Telerik UI for Winforms

Release History

UI for WinForms 2008.31321

January 20, 2009



  • Introduced API for customizing XML serialization; API reference improvements.
  • Memory footprint improvements and  issues related to resource clean up
  • Validation API enhancements. Validation issues with some editors resolved
  • Theming improvements - introduced a different appearance for selected and current rows (for built-in themes), improvements in style of editors in the “Add New” row


  • Fixed: In some cases AutoSizeRows doesn't work (e.g. when WrapText is set to true)
  • Fixed: RadGridView can't be styled in Visual Style Builder
  • Fixed: Event issues - CurrentRowChanged, SelectionChanged, etc
  • Fixed: ExportToExcelML formatting
  • Fixed: Minor issues related to ColumnChooser
  • Fixed: Grid crashes when added programmatically with RightToLeft set to true
  • Fixed: Right-click issue when MultiSelect property is true
  • Fixed: Problem with RadGridView property builder when there are many columns
  • Fixed: Excluded some properties like Location and Size from serialization using Save/Load layout  methods
  • Fixed: Improvements in Save/LoadLayout API new let the developer fully customize which properties and objects should be serialized
  • Fixed: Issue with selection after filtering
  • Fixed: Problem with pinned columns
  • Fixed: Issues related to AddNewRow
  • Fixed: GridView’s ReadOnly mode issues
  • Fixed: Problem with Virtualization
  • Fixed: Problem with DatetimeEditor
  • Fixed: Problem with handling of MouseWheel event
  • Fixed: Issues related to unbound mode, hierarchy, custom data operations
  • Fixed: There is an exception when setting VerticalScrollState to AlwaysShow
  • Fixed: Several issues when updating the DataSource from different thread
  • Fixed: Some problems in RightToLeft mode
  • Fixed: In some cases the "resize" cursor doesn't change to arrow
  • Fixed: Issues related with SelectedRows collection
  • Fixed: Editors in grid do not respect the Enabled property of the GridCellElement



  • Validation when in appointment edit dialog
  • Recurrence edit dialog


  • Fixed: Problem with  DayView layout
  • Fixed: Problem with  Selection in DayView
  • Fixed: Problem with AppointmentSelecting and AppointmentSelected events
  • Fixed: Problem with Appointment edit dialog validation
  • Fixed: Problem with control resizing
  • Fixed: Problem with appointment creation via context menus
  • Fixed: Problem with Scheduler’s Ruler layout
  • Fixed: Recurrent Appointments issues
  • Fixed: Problem with appointment resizing
  • Fixed: Change notifications are now fired for event exceptions
  • Fixed: Read only mode fixes



  • Themes and layouts


  • Fixed: Problem with property default values
  • Fixed: Problem with Items collection editor



  • Fixed: Problem with navigation images
  • Fixed: Problem with RangeMinDate and RangeMaxDate properties
  • Fixed: Problem with MonthLayout
  • Fixed: Problem with MultiMonthView



  • Fixed: Problems with Aqua Theme



  • Context Menu Localization improvements
  • Tabbed Document layout improved
  • New AutoHideSize property for DockPanels, TabbedDocument and improved layout


  • Fixed: Memory Leaks
  • Fixed: Problem with AutoHide panel



  • Fixed: Problem with Selection
  • Fixed: Problem with Drag and Drop

RadSplitButton and RadDropDownButton


  • Layout has been rewritten to support what we call the “new layout system” which offers superior and much more solid layout features



  • Fixed Layout problems

Breaking Changes:

We changed the RadOffice2007ScreenTip's elements internal structure to solve the layout issues. Now it contains Caption, MainText and Footer RadLabel elements.

If you are using RadOffice2007ScreenTip in your application, you may need to change the code generated by the VS designer, related to RadOffice2007ScreenTip. For example:

  • The following code:

    ((Telerik.WinControls.UI.RadLabelElement)(this.radOffice2007ScreenTip2.GetChildAt(0).GetChildAt(2).GetChildAt(0))).Text = "Cut"

    should be changed to:

    ((RadOffice2007ScreenTipElement)this.radOffice2007ScreenTip2.ScreenTipElement).CaptionLabel.Text = "Cut"

  • And the following code

    ((Telerik.WinControls.UI.RadLabelElement)(this.radOffice2007ScreenTip2.GetChildAt(0).GetChildAt(2).GetChildAt(1).GetChildAt(1))).Text = "Cut the selection from the document and put it on the clipboard"

    should be changed to:

    ((RadOffice2007ScreenTipElement)this.radOffice2007ScreenTip2.ScreenTipElement).MainTextLabel.Text = "Cut the selection from the document and put it on the clipboard"

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