Telerik UI for Winforms

Release History

Q3 2011 (version 2011.3.11.1116)

November 15, 2011


  • FIXED: RadRadioButton - wrong behavior when using it in a group.
  • FIXED: RadRadioButton - KeyDown event does not fire.
  • FIXED: RadSplitButton - DropDownClosing/DropDownClosed events do not fire.
  • FIXED: RadSplitButton - TextChanged event fires before the text is being changed.


  • ADDED: Functionality to customize navigation steps in multiple view of the RadCalendar.
  • FIXED: There is an exception when setting the culture to ar-SA.


  • FIXED: SelectedItemChanged event does not fire.
  • BREAKING CHANGE: Removed the AnimationsToAppy property, use the AnimationsToApply property instead.


  • IMPROVED: Added support for client profile.
  • FIXED: Memory leak when using tooltips.
  • BREAKING CHANGE: RadChart no longer supports a view state.


  • FIXED: Text property of CommandBarTextBox does not update when you type on it.


  • FIXED: Setting an invalid year causes the text to remain with an invalid value.
  • FIXED: When using custom format and the value is deleted, it is unable to set the time to 12:00 AM.
  • FIXED: Calling SetToNullValue method does not show NullText when ShowUpDown is true.


  • ADDED: Functionality in Advanced Layout Designer to remove tool windows.
  • IMPROVED: Tool windows now load in the same order as saved in the layout.
  • FIXED: Wrong text and image behavior of auto hide tabs.
  • FIXED. RadDock - RadRibbonBar with RadDock- unwanted change of the active window.


  • ADDED: Touch support.
  • ADDED: Support for Kinetic scrolling.
  • ADDED: DescriptionTextListDataItem which allows displaying description text in list items.


  • ADDED: Touch support.
  • ADDED: Option list filter popup.
  • ADDED: DateTime filter popup.
  • ADDED: Grouped DateTime filter popup.
  • ADDED: Support for kinetic scrolling.
  • ADDED: New column types: Hyperlink, Calculator, Color and Browse columns.
  • ADDED: Support for expressions in conditional formatting.
  • IMPROVED: Checkbox behavior in filter cells.
  • IMPROVED: Self-reference hierarchy exporting capabilities.
  • IMPROVED: Resizable Expression Editor Form.
  • FIXED: DropDownList auto-complete does not work when the edit operation starts with a key stroke.
  • FIXED: BestFit functionality is not working correctly in self-reference hierarchy.
  • FIXED: Visual issue when using alternating row colors and ColumnGroupsViewDefinition.
  • FIXED: Manually generated hierarchy is not populated when the Relation is defined before setting the data source for the parent level.
  • FIXED: Multiple rows selection is slow when there is large number of rows.
  • FIXED: There is an exception when using RadMultiColumnComboBox as a filter editor.
  • FIXED: UserAddedRow event does not fire when changing the current position.
  • FIXED: Vertical scrollbar is not visible when using ColumnGroupsViewDefinition and grouping is applied.
  • FIXED: There is an exception when clicking on a column header of an empty grid.
  • FIXED: Wrong sorting when using nested scrollbars in grid hierarchy.
  • FIXED: "Add new row" is not visible when changing the ReadOnly property of RadGridView.
  • FIXED: Selected cells are not cleared when clicking on the current cell.
  • FIXED: ValueChanging event fires when opening RadDateTimeEditor and the cell has null value.
  • FIXED: The ExpandAll method is not working properly.
  • FIXED: Handling the SelectionChanged event causes the form to be deactivated.
  • FIXED: ScrollToColumn is not working properly when using ColumnGroupsViewDefinition.
  • FIXED: Incorrect date input behavior.
  • FIXED: Incorrect vertical scrollbar dimensions when expanding a child view and sorting is applied.
  • FIXED: ValueChanging and ValueChanged events do not fire when using the Delete key and editing numeric column.
  • FIXED: Some MasterTemplate properties are not serialized properly when changed with the Property Builder.
  • FIXED: Scrollbars do not behave correctly when calling the Rows.Clear method and adding rows immediately after that.
  • FIXED: There is an exception when resizing the last row and there is a top summary row.
  • FIXED: Pinned columns collection is not cleared when the corresponding columns are removed from the control.
  • FIXED: Group summary rows are not updated correctly when a data row is moved from one group to another.
  • FIXED: There is an exception when Excel-like filtering is applied and the saved layout is being loaded.
  • FIXED: Wrong error indication when scrolling.
  • FIXED: Only one conditional formatting is applied when two different conditions apply to a cell.
  • FIXED: RowForeColor property of a conditional formatting object does not apply to the column for the condition is defined.
  • FIXED: Selecting a pinned column selects also any partially visible cell situated under the pinned column.
  • FIXED: There is an exception when setting the DataType property of GridViewComboBoxColumn to decimal.
  • FIXED: Editor is closed when editing filtering cell in a child view.
  • FIXED: Parent rows are lost when adding a child template.
  • FIXED: Escape special characters when exporting to HTML and PDF (such as <, >, & etc.).
  • FIXED.HtmlViewDefinition - the AutoSizeColumnsMode.Fill causes glitches.
  • BREAKING CHANGE: Removed the CreateFilteringDropDownMenu method from GridHeaderCellElement class. Use RadGridView FilterPopupRequired event instead.
  • BREAKING CHANGE: Changed RadGridView internal logic to allow handling mouse events before processing them in GridBehavior.
  • BREAKING CHANGE: Changed event arguments in Evaluate method of ConditionalFormattingObject to require GridViewRowInfo and GridViewColumn instead of object.
  • BREAKING CHANGE: Removed RadComboBoxEditor, use RadDropDownListEditor instead.


  • FIXED: Controls docked in a RadGroupBox control overlap the header text.


  • ADDED: Touch support.
  • ADDED: Support for Kinetic scrolling.
  • ADDED: DescriptionTextListDataItem which allows displaying description text in list items.


  • ADDED: Touch support.
  • ADDED: Support for Kinetic scrolling.
  • ADDED: Support for the MSAA interface.
  • ADDED: Support for Right-to-left layout.
  • ADDED: Lasso selection support.
  • ADDED: Drag & drop functionality to reorder items.


  • ADDED: TextMaskFormat property that manages the literals in the Value property.
  • IMPROVED: RadMaskedEditBox - keyboard input behavior when using the Delete key.
  • FIXED: RadMaskedEditBox - Currency mask does not allow minus sign.
  • FIXED: RadMaskedEditBox - The Value property setter is not working properly when the Mask is set to Percentage.


  • FIXED: MDI Menu merge is not disabled when AllowMerge property is set to false.
  • FIXED: Popup size is incorrect when using DropDownHeaderImage.


  • IMPROVED: Allowed scrolling to the selected tab when it is expanded in explorer view.


  • FIXED: KeyDown and KeyPress events do not fire.

RadPanorama (New Control)

  • ADDED: RadPanorama - this new control allows you to represent a small amount of data in the form of tiles that the end-user will be able to smoothly scroll left or right with a touch gesture, just like in Windows8, and to reorder the tiles with drag and drop.


  • ADDED: Touch support.
  • ADDED: Support for Kinetic scrolling.
  • ADDED: Support for the MSAA interface.
  • ADDED: Support for Right-to-left layout.
  • ADDED: Support for custom property lists.
  • ADDED: Support for custom grouping by using the CustomGrouping event.
  • ADDED: Support for editors implementing UITypeEditor interface.
  • ADDED: Support for collection objects.
  • ADDED: Support for editing multiple objects at once.
  • ADDED: Support for expanding sub properties.
  • BREAKING CHANGE: Renamed the CategorizedAlphabeticalToggleButton property to CategorizedToggleButton.
  • BREAKING CHANGE: Renamed the BaseColorEditorColorBox class to ColorEditorColorBox.


  • ADDED: Cancelable CommandTabChanging event.
  • FIXED: Memory leak when using RadStatusStrip on a form with RadRibbonBar.
  • FIXED: Clicking in on the empty space area of a popup closes the popup.
  • FIXED: Pressing the alt key twice does not return the focus.
  • FIXED: The QuickAccessToolBar popup does not close when its button is clicked and the popup is visible.
  • BREAKING CHANGE: Changed RadQuickAccessToolBar.OverflowButtonElement property type from RadToolStripOverFlowButtonElement to RadQuickAccessOverflowButton.

RadRichTextBox and RadSpellChecker

  • ADDED: Superscript and subscript support.
  • ADDED: Tables support.
  • ADDED: Ability to disable the "Spell checking complete" message box.
  • IMPROVED: Text rendering to be more contrastable on LCD monitors.
  • IMPROVED: Navigation performance when navigating with the keyboard.
  • IMPROVED: Added additional shortcuts to the control text formatting.
  • FIXED: Font-style is not exported correctly when the RadRichTextBox is exported as an html document.
  • FIXED: Exception when html document is imported in RadRichTextBox.
  • FIXED: The text written by the user is not processed when mnemonics are used.
  • FIXED: The caret is shown when inserting text programmatically.
  • FIXED: Exception when exporting a text in XAML format.


  • ADDED: ViewNavigated, ViewNavigating events which fire when clicking on navigation elements.
  • ADDED: CellFormatting event for scheduler cells.
  • IMPROVED: Vertical scrolling in month cells.
  • FIXED: Slow refresh when using a grouped day view.
  • FIXED: Slow performance in week view.
  • FIXED: The associated color of custom status with StatusId of 2 is not drawn.
  • FIXED: 'This Month' button in month view does not set the correct number of weeks.
  • BREAKING CHANGE: Renamed the Cell property of SchedulerCellEventArgs to CellElement.
  • BREAKING CHANGE: Changed event arguments in SchedulerTimeZone constructor to require bias instead of a TimeZoneInformation instance.
  • BREAKING CHANGE: Changed the TimeZoneInformation return type from TimeZoneInformation to SchedulerTimeZoneInformation.
  • BREAKING CHANGE: The TimeZoneInformation class is no longer available, use SchedulerTimeZoneInformation instead.


  • FIXED: Value property is not updated correctly when the editor loses focus.
  • BREAKING CHANGE: Changed the event sender argument of the KeyDown event from RadSpinElement to RadSpinEditor.


  • FIXED: RadTextBox does not receive the focus when calling its Select or Focus methods.


  • ADDED: Support for negative values.


  • ADDED: Touch support.
  • ADDED: Support for Kinetic scrolling.
  • ADDED: Drag & drop functionality in bound mode.
  • ADDED: Cut Copy & Paste options in the context menu when AllowDragDrop is enabled.
  • ADDED: Custom sorting & filtering functionality.
  • IMPROVED: Added validation for CRUD operations.
  • IMPROVED: Performance when applying sorting, filtering or when loading nodes.
  • IMPROVED: Reduced the memory usage.
  • IMPROVED: EnsureVisible behavior to prevent unnecessary horizontal scrolling.
  • IMPROVED: Added the ability to hide the expanders in full lazy mode.
  • FIXED: CheckedNodes collection returns visual items count, it should return logical nodes count.
  • FIXED: Vertical scrollbar disappears after calling the Collapse method of RadTreeNode.
  • FIXED: Wrong layout in RadTreeView Property Builder when using custom DPI settings.
  • FIXED: Wrong layout when calling the ExpandAll method inside NodeCheckedChanged event.
  • FIXED: There is an exception when calling the Collapse method after adding nodes.
  • FIXED: A deprecated property is serialized after setting the AllowDragDrop property at design time.
  • FIXED: Vertical lines do not render properly in some cases.
  • FIXED: ValueValidating and ValidationError events fire twice when showing a MessageBox.
  • FIXED: SelectedNodeChanged event does not fire when removing the selected node.
  • FIXED: The first node in RadTreeView cannot be hidden.

Telerik Presentation Framework

  • ADDED: Touch gestures support at element level.
  • ADDED: New Telerik MetroBlue theme.
  • ADDED: New demo application - Demo Apps Hub.
  • IMPROVED: Design time performance when using a large number of controls.
  • IMPROVED: CLS compliance for all controls.
  • IMPROVED: Updated Toolbox icons for Breeze, HighContrastBlack, Office2010Black, Office2010Silver, Office2010Blue, TelerikMetro, TelerikMetroBlue and Windows7 themes.
  • BREAKING CHANGE: Removed the Resource updater tool, use VSX extensions instead.
  • BREAKING CHANGE: Removed the following obsolete controls: RadListBox, RadComboBox, RadTabStrip, RadToolStrip and RadPanelBar. Use RadListControl, RadDropDownList, RadPageView and RadCommandBar instead.
  • BREAKING CHANGE: Removed all protected properties from controls and elements which contain public properties with the same name but with capital letter to allow CLS compliance.
  • BREAKING CHANGE: Removed the old layout system and all related properties and methods.
  • BREAKING CHANGE: RadElement no longer implements the IRadLayoutElement interface.
  • BREAKING CHANGE: RadElement - The following properties are removed, because they are no longer needed: AffectsInnerLayout, AvailableSize, CoercedBounds, CoercedSize, DisplayRectangle, FaceRectangle, FieldRectangle, FieldSize, FullBoundingRectangle, FullRectangle, FullSize, IsLayoutInvalidated, LayoutEngine, OverridesDefaultLayout, ParentFixedSize, SuspendedParent, UseNewLayoutSystem.
  • BREAKING CHANGE: RadElement - The following methods are removed from RadElement, because they are no longer needed: GetPreferredSize, GetPreferredSizeCore, InvalidateCachedSize, IsFitInSize, IsLayoutInvalidated, PerformLayout, PerformLayoutCore, SetCoercedSize, SetNewLayoutSystem, ShouldIgnoreChildSizes.
  • BREAKING CHANGE: Removed Miscellaneous, Vista and Telerik themes.
  • BREAKING CHANGE: Removed RadToolStripSeparatorItem. Please use CommandBarSeparator instead.
  • BREAKING CHANFGE: Changed the style registration for RadLabel from Telerik.WinControls.UI.RadLabel+RadLabelRootElement to Telerik.WinControls.UI.RadLabelRootElement.

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