Telerik UI for Winforms

Release History

Q1 2014 (version 2014.1.226)

February 25, 2014

RadBindingNavigator (New Control)

RadBindingNavigator provides a basic UI for navigation through a collection of business objects. Its UI also allows you to add and delete objects. You can use RadBindingNavigator to browse the data of controls bound to a BindingSource. It works flawlessly with one of the other new controls we are introducing in Q1 2014—RadDataEntry

RadCollapsiblePanel (New Control)

RadCollapsiblePanel is a flexible control that helps you save space and achieve easier navigation through your application. You can embed any content inside its collapsible area and set the ExpandDirection to adjust the control's layout per your custom requirements. It also provides built-in expand/collapse animations that you can turn on or off by setting the EnableAnimation property.

RadDataEntry (New Control)

RadDataEntry provides an easy way to display and edit arbitrary business objects in a form layout. The built-in editors are generated by default, so you can achieve a fully operational CRUD support with a single line of code by simply binding to the business object, or to a collection of objects. RadDataEntry provides a built-in validation mechanism you can easily customize according to your validation criteria.


  • The drop-down is not shown when a single item is suggested.


  • The shape cannot be set to RoundRectShape (Radius 10) at runtime.
  • ToggleStateChanging is fired before the KeyDown event.
  • ToggleState property does not work properly in two way simple data binding.
  • RadCheckBoxAccessibleObject's DoDefaultAction method of RadCheckBox is not working.
  • RadDropDownButtonElement - AutoToolTip does not take effect over RadDropDownButtonElement.
  • RadButton - AccessibleObject DoDefault action does not perform click.


  • The Today and Clear buttons can be localized though a localization provider.
  • SpecialDays do not show tooltips.


  • Printing support.
  • Stepline chart type.
  • The Property Builder of RadChartView sets incorrect Axes.


  • The ColorChanged event is not fired.


  • RadContextMenu has an incorrect menu item size when an image is used.


  • Setting the Handled property in the KeyDown event is not taken into consideration.


  • The tabbed document now has a floating option.
  • DocumentWindow is scrolled up when the focus is set on a control.
  • FloatingWindow prevents ToolTip from showing.
  • When you double click the close button of a ToolTabStrip, all docked windows are made floating.
  • When double-clicking on ToolWindow/DocumentWindow the window will float when AllowedDockState are TabbedDocument | Floating.
  • Windows should keep ​their icon and image.


  • The TextChanged event is fired twice when the Text is set to a string that is not available in the Items.
  • The SelectedIndex is not correct after setting the SortStyle property.
  • The layout is wrong when the control is placed in TableLayoutPanel.
  • The KeyUp event sender is DropDownTextBoxElement.
  • Calling the Focus method of the control does not allow changing the items with the keyboard in DropDownList mode.
  • The TabStop property is not taken into consideration.
  • The KeyUp event sender is now of type DropDownTextBoxElement.


  • The FormBorderStyle property affects the Size property of RadForm.
  • The icon in the status bar cannot be changed.
  • RadForm does not show its specified Icon in the Alt+Tab panel.
  • The icon is not visible when using FormBorderStyle = FixedDialog.


  • ScrollTo (DateTime dt) functionality.
  • When scrolling the graphical view vertically, some items have wrong layout.
  • Clearing the children of a task, while the parent task is not visible, puts the control in an invalid state.


  • A mechanism to change the new row text for each grid template.
  • Excel-Like filtering by filtering the popup according to the applied filtering on other columns.
  • Paging functionality.
  • The ability to change and customize the font (bold, italic, etc) in the ConditionalFormattingForm.
  • Improved performance in self-reference hierarchy.
  • Custom filtering does not work when self-referencing hierarchy used in RadGridView.
  • Self-referencing hierarchy does not occur, if you bind the grid inside BeginUpdate-EndUpdate method invocation.
  • The row's MaxHeight property does not affect the row size when the AutoSizeRows property of RadGridView is enabled.
  • When one sets a filter of a numeric grid column to e.g. GreaterThan and enters 0 in the spin editor nothing is filtered.
  • Рўhe cursor does not work properly, when its value is "Cursors.SizeWE" and the mouse is moving over the GroupPanelElement.
  • When moving from one cell to another the two values get mixed up in case there cells are in GridViewMaskBoxColumns.
  • Memory leak in RadGridView control hosted in RadForm dialog.
  • Self-reference RadGridView does not refresh the current view properly after a remove operation form the bound DataSource.
  • Data exception when bound to a list with interface items.
  • Horizontal scrollbar should appear when AutoSizeColumns mode is enabled and columns have minimum width.
  • Deleting row in a self-reference grid throws a null reference exception.
  • RadGridView with Office2010Black does not paint its vertical scroll bar correctly.
  • RadGridView with excel-like filtering does not show the complete filter dialog with Windows7 theme.
  • GridHeaderCellElement's arrow is cut off in Windows7 theme.
  • Cancelling the CellValidating throws InvalidCastException.
  • A NullReferenceException is thrown when pressing the PageUp key.
  • An InvalidCastException is thrown when cancelling the CellValidating event with GridColorPickerEditor.
  • The PropertyName from the arguments of the RowsChanged event is null, while it should display the changed field name.
  • An exception is thrown when checking checkbox cells of the current row with sorting applied.
  • BestFitColumnMode.HeaderCells does not work.
  • Unable to hide the FilterButton from GridFilterCellElement in ViewCellFormatting.
  • RadGridView is slow when using hierarchy and grouping
  • Sorted self-reference mode performance.
  • Columns' HeaderText localization.
  • Cannot show tooltips in GridViewComboBoxColumn, while in RadDropDownList the tooltips work correctly.
  • RadGridView becomes slower when changing the DataSource multiple times in self-reference mode plus grouping.
  • RadGridView is slow when using self-referencing hierarchy with a large number of rows.
  • There is no Narrator indication when using GridViewComboBoxColumn column in RadGridView with Narrator or Jaws.
  • Self-reference relation issue when parent and child relational IDs are of different types.
  • Issue with the layout with ColumnGroupsViewDefinition and AutoSizeColumnsMode - Fill.
  • Save/Load layout issue - filter between date 1 and date 2.
  • Filtering in a self-reference hierarchy should be performed over the rows at all levels.
  • GridViewComboBoxColumn - when the DisplayMember property is set with a dot notation an exception is thrown.
  • Vertical scrolling in self-referencing hierarchy is slow when there are more than 10 columns.
  • CustomFiltering event does not fire for a RadGridView with Self-Referencing hierarchy.


  • ExpandAll/CollapseAll API.
  • BestFit functionality in DetailsView.
  • Office2007BlackTheme - ListView hover and selection styles are missing.
  • Office2007BlackTheme - ListView group arrows are missing.
  • Column's DragDrop behavior causes RadListView header glitch in DetailsView.
  • When the vertical scrollbar arrow is clicked the view is scrolled to the opposite end.


  • Formatting is not applied using simple data binding.
  • Delete with the Back key is not performed correctly with mask G and MaskType Numeric.
  • РўhРµ PreviewKeydown event is not fired.
  • The last digit is removed when Enter key is pressed.
  • NullText is not displayed when value is set to null.
  • When the ReadOnly property is set to true, pasting is still possible.


  • RadMultiColumnComboBox API that allows behavior customizations.
  • Suggest and suggest-append auto-complete modes to RadMultiColumnComboBox.
  • A value can't be selected by a keyboard if the value is represented by the first row.
  • RadMultiColumnComboBox disabled state in the ControlDefault theme is inconsistent with RadDropDownList theme.
  • The RadGridView instance inside RadMultiColumnComboBox does not show tooltips.
  • A NullReferenceException occurs in RadMultiColumnCombo after SelectionChanged.
  • Wrong popup size occurs in RadMultiColumnComboBox when AutoFilter is enabled and an invalid value is entered.
  • The RadGridView instance in the popup does not take its entire height.


  • DefaultPage property is added the Visual Studio property window to set the default page.
  • RadPageViewPage now has Visible property to control its visibility.


  • The MouseLeave event of RadTileElement is not fired when the element is in a group.


  • RadPdfViewer cannot dispose the current PDF document.
  • RadPdfViewer cannot display a PDF with text in front of an image.
  • Document - TextSearch functionality is not exposed.


  • The "Choose fields" tree does not show the correct display name.


  • RadPivotGrid for NET4.0 throws an exception when the user removes the sum field.
  • When Layout Type of the Printing functionality is set to Compact and then the user clicks Preview, an exception is thrown.


  • Custom sorting.
  • RadPropertyStore - items are automatically reordered when a given item is clicked.
  • Custom Grouping event is no longer fired.


  • The internal element structure of RadRating is changed in order to improve the quality of the shapes. Now RadRating is using Border and Fill primitives instead of LightVisualElement.


  • The ability to style the split button for this control (i.e. SplitButtonInRibbon).
  • The Click event is fired for another element instead for the element where the MouseDown event is fired in RadRibbonBar.
  • Tooltips are mixed and are not displayed for the correct element.
  • The width of the ContextualTabs cannot be modified.
  • Buttons start overlapping each other if the content is set in auto-hide mode and then the form is minimized and maximized.


  • RadRibbonForm back stage button is misplaced when in maximized state with Office2010SilverTheme.


  • Find and Replace dialog.
  • RadRichTextBox should insert € symbol when CTRL+ALT+E is pressed.


  • When deleting a single appointment from a recurring appointment the Appointments.CollectionChanged event is fired with action Add.


  • The scrollbar position is out of sync with the scrolled content.
  • The horizontal scrollbar is not working.


  • The behavior where when a user presses the Enter key the content of the editor is validated and the resultant number is selected.
  • One can not set a value bigger than int.MaxValue when Hexadecimal is set to true.


  • The buttons in RadStatusStrip do not show tooltips.


  • Exposed the UseSystemPasswordChar property at RadTextBox.
  • The text is not visible on minimize and restore.


  • Exposed TextAlign property at RadTextBoxControl.


  • A memory leak.


  • NodeRemoving event.
  • Drag and drop does not work correctly when nodes are cleared and load xml is used.
  • ItemDataBound event for RadTreeNode.
  • Issue in NodeMouseLeave event.
  • RadTreeView throws an ArgumentOutOfRangeException after clearing the DataSource.
  • RadTreeNode.Nodes.Clear() sets the parent to null recursively to all inner levels of Nodes.
  • Calling Update with Reset does not reflect the changes of the nested objects.
  • Nodes' parents are not cleared when the Clear method is called.
  • Can not cancel the TextChaning of BaseTextBoxEditorElement.
  • The SelectedNodesClear event is renamed to SelectedNodesCleared.

Telerik Presentation Framework

  • RadPrintSettingsDialog supports metrics in cm, not only in inches.
  • ReadOnly properties to all editor controls.
  • GetPlainText method to return plain (raw) not formatted text from html formatted text.
  • Perfomance issue with multiple RadControls.
  • Control instances lose their custom size in a FlowLayoutPanel.
  • The InitialDelay property of ToolTips does not work.
  • Padding does not work when TextWrap is set.
  • The source code (RadControlsVS2010) does not build in Debug40 configuration.
  • CodedUI - can not spy scrollbar buttons and thumb.


  • The ability to apply a theme to the entire application at design-time
  • Office2013Light - Missing styles for RadDock TabCloseButton.
  • RadSchedulerNavigator - Navigate buttons in Aqua theme show text instead of image

VS Extensions

  • Toolbox Configurator does not open

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