Telerik UI for Winforms

Release History

Q2 2011 SP1 (version 2011.2.11.831)

August 30, 2011

Forms and Dialogs

  • FIXED: RadColorDialog is not localized properly when an instance of it is created after the localization provider is set.
  • FIXED: The Title of RadColorDialog is not accessible in ColorDialogLocalizationProvider.
  • FIXED: Some UI elements of RadMarkupEditor cannot be localized properly.


  • FIXED: RadCommandBar designer crashes when modifying the code behind manually.
  • FIXED: CommandBarDropDownList - the Text property does not return the entered text in the editable area.


  • FIXED: The PropertyChange event does not fire when changing the NullableValue property.


  • ADDED: ShowAutoHidePopup method which allows for showing popups in AutoHide state.
  • ADDED: AutoHideWindowHiding event to allow cancelling of the auto-hide windows hiding.
  • FIXED: RadDock does not resize/redraw its content correctly when there are nested split panels.
  • FIXED: It is not possible to arrange DocumentWindow tabs at design time.
  • FIXED: Hidden tool windows are not loaded correctly when using the LoadLayout method.
  • FIXED: Wrong tab order after executing a save/load layout operation.
  • FIXED: ToolWindow tabs look incorrect when right-to-left layout is used.


  • ADDED: Support for binding a combobox column to a data source that refers to sub-objects.
  • ADDED: SelectionChanging event which allows for canceling the selection of multiple grid rows.
  • ADDED: Support for Ctrl+Shift+Home and Ctrl+Shift+End key combinations.
  • ADDED: Localization support for buttons in Expression editor.
  • IMPROVED: Allow calling the CancelEdit method when handling the CellValidating event.
  • FIXED: Checking / Unchecking items in the Excel-like filtering should be possible only by clicking on the check boxes.
  • FIXED: When the FieldName and the HeaderText properties differ from each other, RadExpressionEditor contains incorrect items.
  • FIXED: There is an exception when setting the ForeColor in the RowFormatting event and exporting in PDF format.
  • FIXED: AllowFiltering property for a column should hide its filter operator text.
  • FIXED: RowsChanged event fires multiple times when changing a cell value.
  • FIXED: Copy-paste of GridViewComboBoxColumn should copy the display member.
  • FIXED: INotifyPropertyChanged interface is not consumed by the other rows when you change the value of the current row.
  • FIXED: Manually generated object relational hierarchy does not work.
  • FIXED: SelectAll method in RadGridView is slow when there is a large number of rows.
  • FIXED: There is an exception when resetting the binding source on CellEndEdit after pressing Enter.
  • FIXED: Vertical scrollbar parameters are wrong when using ColumnGroupsViewDefinition in unbound mode.
  • FIXED: Filter button in Excel-Like filtering of GridViewComboBoxColumn shows incorrect tooltip text.
  • FIXED: Using conditional formatting removes AlternatingRowColor settings for grid rows.
  • FIXED: The layout of the image cell is not correct if the cell has wide border and the height of the row is not sufficient to display the image and the border.
  • FIXED: Vertical scrollbar parameters are wrong when using AutoSizeRows mode and rows are being added using the Rows.NewRow method.
  • FIXED: The MinHeight property of group rows is not considered when the control is in AutoSizeRows mode.
  • FIXED: The current row cannot be set to 'null' value when there are no data rows.
  • FIXED: Inconsistency between the underlying data source and the current row when filtering is applied.


  • FIXED: Keyboard navigation works only for visible items.
  • FIXED: Disabled items should be skipped when navigating with the arrow keys.
  • FIXED: SelectionMode.MultiExtended mode does not work with Ctrl+Space.
  • FIXED: VisualItem argument of CreatingVisualListItem event is always null.


  • ADDED: Support for custom filtering in RadListView.
  • ADDED: Contains and IndexOf methods in RadListDataItemCollection.
  • ADDED: Key property to ListViewDataItem.
  • ADDED: FindByKey method to RadListView allowing searching for list items by Key.
  • ADDED: Functionality to show the "grid" lines.
  • FIXED: When kinetic scrolling is executed, the hovered item is selected or opened for edit.


  • ADDED: Navigation to decimal delimiters.
  • ADDED: Support for Persian Cultures.
  • ADDED: Support for read-only mode.
  • ADDED: IsValid property in RegexMaskTextBoxProvider which determines whether the input is valid when using regular expressions.
  • FIXED: The Value property contains group delimiters.


  • BREAKING CHANGE: Replaced RadCombBoxElement with RadDropDownListElement in RadMenuComboItem. Custom element settings or serialized properties may cause breaking changes. You should replace RadComboBoxItem instances with RadListDataItem ones.


  • FIXED: The HandleCreated event does not fire for all pages in RadPageView.


  • ADDED: Support for StringConverter.GetStandardValues method.

  • BREAKING CHANGE: Renamed the ItemElement property of CreatePropertyGridItemElement event arguments to ItemElementType and changed its type to Type.


  • FIXED: MDI menu disappears when the control is collapsed to popup and MDI child is maximized.
  • FIXED: Setting the Visibility property of quick access toolbar to Collapsed causes the title bar to collapse.
  • FIXED: Visual glitch in backstage view mode when setting the selected item.


  • ADDED: Support for hyperlinks and bookmarks.
  • ADDED: Support for tables.
  • ADDED: Support for saving each page as an image.
  • ADDED: Support for all themes.
  • FIXED: The text in RadRichTextBox example is fuzzy.
  • FIXED: There is an exception when typing after removing the whole content.


  • ADDED: AppointmentMoving, AppointmentMoved, AppointmentDropping, AppointmentDropped, AppointmentResizing and AppointmentResized events in RadScheduler.
  • ADDED: The possibility to cancel appointments moving when grouping by resource is enabled.
  • ADDED: AllowAppointmentCreateInline property to allow disabling the inline editors.
  • FIXED: Creating appointments inline throws an exception when binding to custom fields.
  • FIXED: There is an exception when changing from Timeline view to any other view and all views have been initialized in advance.
  • BREAKING CHANGE: The following events of the AppointmentsDraggingBehavior no longer fire, until the appointment changes its position: AppointmentMoving, AppointmentMoved.


  • FIXED: The KeyDown event of RadSpinEditor is not working.


  • FIXED: There is a wrong value in SplitX property of SplitterMoved event.


  • ADDED: NodeAdding event which is fired when a new node is added.
  • ADDED: DataError event which is fired when RadTreeView reports a data error.
  • ADDED: GetNodeByName method to allow searching for nodes by name.
  • FIXED: RadTreeNode.Remove method is not working properly.
  • FIXED: It is not possible to add nodes in self-reference mode.
  • FIXED: RadTreeView expander images cannot be changed using the Visual Style Builder.
  • FIXED: Nodes have wrong font size when they are added in the constructor of the form.
  • FIXED: Text and Value should contain different values when using RadTreeView in bound mode.
  • FIXED: AllowDrop property of RadTreeNode does not affect the drag and drop behavior.
  • FIXED: Node lines are not rendered properly when the ShowLines property is enabled.
  • FIXED: RadTreeView Property Builder is closed when the Color Selector button is clicked.
  • FIXED: XML serialization and deserialization do not work well for ForeColor and CheckState properties.

Telerik Presentation Framework

  • ADDED: A ThemeName property at the predefined theme components types.
  • ADDED: The Ability to show the border in dashed or dotted style.
  • FIXED: Shortcuts should not work for disabled elements.
  • FIXED: The TextChanging event of RadTextBoxElement cannot be canceled.
  • FIXED: Mnemonics are executed without the control being on focus or ALT key pressed.

Visual Style Builder for WinForms

  • FIXED: Telerik Metro theme is not exported by Visual Style Builder.
  • FIXED: There is an exception when clicking on RadGridViewElement node in Visual Style Builder while one of our predefined themes is opened.

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