1 (v3.2.0.0) Release notes:

Enhancements and new features 

  1. Validation on item level 
  2. Optimization for Font changes 
  3. Added String indexer for RadItemsCollection 
  4. Added new events to the docking: Deactivated and Closed 
  5. Property for opacity for the dragged dock window 
  6. Added MinimumSize and MaximumSize properties for the docking windows 
  7. New RadGridView events:
    • DataBindingComplete
    • CellClick
    • CellDoubleClick
    • CellFormatting
    • CellMouseMove
    • RowFormatting
    • RowMouseMove
    • CurrentRowChanging
    • CurrentRowChanged 
  8. RadGridView - value formatting with aggregate values for the group fields
  9. RadGridView - added property AllowColumnRemove 
  10. RadGridView - added command column that allows for custom actions when it is clicked 
  11. RadGridView - added API for “Column Best Fit” functionality 
  12. RadGridView new examples:
    • Conditional Formatting
    • Events
    • New Row
    • Column Chooser
  13. RadTreeView new examples
    • Check Boxes
    • Layout
  14. RadPanelBar – introduced texts as localizable props 
  15. RadToolStrip - introduced texts as localizable props 
  16. RadRibbonBar - added application menu's Exit and Options buttons with design time support 
  17. RadRibbonBar – added support for setting the start menu’s width 
  18. RadRibbonBar – fixed application menu to support constant width 
  19. RadRibbonBar – added a prop to set the application menu’s width
Bug fixes
  1. Design time issues:
    • Modifications in the Items collection didn’t invalidate the designer
    • UI element editor’s property grid deselects the component after changing a property
    • One of the two Name properties has been removed
    • Fixed several problems with RadGridView designer (“RadGridView Property Builder”) – wrong serialization, incorrect initialization, errors on open, etc.
    • Visual Studio restarts when all nodes of the TreeView are deleted
    • Problems when opening the Chart wizard
    • Fixed copy-paste of RadRibbonBar control 
  2. Framework fixes: 
    • Popup menu on Multimonitor system does not show on the correct monitor 
    • Fixes in the logic for focusing elements
    • Fixed several memory consumption issues 
  3. RadGridView fixes: 
    • Fixed Multicolumn sorting issues 
    • Hiding of grouping panel 
    • Binding source is not updated when the DataSource is set to NULL 
    • Error when setting EnableGrouping to false 
    • Context menu was not affected by AllowAddNewRow, AllowEditNewRow, AllowDeleteRow - fixed 
    • Problems loading GridView in VisualStyleBuilder 
    • Problems with the filtering (just first letter filtering was working ok, filter with sort was not working correctly, text disappearing after certain filtering actions, etc.) 
    • Fixed several problems with AutoSize columns 
    • Exception when using conditional formatting is now fixed 
    • The logic for the IsPinned property is fixed 
  4. RadDock fixes: 
    • Advanced layout designer - save after element removal did not work 
    • Incorrect resizing of the docking windows 
    • NullReferenceException when clicking ActiveDocument for the selected DockPanel
    • Serialization problems for hidden windows 
    • Wrong initial size of the autohide popup 
    • Text property for DockPanels was not serialized correctly 
  5. Fixes for other controls
    • RadPanel – drag-and-drop of controls was not working 
    • RadPanel - when holding child controls the border and gradient disappear 
    • RadPanelBar – flickering when selecting different panelbars 
    • RadPanelBar - caption was with incorrect size after ScrollBar disappears 
    • RadRibbonBar – exception deleting RibbonBar from a form 
    • RadRibbonBar - error when deleting chunks from the ribbon 
    • RadTabStrip – overflow button didn’t appear even when its visible property is set to true 
    • RadTabStrip - error when the tab before the last one is deleted and new tab is added 
    • RadToolStrip – problem with the theme when floating a ToolStripItem (the theme was applied to the first button only) 
    • RadTextBox – particular texts were not set correctly 
    • RadTreeView – problem changing item’s height 
  6. Fixes in examples
    • When shrinking the QSF window the main TabStrip disappears
    • VB’s example "TabStrip as TabControl" was showing 3 message boxes while loading and buttons were showing their message boxes more than once 
    • RadTreeView -> CheckBoxes example - nodes disappearing after scrolling and collapsing of level 0 nodes 
    • RadGridView -> Events – reorder and click on row header raised an error 
    • RadGridView -> Data binding – an exception was thrown when choosing items 
    • RadDock -> Tabbed documents – the items could be changed for the first time only 
    • RadRibbonBar -> First Look – mouse over the second item in the gallery would make the item disappear

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