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ChartView Improvements

Minor Ticks Support

If you need to provide a more punctual view of the ticks in an axis, you can utilize the minor ticks support of RadChartView. With it, you can define the number of minor ticks to be displayed between the major ticks.

Minor ticks can be almost completely customized with the available API to define the number of minor ticks between the major ones, the tick length, offset from the major tick, the tick template, style and more.

Stripes Grid Support

Stripes are the visual representation of the minor ticks in the chart area and can be used to display where the minor ticks are, for the user to easily spot the value of a certain tick and compare it to a data point on the chart.

Stripes support defining the stripe visibility, style, dash array and more. 

WPF Chart Component - Minor Ticks and Stripes Grid support

GridView: Filtering Textbox for Distinct Values in the FilteringControl

A convenient new text box was introduced in the Filtering control of the RadGridView that makes it easier for users to find the desired distinct value from the list of values and select it. 

Silverlight GridView Component - Filtering textbox

Diagram: Fit to Page Support in Print Preview Dialog

The Telerik UI for Silverlight Diagram control now supports a Fit to page option in the Print Preview dialog. If you want to fit the control to multiple pages vertically, horizontally or both, you can change its orientation with the Fit to page support.

WPF Diagram - Fit to page support when printing

SpreadProcessing: Support for CONCAT

The newly introduced CONCAT function is useful when text from multiple cells or ranges needs to be combined into a single cell. 

SpreadProcessing: Cell References

SpreadProcessing now supports Absolute, Relative and Mixed cell references to entire columns and rows, e.g., $1:$2 and A:D. These come in handy when you need to work with a range of cells.

SpreadProcessing - Cell References

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