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Release History

Q3 2013 SP1 (version 2013.3.1127)

November 26, 2013


  • FIXED: The right border is missing when AutoSize is true and the MinimumSize is set.


  • ADDED: API for pan and zoom with lasso selection.
  • FIXED: The SelectionMode is toggled off when set to the same value.
  • FIXED: When the label of the LinearAxis is very long, it overlaps the vertical axis.
  • FIXED: Enabling the TrackBall causes an exception.
  • FIXED: The right border of the chart grid is drawn outside the chart bounds.


  • FIXED: The KeyDown event for CommandBarDropDownList does not fire.


  • Opening the context menu of RadGridView, when the parent of RadGridView is RadSplitContainer, results in scrollbars shown for the context menu.


  • FIXED: The previously visible window is still visible when showing a hidden window.
  • FIXED: An arithmetic overflow exception on drag under Windows 8 64-bit.


  • FIXED: Pressing the Down and Up keys cannot be suppressed.
  • FIXED: Setting the UseDefaultDisabledPaint property of the RootElement to false in VSB is not applied.
  • FIXED: Removing the SelectedItem in the underlying DataSource breaks the control's selection.


  • ADDED: Support for custom timeline.
  • ADDED: Support for automatic timeline.
  • FIXED: The property grid does not use the applied TypeConverter when converting standard values.
  • FIXED: When scrolling, the memory consumptions grows indefinitely.
  • FIXED: Changing the timeline viewmode does not refresh the items properly.
  • FIXED: The TextViewCellFormatting event is not fired for header cells.
  • FIXED: The TaskElements display at the wrong time.


  • ADDED: New column - GridViewRatingColumn - that allows you to see the rating of items in RadGridView.
  • IMPROVED: When sorting a grouped combo box column, the DisplayMemberSort is not taken into consideration.
  • FIXED: When copying a date time cell value to the clipboard, it is being copied in a 24 hour format with AM/PM, which is not needed.
  • FIXED: The DropDownListEditor SuggestAppend autocomplete ignores keypress.
  • FIXED: The Copy option should be available even in ReadOnly mode.
  • FIXED: Grouping by combobox column when RadGridView is bound to dataTable throws a FormatException.
  • FIXED: One is still able to edit cells with BeginEditMode.BeginEditProgrammatically, after changing the value of a check box cell.
  • FIXED: RadDropDownListEditor does not behave correctly when its DropDownStyle is DropDown.
  • FIXED: The summary aggregate expression IIF(SUM(RecordCount) = 0, 0, 1/SUM(RecordCount)) causes an exception in RadGridView.
  • FIXED: The Average aggregate function returns an incorrect integer result when applied over an integer column.
  • FIXED: Windows7Theme - The hover visual style is applied on non-hovered cell in Windows 7 Theme.
  • FIXED: The MinWidth property is not respected when resizing columns with the mouse and using column groups view.
  • FIXED: GridViewDateTimeColumn does not allow entering an year between MinValue and MaxValue.


  • ADDED: A CollectionChanged event which gets fired when items in the SelectedItems collections are changed.


  • FIXED: IconsView scrollbar does not update appropriately.
  • FIXED: IconsListView with Horizontal orientation does not align items properly.
  • FIXED: RadListView layout does not arrange list view items correctly.
  • FIXED: RadListView in IconsView and Horizontal ViewElement.Orientation does not navigate its items correctly using arrow keys.
  • FIXED: Releasing the left mouse button over the selected item while scrolling starts editing of the item.


  • FIXED: Setting the Value to null clears the mask.


  • FIXED: Trying to load a PDF file in Form.Load does not give the expected result.


  • FIXED: Printing with selection causes an exception.


  • ADDED: ValueChanged/ing events, which are fired when the value in the active editor is changed/ing.
  • ADDED: Support for adding values to an item with TypeConverter.GetStandardValuesExclusive false.
  • IMPROVED: Sub-items order is not constant and changes when the items are shown.
  • FIXED: When a parent item is marked as ReadOnly its sub items cannot be edited.
  • FIXED: When a value of a property is changed and the sub items number depends on the value, they are not invalidated.
  • FIXED: When a property TypeConverter cannot convert from string, its text box editor should be read-only.
  • FIXED: The mouse cursor state is not changed back when the editor is active and the column is resized.
  • FIXED: The scrollbar appears when not needed.
  • FIXED: A NullReferenceException occurs when changing the selected object from PropertyValueChanged event handler.


  • FIXED: An exception occurs when RightToLeft is set to Yes and the Desert theme is applied.


  • FIXED: When the ReadOnly property is set to true, you can still paste.
  • FIXED: The HtmlFormatProvider throws an exception when the exported document contains ASCII control characters.
  • FIXED: RadRichTextBox exports two default Span.FontFamilyProperties with RtfFormatProvider.
  • FIXED: Document's CreateDeepCopy method changes the numbers in all number lists.


  • ADDED: Printing methods to scheduler print styles.


  • ADDED: The possibility to suggest misspelled words if they are all capital letters.
  • FIXED: Dialogs do not show on top when the form has TopMost set to true.
  • FIXED: Ignored words are not being saved.


  • IMPROVED: Removed the default text shown in RadTextBox and other editors when dropped on the form.
  • FIXED: The text is not visible on minimize and restore.


  • FIXED: Inserting a new line does not work as expected.



  • FIXED: ReadOnly prevents the developer from setting a value programmatically.


  • FIXED: Clearing the Nodes does not clear selected nodes.
  • FIXED: SelectedNodes.Clear does not work in single selection mode.
  • FIXED: RadContextMenu locks the user interface under Windows8.
  • FIXED: Font rendering is not correct.
  • FIXED: An exception occurs when clearing child nodes.
  • FIXED: TreeViewDragDropService cannot be canceled.
  • FIXED: Adding or removing a node through the BindingList API collapses all nodes in self-reference hierarchy in RadTreeView.
  • FIXED: RadTreeView should be updated automatically when its binding-source is updated with a new record.
  • FIXED: RadTreeView manually setting toggled state results in invalid visual state.

Telerik Presentation Framework

  • ADDED: The ability to enable/disable gesture support per control.

Themes for WinForms

  • ADDED: Office 2013 Dark theme.
  • FIXED: VisualStudio2012Light theme - title bar has a black border.
  • FIXED: Windows8 Theme - there is an exception when dragging under Windows Server 2008.
  • FIXED: The Office2010Black theme is missing for RadSplitButtonElement placed in RadRibbonBar.
  • FIXED: The text of the quick access buttons looks doubled when an Office 2010 theme is applied.
  • FIXED: VisualStudio2012Light theme -a black border appears in the forms titlebar.

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