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Release History

Q3 2009 SP1 (version 2009.3.9.1203)

November 3, 2009

Buttons: RadDropDownButton

  • Fixes:
    • Fixed: The drop down direction can be now properly adjusted.
    • Fixed: Mnemonics are now always visible when the drop down is opened.


  • Fixes:
    • Fixed: The drop down direction can be now properly adjusted.
    • Fixed: The hover effects for the items in the right and bottom part of the menu are now available.


  • Fixes:
    • Fixed: An exception was thrown in design-time if an element was deleted.
    • Fixed: When an element is deleted it is now properly removed from Items collection.


  • Fixes:
    • Fixed: Setting Font property through the designer now works as expected
    • Fixed: Anchoring would not work properly under certain conditions.
    • Fixed: The handling of the OnMouseWheel event is now improved which eliminates bugs related with scrolling of container controls on which RadComboBox resides.
    • Fixed: The textbox caret is hidden when DropDownStyle is DropDownList
    • Fixed: Mouse cursor is not IBeam in the textbox when DropDownStyle is DropDownList


  • Fixes:
    • Fixed: Added unique name to each DockTabStrip instance - it is needed for proper hidden windows persistency.
    • Fixed: Auto-hidden window is not activated when committing transaction.
    • Fixed: DockWindow.ToolButtonsVisibility is now working properly for HostWindow instances.
    • Fixed: Deserialized floating windows’ captions are now properly updated.
  • Improvements:
    • New: Added ShowDocumentCloseButton and ShowToolCloseButton property to allow quick closing of each tabbed DockWindow instance.
    • New: Added DocumentTabsTextOrientation and ToolTabsTextOrientationproperties to control the text orientation for document and tool tabs respectively.
    • New: Added DocumentCloseActivation property to tell which document should be activated upon active document close action.
    • New: Added ToolTip support per DockWindow basis.
    • New: Added Visual Studio 2008 theme and docking guides template.

RadForm and RadRibbonForm

  • Fixes:
    • Fixed: The user can now drag-and-drop a data table from the Data Sources View in the Visual Studio Designer
    • Fixed: RadForm sizing issue when the FormBorderStyle property is set to None.
    • Fixed: Standard ContextMenuStrip design time support when in RadForm issues fixed.


  • Fixes:
    • Fixed: Enter doesn't expand a child view unless it was previously expanded.
    • Fixed: Clicking on the vertical scrollbar changes the current view.
    • Fixed: GridViewInfo.CurrentIndex property not working.
    • Fixed: ExportToExcelML throws exception if RadGridView has more than a half hidden columns or all columns are hidden except one.
    • Fixed: Vertical scrollbar remains visible when it is no longer needed (in hierarchy).
    • Fixed: Vertical scrollbar tooltip displays wrong text when EnableFastScrolling is true.
    • Fixed: ExpandAllGroups doesn't update the vertical scrollbar.
    • Fixed: Changing the localization provider doesn't update all texts.
    • Fixed: Scrolling fails when AllowAddNewRow is false and there are summary rows at top.
    • Fixed: Column groups layout is wrong when there is only one group and it owns a child group.
    • Fixed: Keyboard navigation fails when changing the current child view with a sibling view.
    • Fixed: Rows are shifted to right when the vertical scrollbar hides in Right-to-Left mode.
    • Fixed: Combobox column is skipped when navigating with the Tab key.
    • Fixed: When holding shift pressed and clicking with the mouse on the currently selected row, all other rows are deselected (multi select mode is used).
    • Fixed: A row is selected when clicking on a column header to sort and RadGridView is in cell selection mode.
    • Fixed: Changing CurrentRow in multi row selection mode deselected all rows
    • Fixed: The filtering menu is active when AllowFiltering is false and grouping is removed
    • Fixed: Expand/Collapse icon is not visible when grouping at design time and the grid contains no rows
    • Fixed: BestFitColumns doesn’t resize the row when AutoSizeRows is true
    • Fixed: Row isn’t resized when changing the cell value in AutoSizeRows mode
  • Improvements:
    • New: Clicking on row header when using the cell selection mode selects all cells in the row
    • New: The Vertical scrollbar tooltip can be customized by using the TooltipTextNeeded event.
    • New: OldValue in CellValidating event args.


  • Fixes:
    • Fixed: Subproperty binding now works like before.
    • Fixed: Removing and item from the Items collection now causes the same item to be removed from the SelectedItems collection if it is present there.


  • Fixes:
    • Fixed: Keyboard navigation and mnemonics now work only when the parent form is active.
    • Fixed: PopupDirection property now works as expected.
    • Fixed: Popup positioning is now updated according to the orientation of the control.
    • Fixed: The mnemonics behavior when Alt and a mnemonic code are simultaneously pressed.
    • Fixed: Keyboard navigation is properly adjusted when the orientation of the control is vertical.
  • Improvements:
    • New: Added a IsMainMenu property which defines whether the RadMenu behaves as if it is the MainMenuStrip of the Form it is placed on. This determines whether the default MDI menu of the Form is shown/hidden etc.


  • Fixes:
    • Fixed: Setting the SelectedIndex to -1 now resets the text in the text part of the control.
    • Fixed: TextChanged event is now being fired each time the text in the text box part of the control is changed.
    • Fixed: The drop down is automatically opened only when the user starts typing and the AutoFilter functionality is enabled.
    • Fixed: The drop down does not close when the user clicks on a header row in order to sort.
    • Fixed: When the DisplayMember is set to an unexisting column, the text part of the control is populated with the string representation of the currently selected databound item.
    • Fixed: SelectedValue property doesn’t changed the currently selected value.


  • Fixes:
    • Fixed: Desert theme now shows up correctly


  • Fixes:
    • Fixed: An exception would be thrown under certain conditions at design-time.
    • Fixed: Sizing issues with controls hosted in the RadTabStrip.


  • Fixes:
    • Fixed: The TextChanged event not firing if the initial value of RadTextBox is an empty string or null.
    • Fixed: Anchoring would not work properly under certain conditions.


  • Fixes:
    • Fixed: RadTreeView not updating its UI after clearing or removing the nodes.
    • Fixed: RadTreeView throwing null reference exception on EndEdit().
    • Fixed: In some situations during drag/drop, the wrong node was being dragged.
  • Improvements:
    • New Property Grid

Telerik Presentation Framework

  • Improvements:
    • Further improvements of our TPF and property retrieval speed, which is now constant, not logarithmic.
    • Animation loops are now available

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