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UI for WinForms 2009.1311

March 10, 2009

NEW RadGroupBox

A new addition to the suite that supports footers and extended title positioning. The control offers the same functionality as the standard toolbox GroupBox, but adds extra coolness through Telerik’s remarkable styling mechanism:

  • Support for all themes that come with Telerik RadControls for WinForms: Office2007 Blue, Office2007 Silver, Office2007 Black, Desert, Telerik, Aqua, and the new Breeze theme
  • Support for images in the header and footer, as in the standard GroupBox container, but extended with text-to-image relations
  • Support for header positioning (Top, Right, Bottom, Left) and header alignment (Near, Center, Far)
  • In addition to the standard GroupBox style, RadGroupBox offers Office 2003-like style text
  • Footers are also supported via FooterVisibility



  • New: Selection with dragging


  • Fixed: Calendar selection and Multiple selection
  • Fixed: CellAlign property



  • Fixed: Dropdown animation



  • Fixes and improvements in the TabbedDocument container.
  • Optimized memory disposal

More information on the next version you can find here: RadDock for WinForms in Q1 2009 and beyond

Forms: RadMessageBox


  • Fixed: Text Measure function returns wrong value and text is clipped
  • Fixed: RadMessageBox buttons theme. When a theme is applied to the buttons, the root elements were visible under the rounded button edges.



  • Added virtual sorting/grouping/filtering operations, leading to significantly optimized memory footprint for sorting/grouping operations
  • Better memory disposal management - decreased the memory usage for sorting/grouping operations;
  • Added FormatInfo property that enables using custom culture information when formatting cells;
  • Added ChildViewExpanded/Expanding events that fire when expanding/collapsing a child view;
  • Added column pin functionality in Column Groups view;
  • Added vertical text orientation in RadGridView;
  • Export to ExcelML: summary rows are now included in the exported file through a new SummariesExportOption property. It takes the following values: ExportAll (default one), ExportOnlyTop, ExportOnlyBottom, DoNotExport ;
  • Export to Excel: added a new string property SheetName which allows you to specify the sheet name.


  • Fixed: CurrentRowChanging, CurrentRowChanged and SelectionChanged are not fired correctly in hierarchy mode;
  • Fixed: Application crashing on cell click after expand/collapse in Hierachical Grid;
  • Fixed: BeginEditProgrammatically does not work;
  • Fixed: CellDoubleClick is fired when the cursor is between two columns;
  • Fixed: Column loses its size when it is hidden and BestFitColumns method is called;
  • Fixed: CurrentRowChanging does not work correctly when there are no rows in grid;
  • Fixed: Exception when HideSelection is true and the selected row is not visible;
  • Fixed: GridViewMaskBoxColumn cannot be used for editing date time data;
  • Fixed: It is impossible to set the HeaderText of a GridViewColumn to an empty string;
  • Fixed: Column resizing is not possible when MinWidth is set to 0;
  • Fixed: Row selection does not work after filtering is applied twice;
  • Fixed: Setting Height property for child views in RowFormatting event does not work the first time;
  • Fixed: Exception when setting the Filter property of GridViewColumn inside the CellClick event handler;
  • Fixed in column groups view: the column headers become invisible when AutoSizeRows is set to true;
  • Fixed: RadGridView does not calculate the correct row height when AutoSizeRows and WrapText are set to true;
  • Fixed: updates and refresh of data;
  • Fixed: Expression updates;
  • Fixes and Improved: Switch between bound and unbound modes;
  • Fixed in Property Builder: Does not work correctly if the user has no admin rights;
  • Fixed in Property Builder: Does not work correctly with string columns having MaxLength = -1;
  • Fixed in Property Builder: Does not work correctly with collection properties that have setters;
  • Fixed in Property Builder: Does not work correctly when the data source is a collection of abstract types;
  • Fixed: when showing the custom filter dialog, RadGridView does not take into account if the parent form is TopMost
  • Fixed in Export to Excel: Performance issues experienced in Q3 2008;
  • Fixed in Export to Excel: Format limitation - only two decimals;
  • Fixed in Export to Excel: More standard excel predefined format settings for DisplayFormatType enum. The new ones are: MediumDate, LongTime, and MediumTime;
  • Fixed in Export to Excel: Exception when exporting data bound column having an expression;
  • Breaking Change in Export to Excel: DisplayFormatType.Times is renamed to ShortTime;
  • Breaking Change in Export to Excel: exports DisplayMember from ComboBox columns instead of ValueMember.



  • New: The layout system has entirely been refactorred - the new version of RadRibbonBar addresses all shortcomings of the previous versions. It comes with the latest Telerik layouts, meaning faster loading and operation speed, greatly enhanced design time support, many API improvements and overall ease of use. The new RibbonBar version also delivers support for the few remaining guidelines it did not support from the Microsoft Office 2007 UI Guidelines;
  • New: Collapsing states when groups are resized;
  • Better RightToLeft support.


  • Fixed: Contextual groups behavior have significantly been improved;
  • Fixed: Significant improvement in resizing of groups;
  • Fixed: Design time bugs;
  • Fixed: Tab Strip proportional resizing.



  • Data-binding improvements - we have added automated conversation of unique mapping IDs, i.e. there is no need to code the conversion any more. The new version of RadScheduler also permits not only basic, but advanced properties to be saved in the data source, such as assigned resources and recurrence rules (the recurrence rules are saved as an iCal formatted string);
  • Recurrence rule improvements, related to iCal support;
  • Added current date highlighting;
  • Added import form iCal ;
  • Added MultiDayView, which allows you to show an arbitrary set of consecutive or non-consecutive days;
  • Added: AppointmentTitleFormat properties;
  • Added: SchedulerView for customization of appointment title.


  • Fixed: Recurrence rules and navigation improvements;
  • Fixed: Navigation with work week view;
  • Fixed: Appointment layouts;
  • Fixed: DayView selection;
  • Fixed: Problem with duplicate time zone display names.



  • Added separators when tab items are less than their desired size and ShrinkMode is true


  • Fixed: RightToLeft = yes when ShrinkMode = true



  • Improved drag and drop functionality and added new indicator.


  • Fixed: Deleting items from the data source;
  • Fixed: Multiple small fixes in scrolling and layouts;
  • Fixed: Now the correct sender is passed with the Selecting event;
  • Fixed: No changes to the selected nodes are done until the selecting event has completed. Cancel property now works correctly;
  • Fixed: Scrollbars thumb width/height.

HTML-like rendering


  • New: support for <br /> and <strong> tags;
  • New: TextWrap

Memory management

Q1 2009 brings optimized memory disposal across the entire suite. There are numerous fixes in the Telerik Presentation Framework (TPF), which positively impacts all controls. In addition, we have updated the memory disposal in following controls: RadDock, RadDateTimePicker, RadCalendar, RadToolStrip , RadContextMenu, RadDropDownButton, and RadSplitButton.

Theming and UI

We have gone to great extends to ensure that themes have a better and more consistent look and feel among all controls, by polishing the Office2007 Blue theme, as well as the Desert Theme. A new high-contrasting Breeze theme has been added to all controls as well.
We have also addressed issues where the same control is used in other controls (for example the scrollbars), but had inconsistent look, because they required separate themes. Now you will need to create just one theme for the common control, and it will be reused in all corresponding controls.

Examples and Quick Start Framework

The QSF has been redesigned and all examples have been reviewed, updated and polished.

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