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Release History

Q1 2012 (version 2012.1.12.0215)

February 15, 2012


  • When you add a RadRibbonBarForm as a new item in a project the application button overlaps the first tab.


  • IMPROVED: MSAA support by adding a description to the Name property.
  • FIXED: A missing indication whether the button is hovered when it is marked as default.


  • IMPROVED: MSAA support by adding a description to the Name property.

RadClock (New Control)

  • This new control enables you to enhance your applications by providing a beautiful interface to end-users allowing them to easily compare times in multiple time zones.


  • FIXED: Black border appears on disabled control with Windows7 theme.
  • BREAKING CHANGE: Removed the DefaultBehavior property. Use the CurrentBehavior property instead.
  • BREAKING CHANGE: Custom format property will apply only if Format is set to Custom.


  • IMPROVED: Middle click should close the clicked window instead of the ActiveWindow.
  • FIXED: Exception is thrown when calling the Close method of MDIChild.
  • FIXED: Advanced layout designer is not working properly when used in restricted user account environment.
  • FIXED: Memory leak when hiding/docking tool windows.


  • IMPROVED: MSAA support by adding a description to the Name property.


  • IMPROVED: MSAA support by adding a description to the Name property.


  • FIXED: Setting the title bar Visibility property to Collapsed does not take effect until the form is resized.


  • ADDED: Printing support.
  • ADDED: Functionality to resize the group panel.
  • ADDED: Support for copy & paste to clipboard.
  • ADDED: Drag & drop functionality in sorted RadGridView
  • ADDED: EnsureVisible method in GridViewRowInfo that expands all parent rows if necessary.
  • IMPROVED: Column groups behavior by adding IsVisible property in GridViewColumnGroup.
  • IMPROVED: MSAA support by adding a description to the Name property.
  • FIXED: AddNewBoundRowBeforeEdit breaks the Enter key mode and DefaultValuesNeeded logic.
  • FIXED: One cannot change the Operator or Value of FilterDescriptor in FilterChanging event handler.
  • FIXED: Calling the Reset method of GridCellViewInfo.Style does not reset the border.
  • FIXED: Child views in hierarchy mode can be resized more than designed when using multiple tab views.
  • FIXED: ChildRows.Count is 0 when handling CellFormatting event.
  • FIXED: Columns drag and drop does not work in ColumnGroupsViewDefinition.
  • FIXED: ContextMenuOpening event should fire after selecting the row.
  • FIXED: CurrentRow is not being selected when it is set programmatically.
  • FIXED: ExpandAll/CollapseAll methods are slow when the row count is huge.
  • FIXED: Child view rows remain selected when multiple row selection is enabled.
  • FIXED: RadGridView scrolls horizontally when selecting the last column in Fill mode.
  • FIXED: A new row is added twice when the RadGridView is bound to entity collection.
  • FIXED: Filtering in RadGridView does not work when the form is hidden and then shown.
  • FIXED: Exception is thrown in RadDropDownListEditor when filtering the drop down list with predicate.
  • FIXED: Exception is thrown when newly added item is modified in the ListChanged event of a BindingList.
  • FIXED: Rows are invisible, when the control is added to IContainer.
  • FIXED: Case sensitivity for all filter operators should be controlled by the CaseSensitive property of the template.
  • FIXED: Text of GridColorCellElement cannot be set in CellFormatting.
  • FIXED: UserAddedRow does not fire when AddNewRowPosition property is set to Bottom and tabbing through cells to add new row.
  • FIXED: The first row overlaps GridTableElement top border when group panel and column headers are invisible.
  • FIXED: GridSpinEditor of RadGridView changes its value automatically to its maximum.
  • FIXED: One cannot scroll to the last rows in hierarchy if it is a child view.
  • FIXED: Summary row values are not evaluated when grouping is changed.
  • FIXED: UserAddingRow event does not fire when the end-user click son empty area in grid.
  • FIXED: UserAddedRow event does not fire when the end-user clicks on empty area in the grid.
  • FIXED: Evaluation of invalid expressions should not crash the host application.
  • FIXED: Invalid row index in SelectionChanged event.
  • FIXED: Incorrect scrolling in hierarchical RadGridView with three levels of hierarchy.
  • FIXED: Scrolling by mouse wheel in hierarchical RadGridView causes an exception when Microsoft IntelliPoint is installed.
  • FIXED: If a single row remains after filtering applies, it should be selected.
  • FIXED: Freezing when expanding a row and using self-reference hierarchy with a DataTable.
  • FIXED: Filtering shows wrong results when using GridViewComboBoxColumn and filtering twice with the same value.
  • FIXED: Selection is cleared when there is a sorted column and a cell value is changed.
  • FIXED: Filtering shows wrong results when using GridViewDateTimeColumn and filtering with 12-hour clock style.
  • FIXED: Form AcceptButton.Click event fires when editing a cell and the Enter key is pressed.
  • FIXED: Typing in the value in the text box part does not update the value in RadBrowseEditor.
  • FIXED: Memory leak - RadDateTimeEditor is not disposed correctly when the end-user is closing the Form.
  • FIXED: CellClick event is not fired for cells of GridViewCheckBoxColumn.
  • FIXED: Exception is thrown if the data source of the second template is changed and rows are expanded in hierarchy.
  • FIXED:​ If a record is deleted via BindingList API, the hierarchical RadGridView goes in invalid state.


  • FIXED: The header should be positioned according to the RightToLeft mode.


  • IMPROVED: MSAA support by adding a description to the Name property.
  • FIXED: A missing style for the HighContrastBlack theme.


  • FIXED: Scrollbar height is incorrect when RadListView is grouped and icon view mode and group indent are set.
  • FIXED: CompositeFilterDescriptor does not fire notifications when the FilterDescriptors collection is changed.
  • FIXED: The horizontal scrollbar in detail view is displayed over the last item.
  • FIXED: Image position is wrong when setting the TextAlignment property to center.


  • FIXED: Black border appears on a disabled control with Windows7 theme.
  • CHANGED: TextMaskFormat default value from IncludePromptAndLiterals to ExcludePromptAndLiterals.


  • FIXED: Drop-down size is not updated when navigating with the keyboard.
  • FIXED: Exception is thrown when a data source is empty and the AutoSizeDropDownToBestFit property is set to true.
  • FIXED: Editable area should look the same as the editable area in RadDropDownList.


  • IMPROVED: MSAA support by adding a description to the Name property.
  • FIXED: Buttons’ size of buttons inside buttons panel cannot be customized.
  • FIXED: The visual state of page Item is incorrect in some cases.
  • FIXED: Page close buttons are not visible when they are enabled form the constructor.
  • FIXED: One can switch between pages even when a page visibility is set to hidden.
  • FIXED: A visual glitch in ExplorerMode.


  • FIXED: RadPanel should not be focusable.


  • FIXED: Values are not converted by using the current UI culture.


  • FIXED: EnableKeyMap property is not serialized in the designer.
  • FIXED: Popup stays opened when a dialog window is shown.
  • FIXED: Layout is wrong when clearing and adding new items containing controls in their Page to the BackstageView at run time.
  • FIXED: The checked and indeterminate states of a RadCheckbox in a RadRibbonBar look the same.


  • FIXED: Copy and paste does not work for quote symbols.


  • ADDED: Printing support.
  • FIXED: SelectAppointment method of SchedulerUIHelper class does not fire the AppointmentSelected event.
  • FIXED: Appointments text is displayed outside of them when the TextWrap property is set to true.


  • FIXED: One cannot open the drop-down by using mnemonics, until s\he opens it with by a mouse click.

RadTimePicker (New Control)

  • This new control comes as a nice addition to your fill-in forms. It provides end-users with the option to quickly pick the time from a simplified drop-down in addition to picking a date from the RadDateTimePicker.


  • ADDED: Custom sorting for RadTreeView.
  • IMPROVED: Drag & drop extensibility by allowing for replacing the default remove behavior with copy behavior.
  • IMPROVED: MSAA support by adding a description to the Name property.
  • FIXED: Exception is thrown when clicking on a checkbox of a node.
  • FIXED: Exception is thrown when nodes are cleared and new nodes are selected.
  • FIXED: Exception is thrown when calling Nodes.Clear in a batch update.
  • FIXED: GradientStyle property of RadTreeNode is overridden by the theme, even though it is set locally.

Telerik Presentation Framework

  • FIXED: Memory leak in RadColorDialog.
  • FIXED: Shortcuts should be applied only when the focused form contains them.
  • FIXED: Shortcuts should be applied if a child MDI form is focused.
  • CHANGED: Toolbox icons with Metro style ones.

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