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Silverlight New Component: ExpressionParser

One of the most voted feature requests was the ability to parse expressions without displaying a graphical user interface.

We are pleased to announce that with the R3 2021 release we’ve introduced the ExpressionParser, which now enables you to do just that. It provides an intuitive API with which you can not only easily parse a given expression, but also handle any errors that may occur.

For more info visit the Telerik UI for Silverlight documentation

Telerik UI for Silverlight ExpressionParser Overview

Silverlight Spreadsheet and SpreadProcessing: Support for XLSM

We've introduced support for Macro-Enabled Workbooks (xlsm) in Telerik UI for Silverlight Spreadsheet and SpreadProcessing. With limited support for macros, they won’t be stripped from your file, yet will remain inactive in applications.  

Silverlight RichTextBox: Support for Non-Breaking Spaces

The Telerik UI for Silverlight RichTextBox now supports non-breaking spaces, making more MS Word-like functionality accessible to your users. This handy feature improves readability by allowing specific adjacent words to appear on the same line. 

This feature is also used in HTML to define more consecutive spaces. If regular spaces are used, then they are collapsed and only one space is shown in the UI. With non-breaking spaces, each space is rendered. 

For more info check out the Telerik UI for Silverlight RichTextBox documentation

Telerik UI for Silverlight RichTextBox support for non-breaking spaces

Silverlight ChartView: Support for BoxPlot series type

BoxPlot series depict data by utilizing a plot with a box in the middle and shows groups of numerical data through their quartiles. The ChartView component now enables you to visualize each data point through a five-way segmented visual—minimum, maximum, lower quartile, upper quartile and median—which makes the data a lot more comprehensible.

For more details about the new series, visit the ChartView article from our help documentation.

Telerik UI for Silverlight ChartView support for BoxPlot series

Silverlight PanelBar: Animation Support

Telerik UI for Silverlight's PanelBar now supports animations when opening or closing items from the bar. The control gives you the ability to control both the animation direction and speed. 

Visit the Telerik UI for Silverlight PanelBar Documentation on Animation

Telerik UI for Silverlight PanelBar Animation GIF

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