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Release History

Q3 2010 (version 2010.3.10.1109)

November 9, 2010

RadCommandBar (New Control)

The brand new RadCommandBar is the successor of RadToolStrip. It is a flexible control for adding tool and button strips, which complement application menus in most Windows applications. Features:

The old RadToolStrip control will be supported for at least one year, but users will be encouraged to use the new control since it addresses the shortcomings of the previous one.


  • ADDED: Excel-Like Filtering - A new filtering dialog which is open by clicking a new filter button, situated in the header cells of RadGridView. This dialog shows a checked list containing the unique values of a certain column, allowing for applying single or complex filters. It also contains all filtering options in a sub menu. One should set the EnableFiltering and ShowHeaderCellButtons properties to enable this feature.
  • ADDED: Lazy data loading when grouping operation and hierarchy data processing operation are performed.
  • ADDED: Load on demand hierarchy mode.
  • ADDED: Object-relational hierarchy mode.
  • ADDED: Custom hierarchy providers.
  • ADDED: AutoSize mode for RadGridView control.
  • ADDED: RadTabStripElement is replaced with the new RadPageViewElement in hierarchy tabbed view.
  • ADDED: CreateRowInfo event of GridViewTemplate, which fires when a logical row is created.
  • ADDED: The HideContextMenu method to IContextMenuManager interface.
  • ADDED: The ShowParentGroupSummaries property in GridViewTemplate which allows for displaying summary rows at all group levels.
  • ADDED: The Parent property in GroupSummaryEvaluationEventArgs providing the group row, hierarchy row or template of the calculated summary.
  • ADDED: ErrorText property for GridViewNewRowInfo.
  • ADDED: Three-state checkbox in the filter cell.
  • IMPROVED: Group header rows to adjust their size automatically when using AutoSizeRows mode.
  • IMPROVED: Extended AutoGenerateHierarchy mode to support object-relational business objects.
  • IMPROVED: Self-reference hierarchy mode to support sorting, filtering and grouping operations.
  • IMPROVED: Relational and unbound hierarchy mode.
  • IMPROVED: Memory usage in hierarchy mode.
  • IMPROVED: Custom filtering, sorting and grouping operations.
  • FIXED: Column chooser allows for dropping columns from grids different than the owner grid.
  • FIXED: Checkbox value can be changed even when the ReadOnly property is set to true or BeginEditMode is set to BeginEditProgrammaticaly.
  • FIXED: Rows are added twice when the enter key mode is EnterMovesToLastAddedRow
  • FIXED: Alternating row color does not work in hierarchy.
  • FIXED: Wrong layout in the custom filter dialog when using a localization provider.
  • FIXED: Columns do not fit in the available space when MinWidth property is set.
  • FIXED: A crash in RadGridView when removing rows.
  • FIXED: A crash in RadGridView when using drop-down list and the width of the cell that should contain the list is too small.
  • FIXED: Checking several checkboxes does not change the value for the last checked cell
  • FIXED: A crash in RadGridView when using drop-down list and setting DropDownStyle to DropDownList.
  • FIXED: Combo box column is skipped when navigating to the next cell using the Enter key.
  • FIXED: Auto sized rows are not calculated correctly when grouping is applied.
  • FIXED: Filtering cannot recognize the valid filter operation for nullable types.
  • FIXED: Incorrect plus and minus symbols when using self-referencing hierarchy.
  • FIXED: The last hovered row in a child grid stays highlighted when you move the mouse down and out of the child grid.
  • FIXED: Calculated column is not refreshed correctly.
  • FIXED: The minimal date cannot be entered in RadDateTimeEditor.
  • FIXED: The process of entering the default date in RadDateTimeEditor will hide its value.
  • FIXED: Incorrect date when using a custom format in RadDateTimeEditor
  • FIXED: Incorrect height of child views when they are expanded programmatically and the Height of RadGridView is changed.
  • FIXED: The conditional formatting is not recalculated when you press the apply button of the conditional formatting form.
  • FIXED: The process of setting AggregateExpression property has no effect.
  • FIXED: The filter cell does not save the selected filter operation when its text is cleared.
  • FIXED: There is an exception when iterating over the SelectedRows collection and setting the IsPinned property.
  • FIXED: The user should press the Tab key several times when iterating over group header rows.
  • FIXED: When grouping is applied, check box cells are not updated when their values are changed programmatically.
  • FIXED: SortChanging does not fire the sort direction is changed.
  • FIXED: There is an exception when trying to change DataGroup HeaderText property in runtime.
  • FIXED: There is an exception when the GridSpinEditor value is set to Decimal.MaxValue and the user clicks the up arrow button.
  • FIXED: The filter cell operator is not updated when the type of the column is changed.
  • FIXED: Weird behavior when the row is in edit mode and the user clicks consecutively in a different combo box column.
  • FIXED: Templates are not removed when removing RadGridView from the design-time surface.
  • FIXED: The TextAlignment does not work properly when UseCompatibleTextRendering is false.
  • FIXED: GridViewInfo.CurrentIndex property is wrong.
  • FIXED: The last clicked item in RadMultiColumnComboBox is not selected when using AutoFilter.
  • FIXED: When typing in RadDropDownList and using SuggestAppend mode, pressing the Tab key will not commit the value.
  • BREAKING CHANGE: The Rows collection of GridViewTemplate now contains all bound/unbound rows. The filtered, grouped, and sorted lists of rows can be accessed from the ChildRows collection of GridViewTemplate or from every GridViewRowInfo in a hierarchical view of rows.
  • BREAKING CHANGE: The CustomDataOperation property of GridViewDataColumn is obsolete and it is not used for custom sorting, filtering, and grouping. The new EnableCustomSorting, EnableCustomFiltering, EnableCustomGrouping properties should be used instead.
  • BREAKING CHANGE: The Delete method of GridViewTemplate was removed - for CRUD operations you should use the GridViewRowCollection methods
  • BREAKING CHANGE: EventArgs of CustomSorting, CustomGrouping, CustomFiltering events are changed to support the new improved custom sorting, filtering and grouping operations.
  • BREAKING CHANGE: Expression columns can evaluate only values of columns with compatible data types
  • BREAKING CHANGE: HierarchyLevel property of GridViewRowInfo now calculated including parent GridViewTemplate
  • BREAKING CHANGE: Extended the default theme registration in all supported RadGridView themes. Now it includes registrations for RadGridViewElement andGridTableElement. Any custom theme should include these registrations in order to work properly.
  • BREAKING CHANGE: Telerik.WinControls.UI.GridViewCellEventArgs constructor now has 3 parameters instead of 2. The third paremeter is of type IInputEditor.


  • ADDED: UseCompatibleTextRendering property to determine which text-rendering engine should be used. True for GDI+, False for GDI.


  • ADDED: KeyTipActivating event.
  • ADDED: KeyTipShowing event.


  • ADDED: Time Zone support, which allows events and tasks to be displayed in different time zones via new rulers that represent the different time zones.
  • ADDED: In-place editor for editing appointments directly without opening the edit appointment dialog.
  • ADDED: Custom editor for editing appointments directly without opening the edit appointment dialog.
  • ADDED: Today button to navigates the view to today's date.
  • ADDED: A drop-down list that gives the ability to change the selected time zone of the associated RadScheduler.
  • IMPROVED: RadSchedulerLocalizationProvider contains two new strings for the validation message box.

Telerik Presentation Framework

  • IMPROVED: The ControlDefault theme
  • FIXED: Element alignment in GDI rendering mode (UseCompatibleTextRendering set to false)

Visual Studio Extensions

  • ADDED: A new Toolbox Configuration Utility, which keeps the Visual Studio Toolbox in sync with your project references and allows you to have the RadControls in your toolbox referring a Telerik distribution of your choice.

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