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Release History

Q2 2013 (version 2013.2.612)

June 12, 2013


  • FIXED: RadRadioButton does not render correctly its state in when disabled.

New Demo application

  • The Demo application has been revamped to comply with the latest UI trends. Currently available with a C# solution only.


  • FIXED: The cursor is remaining in the control, even though it is no longer on focus.
  • FIXED: Symbol characters are processed as mnemonics in RadAutoCompleteBox when Italian keyboard is used and non-modifier (Alt or Ctrl) keys are pressed.

RadCalculatorDropDown (New Control)

  • RadCalculatorDropDown has a simple easy-to-use interface enabling the end user to perform all basic calculations such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, division as well as some more complicated ones – reciprocal, square root, negate. The operations can be executed either by clicking the calculator buttons, or by using your keyboard. You can also use the numeric keypad to type numbers and operators by pressing Num Lock. Furthermore, all the Memory and Clear features are exposed as well.


  • IMPROVED: One now can access the tooltip instance in order to customize it (change font, delay, etc)
  • FIXED: If one sets a value to the Palette property of a chart series before the series is added to a chart an exception is thrown.


  • FIXED: RadCheckBox cannot be checked programmatically if the control is disabled.


  • FIXED: The position of the check box should be on the left side of the control.
  • FIXED: Setting the ShowUpDown property, changes the control border and ForeColor, so it looks like disabled.


  • ADDED: The end-user should be able to edit the text of the tabs at runtime.
  • FIXED: When loading layout, the control reads the stream from the current position instead from the beginning of it.
  • FIXED: NullReference exception when closing a form with floating MDI children.


  • FIXED: The TextChanged event is fired when the control is placed in RadPageView and the RadPageViewPage is shown.
  • FIXED: Even though the ShowImageInEditorArea value is True by default, unless this property is set in code, the images are not shown.
  • FIXED: Cannot add images to a RadDropDownListEditableAreaElement.
  • FIXED: The TextChanged event is fired on minimizing and maximizing the form.


  • ADDED: Export to CSV - An option allowing users to choose the encoding of the exported file.
  • ADDED: Users should be able to choose which child view to export.
  • FIXED: HierarchyRowTraverser throws an exception when all levels are expanded and a filter is applied.
  • FIXED: Composite Filter Form editors do not appear at the right place with custom DPI.
  • FIXED: When one tries to filter by two expression columns an exception is thrown.
  • FIXED: StackOverflowException occurs when decimal sorted columns are edited.
  • FIXED: There is an exception in RadGridView when using an enum to bind GridViewComboBoxColumn.
  • FIXED: HierarchyLevel property shows an incorrect value of GridNewRowElement in grid with hierarchy.
  • FIXED: Wrong cell navigation after the grid is ungrouped.
  • FIXED: The group summary rows are not updated correctly when a data row is moved from one group to another.
  • FIXED: When a parsing error occurs in a decimal editor, the new value is not saved and the old value is returned.
  • FIXED: The combo box column falls in an invalid state if one changes the value of any of the objects in the data source.
  • FIXED: One cannot create a custom summary cell element and use it through a custom column.
  • FIXED. The Columns are not yet initialized in the DataBindingComplete event handler.


  • FIXED: The border does not behave correctly on mouse hover/leave with HighContrastBlack theme.


  • FIXED: Size goes to 0,0 after setting AutoSize to false on a newly added label to the form.


  • FIXED: The SelectedIndexChanged event returns -1 after the first selected item change.
  • FIXED: Drag dropping items between two list views stops working after several drag drops in both directions.
  • FIXED: The drag drop service does not allow one tho drag an item from one list view and drop it over the items of another.


  • FIXED: Wrong behavior when using the RadMaskedEditBox with a Standard Mask and a space as a PromptChar.
  • FIXED: The RadMaskedEditBox throws an exception if the Culture CurrencySymbol is empty.
  • FIXED: The sender of the KeyPress event should be RadMaskedEditBox.


  • FIXED: RadPageViewPage's ToolTipText property should be localizable.


  • FIXED: When a drop down list editor loses focus the editor is not closed.
  • FIXED: When setting the SelectedObjects property all read-only properties are not displayed.
  • FIXED: The selected property description and text are not cleared when the SelectedObject is changed.
  • FIXED: When one filters properties through the Search bar, the properties should be filtered based on their display name.


  • FIXED: RadRibbonForm's title bar buttons location is misplaced.


  • FIXED: The tab character has a wrong size.
  • FIXED: Copy and paste of hyperlink in RadRichTextBox produces formatted text instead of hyperlink.


  • FIXED: Resizing Appointment causes an exception.
  • FIXED: AppointmentFormatting event is not working.
  • FIXED: Appointment formatting issues in bound mode when resource adding is in a given order.


  • FIXED: TabStop should work at design-time.


  • FIXED: RadTitleBar shows an incorrect title when the theme is Aqua and the text is "Text(text)".


  • ADDED: Support for multiple ranges.
  • ADDED: Start from beginning mode.
  • ADDED: LabelFormatting and TickFormatting events.
  • ADDED: Right-to-left layout support.
  • ADDED: Labels and tooltips support.
  • ADDED: Left and right buttons.
  • IMPROVED: Allowed the thumb to be placed between ticks.
  • IMPROVED: Allowed full customization when using the Visual Style Builder.
  • IMPROVED: The developer is allowed to override the default mouse click behavior.
  • IMPROVED: RadTrackBar allows setting text to both the control and the scales.
  • FIXED: RadTrackBarElement has an incorrect behavior when the AutoSize property is false.
  • FIXED: The Value can be set programmatically only once.
  • FIXED: The thumb has an incorrect offset when dragged with the mouse.
  • FIXED: When initially loaded, RadTrackBar's thumb is not aligned properly.
  • FIXED: RadTrackbar with width less than 90 pixels shows incorrect values.
  • BREAKING CHANGE: Changed the internal control structure and the element tree.
  • BREAKING CHANGE: Due to the internal layout structure changes, the FitTrackerToSize property is not used anymore, hence deleted.
  • BREAKING CHANGE: Due to the internal layout structure changes, the PreferredSize property is not used anymore, hence deleted.
  • BREAKING CHANGE: The Thumb property is deleted. To access the active TrackBarThumbElement, use the CurrentThumb property of RadTrackBarElement.


  • FIXED: RadTreeView exception on drag & drop operation of expanded node
  • FIXED: RadTreeView NodesNeeded event raised for all nodes of the Tree when Tablet PC Components installed or touch based device is used
  • FIXED: RadTreeView does not reset the SelectedNode when the nodes are cleared in unbound mode
  • FIXED: RadTreeView - CreateNode event is not fired when adding a node from the New menu item in the context menu
  • FIXED: RadTreeView - DragEnded is not fired when the control is bound
  • FIXED: RadTreeView - ScrollBars do not appear the second time the form is shown as a dialog
  • FIXED: RadTreeView - Object-Relational binding does not work correctly in editing scenario.

Telerik Presentation Framework

  • FIXED: TPF - Image in LightVisualElement is not thread safe and this may lead to exceptions
  • FIXED: TPF - Font names are not parsed correctly in tiny-html parser when using single quotes
  • FIXED: The inner border of the OuterInnerBorder BorderBoxStyle drawing has visual glitches
  • BREAKING CHANGE: Renamed RadCalculator to RadCalculatorDropDown.
  • BREAKING CHANGE: Renamed RadCalculatorElement to RadCalculatorElementDropDown
  • BREAKING CHANGE: The default value of the TabStop property is set to true. Until now, the value was set to false and this is how it it serialized in the designer files. Each control which internally uses RadTextBoxBase, namely RadTextBox, RadMaskedEditoBox, RadDateTimePicker, RadSpinEditor, RadBrowseEditor, RadTimePicker, RadDropDownList, RadColorBox will have its TabStop property serialized with false. Simply remove this setting from the designer files to allow tab stop in the control. This fix will change the behavior of the RadTextBox control on existing forms, as these have already serialized the TabStop property with value false in the Designer file. Just remove this setting from the Designer file and you will be able to tab back into the control.


  • FIXED: Windows8 theme - RadMenu is missing the styling of the MDI Buttons.
  • FIXED: VisualStudio2012Light theme - There is no style for the error indicator of RadPropertyGrid items.
  • FIXED: DesertTheme - the overlapping of the tab items in DocumentWindows causes double lines.
  • FIXED: All dialogs shown at design time should support HighContrastBlack theme.
  • FIXED: Improvements in the editors styling in all themes.
  • FIXED: Windows8 theme - There is missing style of RadCheckBoxElement.ToggleState = Intermediate state.

Visual Style Builder for WinForms

  • FIXED: No way to style the DescriptionListDataItem correctly

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