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Release History

Q3 2011 SP1 (version 2011.3.11.1219)

December 19, 2011


  • FIXED: RadSplitButton with TextWrap has its arrow button cut in some cases.

Forms and Dialogs

  • FIXED: Memory leak in RadForm when using it as an MDI parent.

RadBrowseEditor (New Control)

  • ADDED: RadBrowseEditor is a themable control which allows users to select a file or a directory from the file system using OpenFileDialog, FolderBrowserDialog or directly to type the full path to the file.


  • FIXED: Special day border in RadCalendar does not change on mouse leave.
  • FIXED: Month headers are not displayed properly when RadCalendar is docked inside a panel which is docked in a form.

RadColorBox (New Control)

  • ADDED: RadColorBox is a themable control which allows end-users to select a color from a color dialog or to directly type it in the provided text field.


  • FIXED: Memory leak in RadDock when adding and removing document windows.


  • FIXED: FormatInfo property should not be serialized.


  • ADDED: States for different sort operations of GridHeaderCellElement.
  • ADDED: FolderBrowserDialog 'mode' to the editor of GridViewBrowseColumn.
  • IMPROVED: Binding options for GridViewColorColumn.
  • IMPROVED: HyperlinkOpening event arguments by adding additional properties.
  • IMPROVED: Exposed the color dialog form at GridColorPickerElement.
  • IMPROVED: Allowed replacing the default MasterGridViewTemplate used in RadGridViewElement.
  • FIXED: Memory leak when calling GridViewColumn.BestFit method.
  • FIXED: GridViewCollectionChangingEventArgs in the FilterChanging event handler are incorrect.
  • FIXED: ConditionalFormatingObjectList property of GridViewColumn cannot be modified at design-time.
  • FIXED: CellClick event is fired when the mouse button is released after scrolling.
  • FIXED: Top grid border is not visible when grouping is disabled.
  • FIXED: Setting the ViewDefinition property before calling the EndInit method is not working.
  • FIXED: Exception when calling the LoadLayout method and using ColumnGroupsViewDefinition.
  • FIXED: RadGridView filter popup closes without applying filter when the enter key is pressed.
  • FIXED: Setting the TextAlignment property of GridViewDecimalColumn to MiddleLeft at design time fails.
  • FIXED: Exception when multiple selection is enabled and selecting a read-only column.
  • FIXED: Wrong event arguments in SortChanging event.
  • FIXED: Wrong event arguments in FilterChanging event.
  • FIXED: Dependency on .Net 2.0 SP1, because of INotifyPropertyChanged interface.
  • FIXED: The context menu gets unresponsive when using remote connection


  • FIXED: Simple data binding does not work on the SelectedIndex property of RadListView.
  • BREAKING CHANGE: Changed the event type of SelectedItemChanged from ListViewItemEventHandler to EventHandler to support simple binding scenarios.


  • FIXED: Memory leak in RadMarkupEditor control.


  • FIXED: The ValueChanged event does not fire when selecting a value with the mouse.
  • FIXED: It is not possible to enter or delete the minus for Currency and Percentage masks.
  • FIXED: It is not possible to enter a value with keyboard if Value is set to NULL or DBNULL.
  • FIXED: The Value property is not synchronized correctly with Text property if user selects all the text and types a new value.
  • FIXED: Year is selected incorrectly for YY mask.


  • FIXED: Exception when RadMenu is on an MDI parent form and maximized child forms are added.


  • IMPROVED: Enabled replacing the default RadMultiColumnComboBoxElement.
  • FIXED: Memory leak when the AutoSizeDropDownToBestFit is set to true.


  • FIXED: Memory leak when calling the Clear method of the Pages collection.
  • FIXED: Setting the selected page on Form Load or Shown events does not bring the selected page item into view.
  • FIXED: Page items are getting hidden when a page with auto size content is expanded in ExplorerBar mode.


  • ADDED: A live tile frame editor dialog.
  • IMPROVED: Design time experience.
  • FIXED: Exception at design time when closing the form.
  • BREAKING CHANGE: Changed the type of Items collection to RadItemCollection.


  • IMPROVED: Changed the default min and max values of the spin editor to be the min and max values of the type of the property.


  • FIXED: RadRibbonBar items text disappears on minimize and maximize.
  • FIXED: RightToLeft property of RadRibbonBar is not synchronized with the same property of the Popup of RibbonBarElement.


  • FIXED: The HyperlinkNavigationMode does not change the click behavior of hyperlinks.


  • ADDED: Multi-touch support enhancements. Now the end-user can switch between views and navigate in a view by multi-touch operations.
  • ADDED: Possibility to customize the action of the overflow button in a month cell of RadScheduler.
  • ADDED: Possibility to manipulate appointments' height in the MonthView of RadScheduler.
  • FIXED: Changes to the ResourceId field made via drag & drop are not reflected to the data source in MonthView.
  • FIXED: AppointmentMoved and AppointmentDropped event arguments contain wrong values.
  • FIXED: The text of the appointments is displayed outside of them when TextWrap is true.


  • ADDED: The items of the default context menu can be differentiated by their Name property.
  • ADDED: Support for custom filtering.
  • ADDED: Support for custom grouping.
  • IMPROVED: Drag & drop functionality now works in all scenarios (including those where the tree is sorted or filtered).

  • FIXED: Memory leak in RadTreeView when calling the Clear method of Nodes collection.
  • FIXED: Binding operation is not executed correctly when rebinding to the same data source.
  • FIXED: Exception when setting the DataSource property to null.
  • FIXED: Exception when calling Clear method of RadTreeNodeCollection.
  • FIXED: Exception when RadTreeView is empty and one tries to navigate with the arrow keys.
  • BREAKING CHANGE: The default context menu is changed to be consistent with the behavior of other controls like RadGridView. Now it is recreated every time when opening the context menu.


  • IMPROVED: Allowed Tab key navigation through RadWizard command buttons.

Telerik Presentation Framework

  • IMPROVED: The appearance of disabled controls by changing the value of TextRenderingHint to AntiAliasGridFit.
  • FIXED: Missing text when using HTML-like formatting and the text is bigger than the available area.

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