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Release History

Q1 2010 SP2 (version 2010.1.10.504)

May 3, 2010


  • FIXED: An issue related to the AutoSize property value which is explicitly set to true in the constructor that causes the value to be serialized since the default value is different. The RadDateTimePicker now redefines the default value of this property and thus it is not serialized.
  • FIXED: An issue which prevented the calendar popup from acquiring its theme in case the RadDateTimePickerElement is used in another control's element hierarchy.


  • ADDED: A DoubleClick event for the RadTitleBarElement when in RadForm
  • FIXED: An issue in the RadFormBehavior which prevented the hover-state of the system buttons to be reset when the user releases the mouse outside the button or the form.
  • FIXED: An issue related with the MDI strip's icon which was displayed for each MDI child even though the MDI child has its ShowIcon property set to false.


  • Breaking change: RadMenuElement’s border has been removed from the Children collection of the FillPrimitive and now is a direct child of the RootElement.


  • ADDED: A SetItemVisibility method which allows the user to programmatically customize which items will be visible in the Quick Access Toolbar in the same way as it can be done over the overflow drop-down menu
  • FIXED: An issue which prevented the Application Menu's popup from being displayed correctly when the Ribbon is in RTL mode.
  • FIXED: An issue which caused keytips to be painted wrongly when Aero is enabled.

RadScheduler/RadScheduler Navigator

  • IMPROVED: MonthView performance when you create and resize appointments.
  • IMPROVED: MonthView performance when you navigate to next/previous views.
  • ADDED: New help topics on data binding, views, and more.
  • FIXED: Incorrect layout when you group by resources with ResourcePerView equal to the number of resources.
  • FIXED: EditAppointmentDialog - Start and End Time fileds are active for All Day Appointments
  • FIXED: Group by resources- Changing Work Time would not apply to all resources
  • FIXED: Data Binding - reselecting between Data Set and Business Objects will lead to repaet of the recurrence appointments.
  • FIXED: An issue with the visibility of the ShowWeekendCheckbox: when hidden explicitly, it always reappeared after the user navigated with the arrows or changed the view.
  • FIXED: Week View – add appointment for today date and you will see that it will show outside of the cell’s border.
  • FIXED: Week View - if you have grouping and change the StartDate it will not apply.
  • FIXED: Month View - if you navigate with Scheduler Navigator and add an appointment it will not be added for the correct date.
  • FIXED: Month View - radScheduler Navigator display range is not correct
  • FIXED: Month View - if you navigate with Vertical Header to Week View it will not be selected in Scheduler Navigator.
  • FIXED: Month View - navigation arrows which allow you to switch to DayView
  • FIXED: Month View - when you DblClick in a cell the Edit Appointment Dialog was set to one hour (should be 1 day).
  • FIXED: Month View - when you have grouping and ResourcePerView is 1, the shown view is not aligned correctly.
  • FIXED: MultiDay View - throws error when you navigate and change RulerTimeFormat
  • FIXED: Timeline View - you cannot scroll with the mouse wheel when you have a vertical scrollbar.
  • FIXED: Timeline View - invalid date when you open the Edit Appointment Dialog.
  • FIXED: Timeline View - when you move appointment in TimelineView it will change its Start and End Hours.
  • FIXED: Timeline View - group by resources with ResourcePerView value which is less than the resources.
  • FIXED: Timeline View - the Vertical Scroll Bar is not shown for the resources.
  • FIXED: Timeline View - deleting an appointment through the Edit Appointment Dialog would not hide it.
  • FIXED: Timeline View - Grouping by resources. Cannot navigate with the Right and Left keyboard arrows but this is possible with Next View from the Context Menu.
  • FIXED: Timeline View - right clicking on an appointment will bring an incorrect date in the Edit Appointment Dialog.
  • FIXED: Timeline View - Change the Time Scale through the API will have no effect on the Context Menu Time Scale.
  • FIXED: Timeline View - Next View would not work when the Time Scale is Week, Month or Year.
  • FIXED: Timeline View - Setting HeaderFormat will not apply to the column’s header.
  • FIXED: Timeline View - Setting TimeScale to Year would hide the horizontal scroll bar regardless of the fact that the difference between the RangeStartDate and RangeEndDate is several years.
  • FIXED: Timeline View - AppointmentFormatting event was not fired


  • FIXED: An issue related to design-time serialization of AngleTransform from TabItem's ImagePrimitive, as well as ImageAndTextRelation of a TabItem.

Telerik Presentation Framework

  • ADDED: VS2010 support for the examples
  • ADDED: Base line support
  • FIXED: A memory leak in some controls which support UI virtualization.
  • BREAKING CHANGE: TextAlignment will now actually modify the Alignment of text WITHIN the paint rectangle. To modify the alignment of the TextPrimitive itself within its parent layout use the Alignment property.


  • ADDED: Brand new Windows7 theme.
  • IMPROVED: ControlDefault, Office 2007 Silver and Office 2007 Black themes (done with the new Visual Style Builder, so that they can be used as templates for creating new custom themes).
  • IMPROVED: Office 2010 Blue (ControlDefault), Desert and BreezeExtended themes.
  • IMPROVED: The algorithm for mapping property settings to an element tree.
  • ADDED: The new theming mechanism allows for styling RadButtonElement easily without the need of a RadImageButtonElement when the styling case concerns images
  • BREAKING CHANGE: The Class property of the Option and Exit buttons are changed. Remove the serialized code for the Class property of these buttons to take advantage of the change.

Visual Style Builder

  • ADDED: Association for *.tssp files, which are now automatically loaded in the VSB when double-clicked.
  • ADDED: Drag-and-drop support in VSB for *.tssp files.
  • ADDED: All dialogs support default buttons, that is, they can be closed with the Escape or Enter keys.
  • ADDED: States and repository items can be removed with the Delete key.

  • FIXED: Elements can no longer be removed with the Delete key.
  • FIXED: Crash when the user attempted to add the default state.
  • FIXED: Style state corruption related to undo/redo of repository item associations.
  • FIXED: Repository previews not updating in certain situations. When loading a package for example.
  • FIXED: When SaveAsPackage is checked, pressing Ctrl+S now continues to save as package. If it is not checked, Ctrl + S saves as xml files.
  • FIXED: State preview icon not updating after a repository was removed.
  • FIXED: When a theme package is opened from a location, this location is not stored as the last used location
  • FIXED: Deleting repository items and undoing the action causes all associations with the repository items to be lost permanently.

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