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Release History

UI for WinForms 2009.1414

April 13, 2009



  • New: Selection with dragging


  • Fixed: Calendar selection and Multiple selection
  • Fixed: CellAlign property

RadComboBox and RadListBox


  • New: ReadOnly mode added to RadComboBox and RadListBox


  • Fixed: Selection issue with RadListBox.



  • Fixed: ValueChanged was fired twice.
  • Fixed: ForeColor property.



  • Fixed: Minor fixes in TabbedDocument container.

Forms: RadForm


  • Drastic performance improvements while resizing the form
  • Drawing improved in MDI mode



  • New: ColumnCharacterCasing property of GridViewTextBoxColumn
  • New: ShowUpDownButtons property for GridViewDecimalColumn
  • Significantly improved conditional formatting performance and improved overall conditional formatting logic.
  • Added conditional formatting persistency support.
  • Added persistency support for all summary rows in the GridViewTemplate class.


  • Fixed: If GridViewComboBoxColumn DiplayMember is null, ValueMember is used instead
  • Fixed: Validating event didn't fire when the value was deleted from the GridSpinEditor
  • Fixed: Added CaseSensitive property to control string comparison operations.
  • Fixed: Added Enabled property to determine whether the formatting is currently applicable.
  • Fixed: All string-related conditions are now applicable to column of any type.
  • Fixed: Fixed a bug with improper setting of alternating rows color and Mouse Hover event.
  • Fixed: Grouping in RTL mode.
  • Fixed: Selection fix when right click and dragging are used.
  • Fixed: Mouse hover for Alternating rows.
  • Fixed: Designer Serialization for summary rows.
  • Fixed: SortOrder can be set to None in the Property Builder.
  • Fixed: Collapse sign change in some specific situations.
  • Fixed: Text is shown behind the filter arrow.
  • Fixed: "Drag a column here" message was not disappearing when grouping columns in certain situations.
  • Fixed: Conditional Formatting design time serialization.
  • Fixed: Filter did not apply if the FieldName contained only lower case letters.
  • Fixed: ScrollBar issue when resizing the grid.
  • Fixed: LoadLayout restores correctly grid columns' ordering and visible state
  • Fixed: Save/LoadLayout(Stream) now do not close the stream internally. This also fixes save/load layout to and from MemoryStream



  • Fixed: NumericType - keyboard typing problem

Forms: RadApplicationMenu


  • Fixed: ShowTwoColumnDropDownMenu property.



  • Added ShowUpDownButtons property.



  • New: QuickAccessToolBar shrinks when no space is available for all items to be shown.
  • New: Custom UI editor for Contextual Tab Groups


  • Fixed: RTL issues.
  • Fixed: ApplicationMenu's left panel's MaxSize is not limited to the Application Menu's Size.



  • Reduced the time when switching between different views
  • Added enhanced appointment drawing (drag and drop feedback indication, event resizing indicators, and shadow effects).
  • Added extended control over header formatting.
  • Recurrence Edit dialog can be extended.
  • When start or end time are changed, duration is reflected accordingly.
  • Added a new example on iCAL Import/Export


  • Fixed: Selection problem (the start and end hours were not correct when adding a new appointment via the context menu).
  • Fixed: If start or end time are set in the Recurrence Edit Dialog and OK is pressed, this was not reflected in the Appointment Edit Dialog.
  • Fixed: Ruler fixes.
  • Fixed: Current day border was not shown.
  • Fixed: Context menu was not showing in some situations.
  • Fixed: White space in the day view was removed.



  • Fixed: Single node expand
  • Fixed: DataBinding issue when items are deleted from the data source.

Telerik Presentation Framework


  • TextPrimitive rendering performance optimizations
  • Enhancement: RadControls no longer require BeginInit/EndInit calls to load themes


  • Fixed: Text align in TextPrimitive
  • Fixed: WrapText in RadButton.
  • Fixed: ResetValue problems.
  • Fixed: Issues related to scrolling Controls in ScrollViewer using RadHostItem (RadTextBoxElement, RadComboBoxElement ect.)

Theming and UI


  • Fixed: Office2007Black theme for RadApplicationMenu
  • Fixed: Vista and ControlDefault themes



  • Fixed: It is not possible to have different assembly versions of Telerik WinForms assemblies in the Add Reference dialog in Visual Studio.
  • Fixed: The old versions need no longer be removed (does not apply to a trial and dev sharing the same version).

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