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Pivot Grid: Configuring Pivot Grid without Pivot Field List

The Silverlight Pivot Grid component now allows data visualization, hiding and aggregating of different fields without an explicitly defined Pivot Field List. This is now possible thanks to the Field Chooser dialog. Your end-users will be able to perform sorting and filtering operations on data in existing fields.

Silverlight PivotGrid Configuring PivotGrid without PivotFieldList

Chart View Enhancement: Error Bar Series

The Silverlight Chart View has a new type of series that visualizes its data points using error bar shapes. The error bar series allow you to display an error or uncertainty in the plotted data.

Silverlight Chart Error Bar

Spreadsheet Improvement: Repeat Specific Rows or Columns on Every Printed Page

Now you can specify a column or a row that will be repeated on every printed page. This is useful when you need to print or export PDF data spanning on multiple pages and allow the users to see the important information on the top/left side for better orientation.

Silverlight Spreadsheet Print titles

New SpreadProcessing Feature: Repeat Specific Rows or Columns on Every Printed Page

This new feature enables you to specify a row or a column that will be repeated on every printed page.  

See the docs for SpreadProcessing: Repeat specific rows or columns on every printed page

DPL SpreadProcessing Repeat specific rows

New PdfProcessing features: Signature Flags Support & Export PDF Pages to Images

With the new PdfProcessing Signatureflags support functionality, you can specify that there is a signature even if the signature itself does not have a visual representation. With R3 2022, we’ve also added the ability to convert the pages of a .pdf document to images. Export PDF pages to images will work with the .NET Standard version and does not depend on any Windows libraries.

See the docs for PdfProcessing: Export PDF pages to images

See the docs for PdfProcessing: Signature flags support

DPL PdfProcessing Export document pages to images

New SpreadStreamProcessing Feature: SpreadStreamProcessing Import

With R3 2022, we’ve added SpreadStreamProcessing import functionality. It allows you to read large XLSX or CSV files without loading the entire document in memory. This improves performance and the memory footprint compared to the RadSpreadProcessing library.   

See the docs for SpreadStreamProcessing: SpreadStreamProcessing import

DPL SpreadStreamProcessing Import Document

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