Telerik UI for Winforms

Release History

Q3 2010 SP1 (version 2010.3.10.1215)

December 14, 2010


  • FIXED: Memory leaks.
  • FIXED: Export bug.
  • FIXED: Labels position.


  • ADDED: Default event handler for command bar items.
  • ADDED: Localization providers for easy translation to languages other than English.
  • ADDED: Floating bars feature.

RadDropDownList and RadListControl

  • ADDED: Tag property in RadListDataItem.
  • IMPROVED: the synchronization between RadListDataItem and RadListVisualItem.
  • FIXED: Binding is wrong when setting the DataSource of a data-bound RadDropDownList.
  • FIXED: The MinimumSize property for the popup form is not working properly.
  • FIXED: The horizontal scrollbar is not visible when AutoSizeItems is set to true and FitItemsToSize is set to false
  • FIXED: SelectedValue and SelectedIndex properties contain wrong values when navigating with the keyboard in DropDownList mode.


  • IMPROVED: Grouping performance when using auto expand mode.
  • IMPROVED: Added new localization strings for the Excel-like filtering.
  • ADDED: Composite DateFilterDescriptor which enables filtering by date ignoring the time part.
  • ADDED: Font property which can be used for specifying the base font when exporting HTML and PDF.
  • ADDED: AddObjectRelation method in GridViewRelationCollection for adding relations between objects.
  • ADDED: Excel-like filtering form saves its preferred size.
  • FIXED: Exception when closing Visual Studio 2010 after using RadGridView Property Builder.
  • FIXED: Slow scrolling when using the mouse wheel or the keyboard.
  • FIXED: Slow performance when scrolling while the selection of multiple rows is enabled.
  • FIXED: Applying BestFitColumns when AutoSizeColumnsMode is set to Fill should respect the MinWidth values of the columns.
  • FIXED: Serialization issues when using RadGridView Property Builder.
  • FIXED: Conditional formatting form does not work under DPI set to 120.
  • FIXED: Custom filtering form controls are partially visible when using custom DPI settings.
  • FIXED: ViewCellFormatting does not fire for group content cells.
  • FIXED: When AutoSizeRows is enabled and one selects an item from the combo box, this combo box does not close its drop down.
  • FIXED: Rows overlap each other row when combo box is opened and AutoSizeRows is enabled.
  • FIXED: Row height is not updated when entering edit mode and AutoSizeRows is enabled.
  • FIXED: Filter cell values are not cleared when the FilterDescriptors collection is cleared.
  • FIXED: Wrong layout when HtmlViewDefinition is applied to the master template in hierarchy.
  • FIXED: ScrollToRow method fails when the “add new row” position is set to the bottom.
  • FIXED: Exception when changing the theme and RadGridView is in edit mode.
  • FIXED: Exception when rebinding RadGridView and there is a pinned row.
  • FIXED: Child view layout is wrong when using column groups view definition at the root hierarchy level.
  • FIXED: Vertical scrollbar parameters are wrong when refilling the data source.
  • FIXED: Vertical scrollbar parameters are wrong when the “add new row” row is located at the bottom of the grid and there is a summary item pinned at bottom.
  • FIXED: The "Click here to add new row" text is not visible.
  • FIXED: GridViewDataColumn.AllowFiltering property is not working properly.
  • FIXED: Data-bound drop-down lists set their text to an empty string the text does not match any item.
  • FIXED: The in-place editor appears in the inappropriate place when using hierarchy.
  • FIXED: There is an exception when navigating with the Tab key in hierarchy mode.
  • FIXED: There is an exception when setting DataSource while RadGridView is invisible.
  • FIXED: GridDataRowElement is not visible in the Control Structure of Visual Style Builder.
  • FIXED: The Image property of GridHeaderRowElement cannot be set when handling the ViewCellFormatting event.
  • FIXED: CreateRowInfo event does not fire for GridViewDetailsRowInfo objects.
  • FIXED: Grouping with custom sorting.
  • FIXED: Exception when opening the filter menu which has null values, empty column or equal values.
  • FIXED: Exception when trying to open the filter menu on grouped view header cell.
  • FIXED: Exception when applying custom filtering with numeric values.
  • FIXED: Filter tooltips in filter buttons do not show the lookup value for ComboBox and MultiColumnComboBox columns.
  • FIXED: ShowHeaderCellButtons property is not serialized properly.
  • FIXED: All items are visible in the filter list as checked despite the previously applied filter for the child views.
  • FIXED: FilterChanging and FilterChanged event arguments are not correct when selecting the Clear Filters option from the filter menu.
  • FIXED: Wrong layout when using long strings for the filtering menu elements.
  • FIXED: Mouse wheel scrolling in filter items list.
  • FIXED: Filter menu OK button remains disabled when a single result is unchecked.

RadMenu and RadApplicationMenu

  • ADDED: Right-to-Left layout support.


  • ADDED: Name indexer to enable fast search in RadPageView pages using their Name property.



  • FIXED: RadDropDownElement cannot be added to RadRibbonButtonGroup at design-time.
  • FIXED: RadRibbonBar application menu button image alignment should be MiddleCenter by default.


  • ADDED: RadScheduler does no show editor on double click of the appointment.
  • FIXED: Order of the appointments is wrong when they share the same time frame.
  • FIXED: The theme for RadScheduler is not applied under x64 platform.
  • FIXED: Localization for RadReminder.
  • FIXED: Time zones synchronization between RadScheduler and RadSchedulerNavigator is wrong.


  • FIXED: Localization of Today button in RadSchedulerNavigator.
  • FIXED: Time zones synchronization between RadScheduler and RadSchedulerNavigator is wrong.


  • CHANGED: Changed the default value of the SizingGrip property to true.

Telerik Presentation Framework

  • ADDED: BorderDrawMode property to give more control over how borders apply the BorderBoxStyle when it is set to FourBorders
  • ADDED: Office2010 theme.
  • ADDED: Desert theme for RadPageView.
  • FIXED: Wrong alignment when rendering HTML-like text and TextAlignment is set to Middle or Right.
  • FIXED: Visual glitches in ControlDefault theme.

Visual Studio Extensions

  • IMPROVED: Toolbox Configurator UI.
  • FIXED: QuickStart.dll is no more added to the Toolbox after using the Toolbox Configurator.

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