Telerik UI for Winforms

Release History

Q1 2010 (version 2010.1.308)

March 7, 2010

Telerik Presentation Framework

  • FIXED. Command bindings do not work in certain cases.


  • ADDED: The image primitive now supports custom scale size and different layout modes.

Project Upgrade Utility

  • ADDED: Support for upgrading a solution with multiple projects at once.


  • FIXED: An issue with the sizing of the sub-popups of the main menu items.


  • Breaking change: The ToggleState property may be set to intermediate only if the IsThreeState property is set to true.


  • ADDED: The ability to cancel the mouse wheel behavior by handling the mouse wheel event and setting the Handled property to true.
  • FIXED: Issues causing the GotFocus/LostFocus events to not fire correctly
  • FIXED: An issue which caused RadListBox/RadComboBox to fire SelectedIndexChanged when moved to another form.


  • FIXED: Issues that caused the GotFocus/LostFocus events to not fire correctly.


  • ADDED: FloatingSize property for DockWindow to define initial size when the window floats.
  • ADDED: DocumentWindow.Hide method will now trigger RadDock.CloseWindow method.
  • ADDED: DocumentWindow.Show method will now trigger RadDock.DisplayWindow method.
  • ADDED: AutoHideWindowDisplaying, AutoHideWindowDisplayed and AutoHideWindowHidden events to allow complete control over the routine that displays auto-hidden windows.
  • ADDED: Revamped “Shrink TabItems” algorithm to provide precise results and prevent glitches like “image overlaps text”.
  • FIXED: RadSplitContainerDesigner does not depend on RadDock any more.
  • FIXED: A bug with the z-order of document windows when more than one DocumentTabStrip is opened.
  • FIXED: FloatingWindow.TopMost property was not updating depending on the hosting Form.
  • FIXED: AutoHidePopup.TopMost property was not updating depending on the hosting Form.
  • FIXED: DockWindow UI properties like Text, Image, ToolTipText did not reflect all associated UI representations like TabItem, Caption, etc. for each DockState.
  • FIXED: RedockTransaction changes DockState even if it is not successfully committed.
  • FIXED: Images in TabItems that are aligned bottom are no longer 180 degrees flipped.
  • Breaking change: ToolTabStrip and DocumentTabStrip element trees have been updated to work with the new Visual Style Builder. Any direct access to an element by child index may not work properly.


  • ADDED: Two new properties, namely ContainsMouse (mouse is either directly over the element or over one of its descendants) and ContainsFocus (either the element or one of its descendants contains the keyboard focus) which allow for flexible visual feedback upon mouse or keyboard input.


  • ADDED: support for custom sized icons.
  • FIXED: An exception related to the RadForm AutoScroll functionality which was caused by invalid values assigned to the scrollbars.
  • FIXED: An issue which caused the scrollbars of the form to disappear.
  • Breaking change: RadForm's element tree has been updated to work with the new Visual Style Builder. As a result, the ImageBorder no longer holds RadScrollBarElement instances.


  • ADDED: Application key starts the context menu
  • ADDED: GridViewColumn.FormatInfo is used when parsing conditional formatting values
  • ADDED: ExportToExcelML, if in the grid data there is a DateTime value which is not supported in Excel, now export throws exception.
  • ADDED: Textbox editor now can accept return and tab keys
  • FIXED: Changing the data source when handling FilteringChanged causes exception
  • FIXED: Wrong row height when adding rows in form constructor and AutoSizeRows is true
  • FIXED: BestFit is not working in multi column combobox until LoadElementTree is called
  • FIXED: RowValidationg and CellValidating events doesn't fire when grid loses focus
  • FIXED: Text editor is not working when Multiline is set to true
  • FIXED: There is an exception when VerticalScrollState is set to AlwaysShow
  • FIXED: The editor is situated over the header cell when the first row is partially visible
  • FIXED: AutoSizeRows is not working when AutoSizeColumnsMode is set to fill
  • FIXED: PageUp and PageDown are wrong when there is no vertical scrollbar
  • FIXED: GridViewColumn.WrapText is not working
  • FIXED: Selection rectangle becomes visible when scrolling with the horizontal scrollbar
  • FIXED: CellValidating doesn't restore the old cell value when Escape is pressed
  • FIXED: While scrolling in HTMLView and AutoSizeColumnsMode is Fill, rows shrink in both height and width towards the upper left corner of the grid.
  • FIXED: RowValidating does not fire when moving from child row to parent row
  • FIXED: The 4th level in the hierarchy is not sized correctly
  • FIXED: Grouping is case sensitive, which is wrong
  • FIXED: There is an exception when closing the form and the edit operation was canceled
  • FIXED: GridViewComboBoxColumn does not refresh when its DataSource property is changed
  • FIXED: GridViewDecimalColumn.DecimalPlaces property is not working
  • FIXED: Property Builder will close when trying to move a column from the preview grid
  • FIXED: The invisible columns are not shown in Column Chooser Form, when the form is shown before data binding with its data source.
  • FIXED: There is an exception when you try to group by unbound column.
  • FIXED: Invalid dates when using ExportToExcelML
  • FIXED: Row height is not updated correctly when hiding a column and AutoSizeRows is true
  • FIXED: Slow performance when AutoSizeRows is true
  • FIXED: Save/Load Layout throws error if you have grouping in the grid and try to load layout with another grouped column.
  • FIXED: There is an exception when user types non-numeric input into filter cell
  • FIXED: CellValidating fires twice when using MessageBox
  • FIXED: Exception occurs when using GridViewImageColumn and ImageLayout is set to Zoom
  • FIXED: Default DateTime does not applied
  • FIXED: CurrentRowChanging can’t be canceled
  • FIXED: Padding is not available for command cells
  • FIXED: LoadLayout gives NullReferenceException if the grid is grouped by a DateTime column
  • FIXED: Binding to the property of a sub object doesn't work for filtering
  • FIXED: Property Builder - Delete all columns do not work
  • FIXED: SelectAll method does not trigger SelectionChanged event.
  • FIXED: Some special keys cause RadGridView to crash when BeginEditMode is BeginEditOnKeystroke.
  • FIXED: Add/remove child rows in hierarchical grid
  • FIXED: The editor exceeds the cell boundaries when cell's height is too small
  • FIXED: Correctly handled all the cases which disregarded validation logic (form resize, scrolling, etc.).
  • FIXED: Changing the data source in the filter changed event not longer throws an exception.
  • FIXED: GridViewDataColumn now has a FormatProvider that is used in the conditional formatting.
  • FIXED: BestFit() works the same way for a single column as well as if called from MasterGridViewTemplate.
  • FIXED: Validation events now fire when RadGridView loses focus.
  • FIXED: Grouping is no longer case sensitive.
  • FIXED: The GridViewComboBox column now refreshes when the DataSource is changed.
  • FIXED: The DataSet is now properly updated by RadGridView. The update reflects correctly in the DataSet.HasChanges property.
  • FIXED: Grouping by unbound columns no longer throws an exception.
  • FIXED: Save/Load layout no longer crashes when the saved xml contains grouping that does not exist in the current grid state.
  • FIXED: Changing a text box column's data type from string to int no longer throws an exception when alpha characters are entered.
  • FIXED: CellValidating no longer fires twice if the user shows a message box in the event handler.
  • FIXED: RadGridView now correctly handles keyboard navigation when sorting changes.
  • Breaking change: IContextMenuManager.ContextMenu property has been added to allow access to currently opened context menu in RadGridView. If you are using the IContextMenuManager interface, please implement the ContextMenu property as well.


  • FIXED: The Autosize property did not calculate the label’s size properly.
  • FIXED: The size of the label was not calculated according to the Autosize and MaxSize properties.


  • FIXED: Issues that caused the GotFocus/LostFocus events not fire correctly.


  • FIXED: Issues related to the mnemonic activation/deactivation.
  • FIXED: An exception which was caused when mnemonics were triggered by using German keyboard layout.
  • FIXED: An issue which caused RadMenu to accept keyboard commands even when its parent form is not active.


  • IMPROVED: The filtering behavior.
  • FIXED: Synchronization issues related with the SelectedIndex/SelectedValue properties.
  • FIXED: An issue which prevented the user from setting the SelectedValue to -1 and thus resetting the selection in the control
  • FIXED: An issue which prevented the user from setting DropDownWidth of the popup.
  • FIXED: An issue which was related with the usage of the control in a RadGridView and the sizing of its popup
  • FIXED: An issue which occurred when the user wants to sort and clicks on a sort header in the grid view which caused the popup be closed.
  • FIXED: Issues causing the TextChanged event not fire correctly
  • FIXED: Issues wich caused the GotFocus/LostFocus events not fire correctly


  • ADDED: styles for the popup which displays the content of the group when it is collapsed.
  • FIXED: RadRibbonBarGroup. When disable group the contained controls are disabled.
  • FIXED: issues related with the KeyTips: keytips were active for elements which have their Enabled property set to false.
  • FIXED: an issue which caused the Key Tips functionality disappear because of missing message filter registration.
  • Breaking change: The RadRibbonBarChunk class has been removed, after being marked as obsolete for a couple of releases earlier. Use the RadRibbonBarGroup class instead.


  • ADDED: TimelineView
  • ADDED: TimelineView with multiple resources
  • FIXED: Ruler scaling does not affect the MultiDayView
  • FIXED: Start date does not change the date in a MonthView with multiple resources.
  • FIXED: ResourcesPerView property can be set to an invalid value.
  • FIXED: RulerTimeFormat property does not work in MultiDayView
  • FIXED: ShowAllDayArea property do esnot hide the all day area in MultiDayView
  • FIXED: Keyboard navigation with Shift key in DayView.
  • FIXED: Ruler scaling in DayView
  • FIXED: iCal Import/ Export – Show Time as is not correct when you export and import the view. When you Export the view and import it again you will see that the Background color is not correct.
  • FIXED: iCal Import/ Export – when you Export the view and import it again, the Background color is not correct.
  • FIXED: RulerWidth property in DayView, WeekView , WorkWeekView and MultiDayView with multiple resources causes an invalid layout.
  • FIXED: MonthView ShowWeekend property causes an invalid appointments layout.
  • FIXED: Previous and Next navigation elements do not appear correctly when different culture settings are used.
  • FIXED: Group View - if all shown Resources are equal to All resources the horizontal scroll bar is shown.
  • FIXED: if the Duration is changed through Edit Recurrence Dialog you will see that it will not take effect never mind that you are creating the appointment now.
  • FIXED: Navigation issue in MonthView when there are multiple appointments in collision.
  • FIXED: EndBy date is not included in the recurrence rule.
  • FIXED: Changing the Start Date of the Recurrence through the Recurrent Dialog does not change the appointment’s Start Date
  • FIXED: Work Week View – ShowRuler = false does not update the layout correctly.
  • FIXED: When you create an appointment by using the context menu in MonthView with multiple resources, the start date is not the same as the selected date.
  • FIXED: MouseWheel does not work in views with multiple resources
  • FIXED: Theming issues
  • FIXED: EditAppointmentDialog’s Delete button is enabled when a new appointment is created.
  • FIXED: Previous and Next navigation elements do not support localization
  • FIXED: WeekCount property can be set to an invalid value.
  • FIXED: DayCount property can be set to an invalid value
  • FIXED: RulerWidth property can be set to an invalid value
  • FIXED: MonthView’s last row layout is incorrect
  • FIXED: When you set RulerStartScale and RulerEndScale in Day, Week, WorkWeek views, the keyboard navigation does not work correctly.
  • FIXED: Cell’s layout is not calculated correctly in DayView’
  • FIXED: Synchronization issues between the child views in MultiDayView and views with multiple resources.


  • ADDED: RadSchedulerNavegator. Add custom step and step type properties to the RadShcedulerNavigator.


  • ADDED: Now, it is possible to set the TipSize property when EnableCustomSize is set to true. When it is false, the default layout calculates the optimal size.


  • FIXED: an issue related with wrong scrollbar position when activating controls in the container of the control.


  • FIXED: Issues that caused the GotFocus/LostFocus events to not fire correctly.


  • IMPROVED: Tab navigation behavior.


  • ADDED: RadTextBoxElement.Add PasswordChar property.
  • FIXED: Issues in the way the GotFocus/LostFocus events are fired.


  • Breaking change: Any custom made themes for the RadTitleBar will have to be updated in order to work with RadForm as follows: should be modified to become


  • ADDED: RadTreeView now supports extended theming logic and can recognize root nodes and apply them different styles (see tree-view in VSB)
  • FIXED: TreeView. Expand node when the user drag other node over it.
  • FIXED: TreeView. Drag events are works as expected.
  • FIXED: TreeView. Improve multi drag and drop behavior.
  • FIXED: RadTreeView. Default context menu support localization.
  • FIXED: an issue which caused the checkboxes of some nodes to not appear.


  • ADDED: Thread Safety - RadControls themes are now completely thread-safe and controls may be spawned on different UI threads. Shared resources such as Image and Font are now properly available for reading from different threads.
  • ADDED: Visual States - each stylable element may enter different visual states, depending on one or more of its properties (e.g. RadButtonElement.MouseOver.MouseDown).
  • ADDED: State Managers, both predefined (default) or user-defined (custom).
  • ADDED: Child Selectors, which greatly increase the flexibility of theme triggers.
  • ADDED: Suspend animations per RadControl instance and at Application Level.
  • ADDED: A ThemeResolutionService.ResolveStyleBuilder event to allow for complete customization of theming lifecycle.
  • All previous themes work with the new theming mechanism, however they cannot be edited with the new Visual Style Builder right away. You will either need to 1) load the style settings created in the old VSB and convert them to Repository Items in the new Visual Style Builder, 2) use the corresponding themes built with the new Visual Style Builder (provided by Telerik), or 3) use your current themes with the old VSB as shown in this KB article.

Visual Studio 2010 RC Support

Visual Studio 2010 will simplify the development process from design to deployment and Telerik products will also contribute to improving developers’ productivity when working in Visual Studio. Telerik products provide support for Visual Studio 2010 RC and our future development plans are aligned with Microsoft Visual Studio release schedule. RadControls for WinForms too support VS2010 RC:

  • Full design-time support, including support for all design-time tools, such as property builders, item editors, etc.
  • Telerik WinForms Templates
  • Toolbox support
  • Visual Studio Extensions (see below)
  • Integrating WPF into WinForms applications

Features, which will be supported for the official version of VS2010:

  • Client Profile (.NET 3.5/4.0)
Read more.

Visual Studio Extensions

With Q1 2010 Telerik introduces Visual Studio Extensions for RadControls for WinForms. This is a Visual Studio integration package for Telerik WinForms controls that resembles the standard Visual Studio project templates. The Visual Studio Extensions introduce a new level of developer productivity with a simplified and fast way to develop your RadControls Applications. The Extensions can easily be accessed through the Telerik Menu in Visual Studio and automatically create, upgrade and configure your RadControls projects in seconds, eliminating the need to set any assembly references manually.Read more

Visual Style Builder

  • NEW: Fully refactorred and simplified new version
  • NEW: Dramatically reduces the time needed for creating and applying themes across RadControls
  • NEW: Drag-and-drop styling
  • NEW: Style Repository
  • NEW: Edit all controls at once (vs. one at a time, which was the case with the old version)
  • IMPROVED: Codeless style creation
  • IMPROVED: Gridded design-time surface with control resizing, full drag-and-drop support, theme preview
  • IMPROVED: Advanced mode for experienced users.
  • Breaking change: IEelementSelector.GetSelectedElements is deprecated and will not work as in previous versions. The entire theming mechanism is now handled by the StyleManager and StylesheetTree classes.
  • The new Visual Style Builder is now a stand-alone application only. It is not available in the Smart Tag of the controls, because it can now edit all controls at once, rather than just one at a time. Since we cannot start the VSB for just one control from the Smart Tag (as was the case with the old version), we have removed the option to start it from the Smart Tag. You can start the new VSB from the new extensions menu in Visual Studio (Telerik -> RadControls for WinForms -> Visual Style Builder) or from the Start menu -> Telerik -> RadControls for WinForms -> Visual Style Builder.
  • All previous themes work with the new theming mechanism, however they cannot be edited with the new Visual Style Builder right away. You will either need to 1) load the style settings created in the old VSB and convert them to Repository Items in the new Visual Style Builder, 2) use the corresponding themes built with the new Visual Style Builder (provided by Telerik), or 3) use your current themes with the old VSB as shown in this KB article.

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