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UI for WinForms 2008.31105

November 4, 2008

RadControls for WinForms Q3 2008 Release Notes (v8.0.0.0)

New controls and enhancements
RadScheduler is a scheduling component blending rich Outlook®-style functionality with swift performance, simplified deployment and limitless customization capabilities. It offers all essential features for today’s large enterprise applications:
  • Views:
    • Day view with Work time display, Visible time customization, Multiple-days, Current time highlighting, All-day appointments, Advanced time rulers
    • Week view
    • Work week view
    • Month View
  • Appointment Capabilities - recurrence, status and category support, skinned appointments, unassigned and resourced appointments
  • End-User Capabilities - built-in popup menus, context menus and dialogs
  • Customization - localization, end-user restrictions, accessible time interval, full custom painting support
Another new component in the Q3 2008 release, RadMessageBox delivers a set of modal dialog boxes that can be used to show system messages. The dialogs contain a system icon, a set of buttons, and a brief application-specific message, such as status or error information. The API is very similar to the WinForms MessageBox API. The supported dialogs are:
  • Confirm box
  • Prompt dialog
  • Alert dialog
Rich-Text support on framework
RadControls for WinForms Q3 2008 introduces an advanced text styling mechanism, which can be applied to all Telerik products, because it enhances the smallest element in the Telerik Presentation Framework - the text primitive. The new rich text formatting mechanism uses plain HTML tags to display formatted text such as font style, font color, font size options and simple layouts.

A new form specially designed to resemble the MS Office 2007 UI. It is based on RadForm, and contains RadTitleBar, RadRibbonBara, and RadStatusBar.

New Item Templates in Visual Studio
  • RadForm
  • ShapedForm
  • RadRibbonForm
  • RadAboutBox
Improvements in Existing Controls
Themes (all controls)
  • Performance optimizations in the theme generation and loading from generated code (currently for the Default theme only)
  • Themes Color Blending - ability to style entire applications with just 3 lines of code. All you need to do is select the new theme’s color and the new scheme is applied to all Telerik WinForms controls that you are using in your application.
  • Improved the RadMenu themes
  • Improved the RadSplitButton and RadDropDownButton themes
Screen Tips (all controls)
Enhanced support for Office 2007-like screen tips.


  • New grid views - Multi-row headers (column-header grouping), advanced row layout, such as header and data cells spanning to multiple rows/columns. The flexible layout for displaying data is achieved either through simple HTML or through a dedicated ColumnGroupsView, both enabling column grouping and row layout customization. The three supported views are:
    • TableView - this is the default view;
    • ColumnGroupsView - enables columns grouping and customizing the row layout;
    • HtmlView - the row layout is specified exactly like an HTML table.
  • Design-time improvements - improved grid property builder and design-time behavior (for both RadGrdiView and RadMultiColumnComboBox)
  • Events and API added for custom sorting, filtering, grouping
  • Improvements in the Save/Load layout mechanism
  • Improvements in the API for creating custom Rows/Cells
  • Added support for header icons
  • Cells now support display of both text and image, with ImageTextRelation options
  • Support for Office 2007-like Screen Tips
  • Optimized double buffering, which increses loading performance and minimizes flickering with many controls in the form
  • Added ability to customizing the non-client area (borders, colors, etc)
  • SelectedNodes now inherits ObservableCollection, which features a richer API.
  • Fixes of several issues
  • Added API for serializing Windows Forms Components’ properties from/to XML
  • Exposed the Auto-hide Panel API through DockingManager
  • New examples added to the QSF
  • Fixes in LayoutManager to support one layout manager per control (eliminates the layout-related concurrency issues in RadControls)
  • Fixed RadApplicationMenu design time issues


Important Note: For consistency among all product lines, we changed the way versions are displayed in the download section of our site with the release of Q3 2008. This was necessary, because in Q3 we introduced two new product lines, namely RadControls for Silverlight and Telerik OpenAccess ORM (bringing the number of our product lines to six) and we needed a better way of conveying the exact version that has been downloaded.

The new file name convention is as follows:

Downloaded file name: RadControls_for_WinForms_2008_3_1204_trial.msi

"2008_3_1204" stand for Year.Release.Month.Date (YYYY.R.MDD), or the third release (Q3) in 2008, released on December 4th. Respectively, 2008_3_1105 means that this version was released on November 5th. Here is a quick reference table for your convenience:

Release name File name DLL version
Q3 2008 2008.3.1105
Q3 2008 SP1 2008.3.1204

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