Telerik UI for Winforms

Release History

Q3 2013 (version 2013.3.1016)

October 16, 2013


  • FIXED: Exception when loading icon at design time "Requested range extends past the end of the array."

Forms and Dialogs

  • FIXED: Showing a RadMessageBox from a PropertyValidating event handler of a RadPropertyGrid throws an exception.
  • FIXED: There is an incorrect behavior when RadMessageBox is used as TopMost.


  • FIXED: When a token is removed on the click of its close button the TextBoxElement loses focus.


  • ADDED. The end-user can now zoom using the mouse.
  • ADDED: A convenient API for formatting particular data point elements.
  • FIXED: There is an error when trying to drill down in a PieChart.
  • FIXED: ChartTrackballController shows incorrect text.
  • FIXED: The area on the right of the last tick on the horizontal axis is considered a stripe, hence it cannot be colored when the chart does not end with data point.


  • FIXED: RadCheckBox cannot be checked programmatically if the control is disabled.
  • FIXED: RadCheckBox shows incorrect value when disabled.


  • ADDED: A convenient API for setting the focus on the items.
  • FIXED: Loading a saved layout with a floating strip causes an exception.
  • FIXED: The text of the CommandBarToggleButton is not correctly rendered when the Orientation is Vertical.
  • FIXED: The items in the overflow menu do not have tooltips.
  • FIXED: The DisplayName property of RadCommandBarVisualElement class is not localizable.


  • FIXED: One cannot select a value from the calendar drop-down.


  • ADDED: The ability to hide/show DockingGuides.


  • ADDED: A focus indicator for the DropDownList style.
  • FIXED: Disabled items are selectable on a key press.
  • FIXED: Keypress is not recognized if the arrow button is pressed.


  • FIXED. Setting the Visibility of the TitleBar to Collapsed does not take effect until the form is resized.
  • FIXED: The title text can not be aligned.

RadGanttView (Official version)

  • ADDED: Today indicator.
  • ADDED: Integration with RadScheduler.
  • ADDED: Printing support.
  • FIXED: Clicking on a DateTime cell in the Demo application causes an InvalidCastException.


  • ADDED: Exposed the row elements in ExportToExcelML in a way that developers can access.
  • ADDED: Support to print a RadGridView on two or more pages.
  • FIXED: An exception is thrown if you dispose it on some of its mouse events.
  • FIXED: The TextAlignment property of GridViewHyperlinkColumn is not taken into consideration.
  • FIXED: The editor does not retain focus when a cell has an invalid value and the mouse down button is pressed over another cell.
  • FIXED: In the ValueChanging event if you set e.Cancel = true, the cursor will be back at the start of the TextBoxItem.
  • FIXED: One can not remove the first added group with the Property Builder.
  • FIXED: The active editor is not focused when the CellValidating event is canceled and navigation is performed.
  • FIXED: Using localized text for CustomFilterDialogTrue and CustomFilterDialogFalse causes an exception when applying the filter.
  • FIXED: The selection with shift + arrows on hierarchical grid is incorrect.
  • FIXED: Pasting in hierarchical grid pastes in the wrong column.
  • FIXED: A NullReferenceException occurs on shift + down or shift + up in hierarchical grid.
  • FIXED: An ArgumentOutOfRangeException occurs when panning up and down on touch device.
  • FIXED: The GridViewSummaryRow Variance and Standard Deviation functions do not work.
  • FIXED: Setting NewRowEnterKeyMode to EnterMovesToNextCell fires CellValidate twice.
  • FIXED: Disposing the grid when it is grouped may cause an exception.
  • FIXED: The CalculatorColumn does not select the value when the edit mode is entered.
  • FIXED: A first chance exception with GridViewImageColumn may occur.


  • ADDED: The ability to access the ErrorProvider.
  • FIXED: RadDateTimeEditor does not obey MaxDate and MinDate properties when the value is changed by keyboard input.
  • FIXED: Does not work correctly when the whole text is selected and the end-user presses the "Enter" key.


  • FIXED: Tooltips are not shown.


  • FIXED: An ArgumentOutOfRangeException occurs when bound to DataTable.


  • ADDED: The ability to allow the end-users to change RadPageViewItem's Text via editors.


  • ADDED: PDF thumbnails support.
  • FIXED: Does not show/render text when a pdf document is loaded.
  • FIXED: Throws an Exception when a scroll operation takes place in the document.
  • FIXED: Dragging RadPdfViewer to a form does not include the TelerikCommon assembly in the project.


  • ADDED: Localization provider.
  • ADDED: Export to Excel support.
  • IMPROVED: DateTime fields should include the parent name in their name.
  • FIXED: Does not print all columns.


  • FIXED: RadPropertyStore.AddRange does not notify for item changes.
  • FIXED: When a spin editor loses focus the editor is not closed.
  • FIXED: Nullable types are not converted property.

RadRangeSelector (New control)

  • When working with large amounts of data, it is easy for a user to get overwhelmed and lost in a sea of information. RadRangeSelector provides an elegant solution to this problem. RadRangeSelector allows users to focus specifically on a subset of data when they interactively and visually select a range in the chart. This range is then visualized separately on its own allowing users to see and focus on that specific data, free and uncluttered from the rest of the information displayed in the main chart.

RadRating (New control)

  • The ability to rate a product or service is a common feature that you see everywhere, from ecommerce websites to doctor’s offices. With RadRating, we bring this functionality to your Windows Forms application. This control has the ability to display ratings via any number of Visual Elements like Stars, Hearts or Diamonds. Multiple selection modes are available allowing you to accept only full ratings, half ratings or even precision ratings, where you give the users the ability to set a decimal value like 2.4 stars


  • FIXED: The Keytips will not activate when splash screen is used to load the application.
  • FIXED: Radio buttons do not work if an Office2010 theme is applied through the designer.
  • FIXED: KeyTips are not showing correctly.
  • FIXED: Cannot 'Undo' a Padding property setting of BackstageView to its default value.


  • FIXED: When importing from HTML margins get omitted.
  • FIXED: There is a delay when deleting text.
  • FIXED: The supported CSS property "margin-right" is not working correctly when exporting to HTML.
  • FIXED: Incorrect selection behavior.
  • FIXED: An ArgumentException occurs when an image can not be found.


  • FIXED: The NavigateToNextResource of the RadSchedulerElement does not work.


  • FIXED: RadSpellChecker is not disposed properly.


  • FIXED: Changing Hexadecimal property changes the control's Value.


  • FIXED: RadMultiColumnComboBox/RadDropdownList - when the form is started the textbox shows the end of the text instead of the begging of it.
  • FIXED: The text is not visible on minimize and restore of the form.


  • FIXED: Cut, delete and paste items should not be enabled in read-only mode.


  • FIXED: The ForeColor of the control remains gray after disabling and re-enabling it.
  • FIXED: Clock header ignores the format specification when a value has not been selected yet.


  • BREAKING CHANGE: The inner structure is changed. The caption element is now the last child of the dock layout element inside RadTitleBarElement. If you have code that accesses the TextPrimitive or the StackLayoutElement holding the title bar buttons, you should use the following indexes for the stack index 1 in its parent Children collection, for the TextPrimitive – 2.


  • FIXED: The TrackBarIndicatorElement does not resize correctly when RadTrackBar is being resized at run time and the Maximum value of RadTrackBar is set.


  • FIXED: Invalid rendering of disabled Nodes collection.
  • FIXED: Clearing selected nodes collection with multi-select make RadTreeView hang.

Telerik Presentation Framework

  • ADDED: RadMessageFilter - the ability to retain the params for the NextHookEx when NoDispach via CallNextHookWhenNoDispatch property.
  • FIXED: ChordMessageFilter - adding a Shortcut which is null can cause exception.
  • FIXED: The PrintSettings dialog crash if Printer's SourceName is empty.


  • ADDED: Office 2013 Light theme.
  • FIXED: The Aqua theme is missing an image in the TableElement.ErrorRowHeaderImage.
  • FIXED: VS2012Light theme - there is no style for the drag&drop indicator of RadTreeView Nodes.
  • FIXED: Office2007Black has additional labels in the header and footer in RadPageView.
  • FIXED: TelerikMetro theme – there is 1px extra padding on the right.
  • FIXED: VS2012LightTheme - the DropDownArrow button draws a border on the left-side instead of drawing a thin four-side.
  • FIXED: The Active text box editor overlaps the bottom cell border when RadGridView uses Windows 7 Theme.
  • FIXED: RadRibbonBar does not look correct when using Office2010Blue theme.
  • FIXED: RadTimePicker - when styled with Aqua theme the up arrow points downwards.
  • FIXED: RadWizard - the hover and pressed styles for the focused button in the Windows7 theme are missing.
  • FIXED: RadProgressBar - there are missing pixels in some themes.
  • FIXED: RadColorSelector does not work correctly with Office2007Black theme.
  • FIXED. RadCheckBox with Windows8Theme doesn't appear as Checked during ToggleStateChanging if e.Cancel == true and RadMessageBox is shown.

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